Lets Play

Since this weekend is the first in the holy month, I want to make a confession;
when I write a poem I do not like to comment about who or what was behind the original idea or the inspiration, I like to leave it to the reader’s imagination and the way they interpret and relate to it because I believe that once a poem is published, it becomes a reader’s experience and it does not belong to the poet’s personal life anymore, and to me, that’s the beauty of poetry.

Having said that; today I will break that rule and I will confess that the poem written hereunder was written to God (with the use of metaphor), but what inspired it? I could say many, but what if I get out of inspiration?
When this happens, I read other poet’s work and feel it, this feeling would create my own inspiration.

Meaning; my past experiences are different than that of the poet who wrote the poem and yet, I can feel a connection to his poem in my own understanding; it could be a sentence or it could be a word that provoked an episode from my past experiences, or a certain memory , I immediately write down whatever comes to mind mixed with present emotions that has nothing to do with the poem I read, and the outcome is something that is completely different than that of the original poem.
I’m sure that many of you who have read the poem I’m posting here have never suspected that this was a spiritual poem because he/she connected it to his/her experiences.

I Only Have You

To be with friends
And abandon you

To soar high, and dip low
To reach beyond what’s attainable
And above what may sound reasonable
Yes, I might do that

I even might melt the sun
And glorify the moon
And dart the twilight
To catch the flocking birds
And make them fly with no wings

Oh yes, I have countless faults
And much more friends

Yet, I only have one lover
And that lover is you
Whom to me is indispensable

OK, you know the rules of the game by now;

Stick to the title “Reverie“.

-Write a poem of any type or just a paragraph to materialize the inspiration you had in your own sense of grasping the poem or may be just the title that triggered your own experience

-Use any language that you feel comfortable with.

-Write as many pieces as you like, the space here is all yours.

-There will be no judgment of any type, remember; it’s not a competition.

Looking forward to joyful readings during the weekend in my quarters; soaring in your work of art.

Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones 🙂