3amal khair oreda bihi ba6el

Yesterday, I read this article that really disturbed me in Algabas, it was published on the first page under the title:

لجنة العمل الخيري: إزالة مظاهر التبرع غير المرخصة و منع صرف اللإستحقاقات دون ختم
Translation; The charity committee: removing the charity ads that are not registered and forbidding pay slips without the official seal. (I hope my translation is fair enough)
In brief the article stated that a committee consisting of six ministries ( Shouoon, Interior ministry, media ministry, Commerce ministry, Municipal ministry, and Awgaf) have approved the activities of a plan to control donations during the month of Ramadan, and that accordingly working teams in each ministry is formed, each to his specialty, to implement the plan which starts at the beginning of the month of Ramadan and ends after Ead.

And as I read further I learned that the goal of this plan although was not stated clearly, was to fight terrorism. This was implied by the statement made by Mr Alwigayan; the head of the committee who stressed that the goal of this plan is to ban any donations collected by illegal sources that he described as the ones that enter the country on commercial visas and send the money to UNKNOWN SOURCES OUTSIDE OF KUWAIT.

Well chances are, Mr. Wigayan, that 50% of these donations you are banning is going to the real needy, but nevertheless; a good move concerning the other dangerous fifty percent, but what is the consequence of your action?

Channeling more money to legalized sources; that here I’d like to refer to as the monster.
If you are serious about fighting terrorism and want to do your homework right, draw a long term plan of action to fight the monster; chop the base of terrorism, do not kill the sheep to feed and empower the monster.
Your plan sounds great only you have to alter it to include the head, monitor his assets, control his cash flow and audit its final destination, mo bas gadereen 3ala lisgar.