Sameera / the struggle of a single woman “VIII"


A continuation
For two days Sameera did not hear from Alberto and she did not update her friend Fowziya about the new developments knowing how critical she could be at times and also, she was waiting to see how things would turn out, but one early morning she had a call from Fowziya who yelled at her as soon as she picked up the phone:” what the hell do you think you’re doing?

Sameera:” What? What did I do?”

Fowziya:” What is this thing between you and Alberto May I ask?…..Girl, he has a girlfriend, no, a fiancé to be more precise, what were you doing with him in a Public place?”

Sameera replied after pausing enough time for the adrenaline to shoot up to her head rendering her voice a pitch higher:” what are you saying Foziya? Should I ask your permission every time I want to go the bathroom?”

This kind of dialogue was ordinary between the two friends, but Fowziya noticed Sameera’s sarcastic tone and realized that the situation was much more serious than she had thought and that made her sympathize with her friend; she deliberately readjusted her tone to a pitch lower:” cut it off, you know what I mean, I don’t care if you see the devil himself, but why do it in Public, someone might have seen you here or there and that’s not good; not for you, nor for him, after all, this is Kuwait, remember?”

Sameera seemed a bit calmer now and replied dreamily:” well, he chose the place not me, and I just wanted to please him, wi bani o banich, ana ma sadagt inah dag”

Fowziya:” not in public dear, not in public, anyway, this is not why I called, I called to tell you that Waleed is going crazy over this whole thing, he did not stop calling me from that night you had a date with Alberto, and I was waiting for you to tell me what’s going on, but you didn’t, and I honestly think that you shouldn’t lose your chances with him for a relationship that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere”

Sameera:” excuse me? If you think that he’s Mr. Perfect then, why did you dump him?”

Foziya: ”ah ….come on, I didn’t dump him, with me it was different, first, he’s a friend that I could never see as a partner, and second; he only mentioned that as a passing friendly gesture and I don’t think that he really meant it, but the situation with you is different, he really thinks that you are right for him and he is serious about it” and with mockery she added: ”and I sensed his jealousy when he was talking about your date with Albertooooo.”

Sameera:” you see, that’s exactly what turns me off when it comes to Arab men, they invite you over or do you a favor, and then they think they own you, why would he feel jealous, for God’s sake. I never implied anything to him.”

Fawziya:” try to see his point of view dear, he is worried about you, he even said that although he wants you, but he doesn’t care if nothing develops between you and him as much as he cares to see you using you head and acting maturely, he said that you shouldn’t hang out with someone who has no future for you, who does not come from your ethnic background and although you might not see it now but soon enough you would realize how hard it is for a Kuwaiti girl to marry a foreigner, what if the relationship took a serious turn, and what cost you have to pay with your children upbringing and nationalities and all. And I think he is right….. besides, what about his girlfriend? Do you think that his girlfriend would just let you have him? Hell no, she’d always hunt you because she is the one he loved enough to have a serious commitment to, Waleed said that Alberto is known amongst his friends to be in love with his girlfriend and because of her, he never visited his friends nor answered their phone calls unless she was away”

Sameera: ”that doesn’t mean that he loves her, it only proves how bossy she is, and to be honest with you, I don’t care what the hell Waleed thinks or says, but the girlfriend issue is bothering me, I can’t deny that”

Fowziya:” ok then?”

Sameera, as if she was hearing Alberto’s soft voice singing in her ears :” then, I don’t know, I’m so attracted to him, it’s beyond me, it’s a supernatural power that’s working its freaking way between us, may be I’ve known him from a previous life or may be in my subconscious mind he is the knight I was always waiting for, I don’t know” and then with a giggle:” I think I’d better Google that out… heheheee”

Fowziya:” I don’t really know what you’re talking about, but it sounds beautiful, may be because I never experienced such things, but still, I’m worried about you, and although I agree with Waleed, but his reaction to this matter is not comforting, he could harm you , you know”
Sameera:” how could he harm me, he does not have any right to…”
Foziya:” don’t forget that Alberto is Waleed’s best friend”
Sameera:” ah… you guys are going too far, Alberto will not start a relationship with me until he breaks up with his girlfriend, he is that type of guy, and before he does that, he wants to be sure that, that’s exactly what he wants, got it?”
Fowziya:”ok…. Whatever, wa ma 3ala alrsool illa albalag”

And while she was still chatting with her friend, Sameera heard another caller’s beep coming from her mobile, and when she checked, she realized that Alberto was on the other line. She immediately finished her call with her friend and delightfully answered Alberto’s call.

Alberto’s call was formal and brief; he called to set a date for the following day to see her in his apartment for Tarot’s reading session and dinner as he had promised.

Her excitement was immesurable; first because she did not expect him to see her in his own apartment, at least not so soon, second; because the fact that he did invite her to his place, to her, implied that Alberto was doing some serious thinking, and he really cared not to lose her, and that thought was enough to make her feel ecstatic.

But Fowziya’s words kept buzzing into her ears; did Waleed say anything to Alberto? Would he do something stupid to ruin her happiness? And what are the consequences of her action if this relationship develops? She was not in this for a fling, neither Alberto was the type, she realized that not only Alberto had an issue to resolve, she had forgotten herself in this whole chaos, yes she had to think about the consequences on the long run and how much is the cost to pay. It was a shame, for a girl her age, to think with her emotions rather that her mind, what if Alberto was a lie that she was creating in her head, after all she did not know much about him. And with that thought Alberto’s image passed through her mind and her heart skipped a beat; Alberto could never be a lie.

And between ecstasy and fear she drowned the whole day in her never ending, opposite’s pulling, and ironic thoughts.

So what do you think? Should she listen to reason? Or should she listen to her heart? And what are the consequences of both decisions in the long run?

To be continued


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shopaholic Q8eya
    Oct 02, 2005 @ 20:16:00

    she should listen to both, reason and her heart.
    I say she should go to Alberto’s apartment and sleeps with him. Cuz she really likes him ;P Call Waleed and let him know that she is not interstead and then dumb them both and go look for someone else ;P who will be agreed upon by her heart and reason ;p


  2. shosho
    Oct 02, 2005 @ 22:19:00

    I think you need to add a third ingrediant to the mixture to make the whole situation even hotter.

    Bas madree, I’m still not convinced about Albertooooo :S


  3. AyyA
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 07:14:00

    It seems like you and Shosho are both looking for the Kuwaiti version of Samantha LOL.

    We are used to the stereotype male characters, and that’s why our minds would always be analytical when we meet someone who is different, I guess with people like Alberto, only time would prove how genuine they are.
    Oh, and the third ingredient is coming soon 😉


  4. Hanan
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 10:00:00

    Just wanted to say I like your blog, even though I rarely comment. Keep it up 🙂


  5. Jewaira
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 17:42:00

    She should enjoy her feelings for Alberto but not make a fool of herself. Time will tell – right now she should soak up all those beautiful feelings.

    Of course Waleed is jealous and protective. That is expected.

    Sameera must be feeling pretty good despite her indecisiveness.


  6. AyyA
    Oct 04, 2005 @ 00:03:00

    Hello to you too, and thanks dear, it makes me feel good that someone is reading my stuff even when they don’t comment 🙂

    I’ll convey your message to Sameera, good and sound advice 🙂


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