Few words about Ramadan:

– Month of peace? Who said that? my country was invaded by another Moslem country in a holy month as I recall.

– Month of worship? Pretending is more like it; some are pretending to fast, some fast from food and drinks but not from bad manners, traffic goes nuts and accidents increase due to low morality which is noticeable during this month, street flirting also is more palpable during this month and I’m not talking about night time, I’m talking about broad daylight, some would even stash alcohol for Ead even though black market prices shoot rocket high.

– Month of family gatherings? Yes for more gossip and envy, not to mention showing off wealth.

– Month of longer nights and TV shows? Most TV shows are repetitive, crap and boring, not to mention how brain damaging they are.

– Month of charity? Why? Does charity have only one month/year? One look in the garbage bins tells you how much food is going to waste while there are thousands of people around who don’t have a bite to eat, notice how much stray cats increase during this month.

– Month of mercy? Sure, where is mercy when I impose my rituals on people of other religions forbidding them to eat or drink in public, even in the gyms where people sweat and need to drink have to go to the locker rooms for water coolers.

– Month of less working hours? Sure, and with it less productivity; as if Kuwait needed that, yoba; Kuwaities are lazy by nature.

– Month of health? May be for some who use the rituals to lose the extra kilos, for most it’s the month of over indulgence, over eating and higher mortality rate.

– Month of girgai3an? Sure along with drivers, fancy cars and maids taking kids from door to door.

– Ramadan kareem? Yeh, it used to be; now Ramadan is a hypocrite that I don’t know and can’t relate to anymore.


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  1. TariqKhonji
    Oct 04, 2005 @ 15:45:00

    I like to call it Happy Candid Camera month…
    all month long, candid camera shows on TV, everywhere you go, Candid Camera…it was fun…for the first 20 years of my life.


  2. Bo Jaij
    Oct 04, 2005 @ 16:39:00

    Its the month when a person gather sins just by breathing and watching TV

    Its the ultimate excuse for everything and anything wrong in our lives.

    Not waking up early – its Ramadan and I’m fasting

    Not going to work – Its Ramadan and I’m fasting

    Not going to wait for the green light – Its Ramadan and I’m fasting

    Not going to act like a human being – Its Ramadan and I’m fasting

    Not going to eat that food just throw it away – Because Its Ramadan and I’m fasting

    Not going to blog – Its Ramadan and I have to show others that I care about my religion

    Wake up people…If you cant follow the true teachings of Islam or any other religion and respect yourself and be compassionate to others, then stop the silly act and just be you, the person who is killing you deep inside…..aha…can you hear that…WAKE UP


  3. iDip
    Oct 04, 2005 @ 19:40:00

    first of all, happy ramadhan.

    If I may add, the month of hectic schedules (i.e. visits)

    I second bo jaij, “I’m fasting” is the ultimate excuse for everything.

    by the way Kuwait was invaded in Muharram (1st month in the hejri calendar, Ramadhan is the 9th)


    • Mile Williams
      Jul 29, 2011 @ 17:15:58

      my allah bless you ,and happy Ramadan
      at first all those accidents happen from people like who wrote this
      second of all their is whats called respect of religions as i recall this exests in every religion i heard about, right?, but they know who or what to blame not the lack of responsibility they suffer…
      ramadan kareem for all


  4. Mahmood Al-Yousif
    Oct 04, 2005 @ 20:04:00

    Not sure what you’re getting at actually… Ramadhan embodies the whole Arab and Muslim spirit of the day: hypocrisy.

    So what’s the problem?


  5. AyyA
    Oct 04, 2005 @ 20:56:00

    Candid Camera was good when it started, not the Arabic version though.

    Bo Jaij
    LOL, you said it all

    Thanks for correcting me, I’ll fix that, but that shouldn’t make much difference, there’re both the month of peace where fighting is supposedly forbidden as per Islam.

    You’re damn right.


