Let the Pictures Talk

As I have promised my blog buddies; I hereunder post the pictures I promised, not much comments would be added, and if you are interested to know the story behind these pictures, please refer to my diaries in Spain in the previous few entries starting from mid July, cyber kisses to all

Wine tasting of The Bodegas Carmelitano in banicassem, Spain

The natural swimming pools of Montanejos

The prince that built the natural swimming pools
for his mistresses in Montanajos (notice the name: El7amamat El3arabiyah)

Khaleejees have reached Ain

The beautiful white and blue/green houses of Ain, Spain

The Amarican style of celebrating in Ibiza

Sunset on Ibiza’s Cafe Del Mar

The honeymooners in Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza

Boarding the ferry to Ibiza

Beauty queens of the Moncofa’s Maria Magdalena’s festivities

Too tiered with night life? Have a nap at the bar

Half of my tattoo, thanks for editing sweetheart 🙂

Ramonnnnnn; my gorgeous Valencian friend

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