Summit of the Eyes

They finally faced each other
In a destined get together;
And the two pairs of eyes conversed

Eyes talk, you know

But oddly though;
They exchanged compassion
Not hate

Swapped ample pity
Not envy

Fate planned their eerie meeting
As it did their mutual longing
For him

Although I dreaded such encounter
Planned against it
But damn the stars when they intervene

Yes I saw her

Those were the eyes he kissed
And these were the lips he devoured
And that graceful body is where he resided in
Every part of her reeked with his scent

Yes, she was the one who ailed my being
The one who looted my paradise
And estranged my soul on a foreign shore;

And sore

But when the summit was over and done
I heard her pain amidst silent tones
And wondered if it wasn’t the other way around