  6. Shurouq
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 02:43:00

    Love you, Ayya..
    You’re sounding like an old friend of mine.. alla yathkera belkhair 🙂

    Happy Ramadan to you, dear :*


  7. Misguided
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 04:37:00

    Dear AyyA,

    Mbarek 3alech el-shahar.



  8. Shopaholic Q8eya
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 09:11:00



  9. mishari26
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 10:32:00

    Misguided: LOL

    AyyA: I second Midguided, “Blessed upon thee the Month”.

    Maybe I’m weird, but I really don’t get bothered by any of it. Fasting doesnt affect me that much, I’m a computer junkie and staying long hours at work trying to make some server work usually means I eat my lunch around sunset anyways. And breakfast? please.

    I do love about the month that so many opportunities arise to rid oneself of his sins. Its like a yearly beacon of hope. like, hey, its not so bad, you can still fix it here. Ofcourse, there’s always a catch, the catch here is sencerity. I’m probably one of the biggest hypocrites, I know and believe in all this stuff, yet more often than not, I cant bring myself to do the right thing. Yet.. I’m still grateful to Allah that he offers me this yearly invitation. I really appreciate it. atleast I know I’m slavageable 🙂


    • Mile Williams
      Jul 29, 2011 @ 17:39:26

      you know it’s like the same to me it’s like a normal day but i don’t feel like eating in ramadan even if someone is eating in front of me, and i don’t blame ramadan band things happen to me and i don’t swear usually but in the light of this event “seeing this article” AyyA ,not all people live like that but it’s trashy of you to say that
      not all people are like that , only those who are like the one who wrote this .
      look at the full half of the glass
      ramadan kareem


  10. Bo Jaij
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 11:00:00

    that comment was intended to Zaydouns blog sorry about that

    IM FASTING!! SEE!!!!!


  11. William
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 11:02:00

    They have critics from every religion on the face of this earth. I’ve noticed this when some in the Christian faith fast for lent (or something like that… seen many people “do” it). I’m American. I’m not a Muslim, but I am doing my best to attempt to fast and whatnot in public because my friends are. Even giving it my best so far in private.

    I don’t mind being “forced” to abide by the laws because I’m foreign. I would find it really irritating and disrespectful if a bunch of people came to my home and ate, drank, and smoke in plain site.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone who plans on fasting or giving it their best shot.


  12. mishari26
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 11:31:00

    Hey William,

    How interesting 🙂 why do you do it though? I mean why do you continue your fast within the privacy of your home for example. Please excuse my annoying curiousity.


  13. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 12:05:00

    The feeling is mutual dear, and I wish the best for you :*

    Kil 3am wi inta bsa7a wi salamah.

    Enjoying this aren’t you? Shaitona 😉

    Bo Jaij
    LOL, Baitik wi matra7ik, mako farq baini wi bain big Z

    It’s not about you and me, I have no problem fasting because fotoor time is my regular one meal a day timing all year, but this is beyond my point; Ramadan used to have its special flavor that it had lost with time.

    There is a difference between wanting to do something and forced to do something, check this.
    The essence of fasting is to be able to resist the good offerings of God during the day and still keep good manners throughout the month and dedicate it for worshiping him, and I don’t see any disrespect in eating or drinking in the company of someone fasting, on the contrary; I see it a disrespect to force this on others especially when they are from a different ethnic background, after all, the ones who are fasting are doing it willingly and they are not supposed to be attempted, they should maintain a willpower and this is the whole idea behind fasting.


  14. Jewaira
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 12:07:00

    My pet peeve is people who use work time to sit and read Koran or Dua3a in a very obvious manner. If it is your break time, fine; read and meditate and pray all you want instead of chatting with your co-worker but not when you should be earning your salary.

    My other pet peeve is using office time (especially females), foregoing sitting down to work, and swapping recipes. It’s just not the time.

    You should go to work on time; do your best to assist others and get your work done especially those in public service areas.

    I respect foreigners like William who respect the traditions and customs of the country they are in.


  15. Jewaira
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 12:15:00

    Further to my comment on William and Mishari’s comment: Many non-Muslims do semi-fast during Ramadan. They might make do on a coffee or tea the whole day until break fast, especially if they are living with Muslims or friends that share the futoor. I feel that non-Muslims can be very sensitive to the issue of fasting


  16. Badoor
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 13:15:00



  17. MissCosmoKuwait
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 13:45:00

    wow….if I take everything you said and over analyze it..I think I’ll just get too depressed and never leave home!!…Oh well…at least I’ll say,, very well put my dear…Happy Ramadaning!


  18. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 14:18:00

    Lady J
    Thanks for reminding me; I also respect all foreigners who respect my traditions, my gratitude is extended to William.


    Sorry to spread my depression, but my observation is general, which does not exclude the fact that there are a few who believe in the soul of Ramadan and try to give it their best shot as William put it.
    Many happy returns to you too. .


  19. Ms.Baker
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 14:37:00

    Mubarek 3alaych ilshahar ya Ruby 🙂

    And you make some really valid points…

    But I am too tired from fasting to explain to you what these are 😉



  20. Jelly Belly
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 14:54:00

    people act really weird when you take away food from them! LOL

    Embarak 3aleech al Shahar babe :*


  21. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2005 @ 20:35:00

    LOL, Ms.B, that was the shortest comment I get from you so far, kil 3am wi inti bekhair.

    Inti 7i6i balich 3ala droosich, you’re not missing much here LOL, allah yewafqich, and same to you dear :*


  22. Hope
    Oct 06, 2005 @ 15:37:00

    This is my first Ramadan after 14 years abroad. I must say, I used to practice Ramadan in a Western country better than I am here, and Im very much disappointed to see a Muslim country practice like this.


  23. William
    Oct 06, 2005 @ 16:12:00

    Well, right or wrong, forced or not, it’s becoming a willpower thing with me. Not doing that badly so far either, lol.


  24. Eva
    Oct 06, 2005 @ 16:50:00

    ramadan mbarak oo 7ilo o khafef 3ala galbich enshallah ya ayya

    3 years ago i had this logo for myself for ramadan ‘ Lets Make This Month Different ‘
    what ever it is differnt now bas mo bil way elle i wished ;p


    Oct 07, 2005 @ 09:09:00

    Now that’s what I call TRUTH! I love your honesty. What a way to break into the fasting month.


  26. AyyA
    Oct 07, 2005 @ 12:10:00

    I hear you sis

    In my last comment to you I meant tempted and not attempted; typo.

    And I know of many foreigners who use Ramadan as an opportunity to cleanse their bodies by fasting willingly, and I know others who work long hours and get frustrated because they are forced to do that especially the ones who smoke and can’t find a hiding place to have a puff during Ramadan, some would even hide in bathrooms for a puff, having to bear the mischievous looks on the others who enter the bathroom and disapprovingly sniff around as if they have caught a criminal in action, some working places are more sympathetic and they do provide a special place like the kitchen or under the stairs for whoever is not fasting regardless of Government’s threats.

    Ramadan for me is 7ababa, Bo Jasoum, 7algam, iftar cannon and running around in the streets with other kids gathering gergai3an and teasing each other with the amount each gathered, kids nowadays don’t even have to bother with that, gergai3an comes to them where they are sitting lazily on their butts watching crap on TV, or playing computer games, and gergai3an comes to them in different fancy packaging nowadays where each house competes with the other on the decor of the package and expenses, and if you don’t follow their recently acquired rituals, you are considered an alien, and to avoid all that I have personally stooped family gatherings in Ramadan about two years back, I only visit the old and the sick members of the family.

    It was more like venting out my frustration LOL.


  27. Mama Fusla
    Oct 07, 2005 @ 12:55:00

    gereaaaaat post!


  28. shady q80
    Oct 08, 2005 @ 15:10:00

    month of tolerance.


  29. AyyA
    Oct 08, 2005 @ 15:34:00

    Thanks dear and welcome, btw, I like your name 🙂

    By all means 😉


  30. BohemianChic
    Oct 15, 2005 @ 23:11:00

    Salaam Ruby,
    I stumbled upon your site. I wanted to say from the other side of the world (in regards to Ramadan) that we should never allow man to have so much power over us..If they chose to be hypocrites and not practice true islam then that is on them. We should not allow these types to tarnish the beautiful faith of Islam. Take care sister.


  31. Ramadan-Blessings
    Oct 25, 2005 @ 14:22:00

    Please share your Ramadan experience at
    Ramadan Forums



  32. James Baker
    Jun 10, 2006 @ 14:01:00

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  33. summer
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 16:22:02

    First of all Ramadan Kareem,
    second; I don’t think that all people spend this month the way you say that they do, so do not generalize it,


  34. Abrar Mohammed
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 17:12:54

    Ramadan is a time of reflecting, believing and worshiping God
    If you knew the value, the honor and the importance of the month Ramadan properly, you would desire the entire of the year to be Ramadan.
    * Through fasting, a Muslim experiences hunger and thirst, and sympathizes with those in the world who have little to eat every day.
    * Through increased devotion, Muslims feel closer to their Creator, and recognize that everything we have in this life is a blessing from Him.
    * Through increased charity, Muslims develop feelings of generosity and good-will toward others
    Through family and community gatherings, Muslims strengthen the bonds of brotherhood
    heartfelt appreciation goes out to Bo Jaij !really thxx for those nice wordz
    whatever you feel you are in your heart is what you will become. I love you all and wish you the best of luck in all that you do !! may allah guid you to the right way !!
    thx for all 😀


    • AyyAا
      Aug 03, 2011 @ 02:02:34

      That is your opinion or Muslim stereotype opinion about Ramadan (keep repeating a lie until you believe it). Still; no one has the right to impose it on me.


  35. intemaa salama
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 19:20:59

    Well, i haVe to admit that , the gurl who called Aya” successeded in irking me and i know i have’nt give a hoot for u or ur trivil wordz !!
    Ramadan is not as u described ..that sacerd month is higher than u imagin…No matter what u v’e said coz u are a dogs barkin’ !!
    u r just an jerk gurll , and mile william , i’m with u in every sigle word u wrote ..


  36. zakir
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 15:30:13

    I am just posting reply now though it is long 6 years back as everybody thinks what Mr.Ayya says is right,but negative thinker sees neagtive even in positve.

    Mr.Ayya,u r poor in thinking, narrow minded,very sick…before giving any statement , u shud research Mr.Ayya, otherwise it shows ur ignorance.

    please research on whole scriptures then u will know what is islam.

    I never like to criticize bad abt other religions.


    • AyyA
      Aug 23, 2011 @ 16:59:15

      First of all; I am a lady so please don’t address me as Mr.
      Second, before accusing people of being ignorant and advising them to do research before they write their opinion, which obviously differs with your’s, why don’t you practice what you preach? If you don’t like criticism, that is your problem, not mine. Critical thinking is what civilizes a nation. On the other hand, lending a deaf ear and a blind eye to our culture and religion will only mire us more into backwardness. Wake up dude. Enough living an illusion. Study your religion with your critical mind and not your loving heart so you can see its truth. As for me, I have spent my whole life in research and don’t need someone like you to teach me what was the religion I grew up believing in.


  37. zakir
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 13:59:28

    whoever u r(mr/mrs) , i dnt bother dear ….try to do good not posting bad islam/muslim…actaully u r telling that u have done research..but u lack in seeing good..u r looking bad..try to know that ur urself r point out with four fingers…plz


  38. sami sangi
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 14:23:26

    who are becoming muslim around the world? scientists, learned persons, sapients, … though there are many networks to dissociate islam.
    why what is the reason? to answer this qustion is needed an open mind without bigotry … then the will undrestand that islam holy religion is only the religion of truth .


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