Back to Valencia

Aug 4th, 2005
Boarding the ferry back to Valencia, I think we had enough of Ibiza, last night I could not sleep at all, after having a couple of cervezas to put me to sleep, and that was in the morning after my last post btw, I woke up after less than half an hour sleep with slamming doors and loud noises out on the hotel corridor, it was our neighbors who were coming back from their clubbing out all night, and the noise from outside was not more comforting either, so there I go with all failed efforts to get some rest. But why am I complaining, I should know by now that rest is the only thing you don’t get in Ibiza. I guess now I’m ready for the stillness of Moncofa.

And when my sleeping habit changes I become a bat, no, worse than that, I just continue with a restless body and wide awake eyes and the worst mood you’d ever imagine me, the cool person, in. No, I assure you that you wouldn’t want to know this side of my personality, and I guess that’s what’s happening to me now, so I decided to have a couple of beers to calm my agitation since the pain killers did not do their job and I’m still suffering, it’s not much pain really, it’s the discomfort I get from the plastic wrapping around my waist that makes me feel like a roasted chicken, but hey, the bar tender in the ferry seemed to like me that he started a conversation and offered me the second beer for free, actually he’s not a bad looking guy at all, and his English is not bad either, but if only he could see beyond my T-shirt LOL.
I’m really exhausted, ya nas, abiiiiiiiiii anaaaaaaaaaaaam.
I came back to my place hoping to get some sleep and instead I got a bloated belly and an activated kidney, and here I am writing my diary and taking a break only to visit the bathroom. And as if I needed that, my friend started the count down, she just mentioned to me that we only got two more weeks left and then back to the heat and gloom of Kuwait; shut the f*&k up.

Only in Ibiza
Don’t know why, but in spite of all this, I started thinking of my first visit to El Divino, sitting on the VIP terrace that feels like a deck of a yacht amid the sea, enjoying the sea breeze watching Miss MoneyPenny on large screens that were playing live inside, that night I was so taken by the atmosphere that I did not notice the crowd that got bigger by the minute until I had to go to the bathroom.

It was on my way to the restrooms when I realized that there was a wave of crowd going in and another going out, and as I passed with the flow, I felt some deliberate touches on my shoulders and hair but I totally ignored them until I got beyond the terrace door where there were about three steps up that I did not see from the crowd, in my haste, I tripped over the first step and landed palms down on the third, it was then when I felt a hot slap on my butt, and heard a roar of laughter, and since my head was still down, I spotted the guy who did this.

Now that made me furious and I had to get back at him, so I rowed my way through the crowd back to where he was pretending unsuccessfully to be chatting with a bunch who could not hide their bewilderment of me coming back for revenge and showed their excitements for the coming battle.

I patted his shoulder, and when he jerked to face me I pointed an index at him gesturing that I knew he did that and asked him with a sign language to stoop, and he carelessly did with a wide smile on his face only to get the most powerful slap on his butt that made him painfully scream, honestly, I did not think that I was capable of doing that and the slap did not only redden his but it also swelled my palm. I turned around without looking at his face or his friends’ who cracked up laughing; it was a technique I used to veil my hurt from the sour palm that the act had caused. But, in about a split of a second I felt a harder slap on my right butt cheek, hmmmmmmm, shasawi feeh al7een, I decided to pass on that and continued my way to the bathroom because apparently the guy liked his silly game and I figured that it would go on all night where I neither had energy to slap back with an already sore palm nor my ass could take more slapping, I could have used some techniques I learn in TaiBoxing classes I attended in the past, but my decoltee, short dress was not very practical.

Back to Moncofa 5/8/2005
It’s Friday night, the night for beach clubbing in this village, and although we were so exhausted from the wild night life of Ibiza, we missed the less glamorous, casual outdoors clubbing, so a bit of Salsa here and Merengue there was a nice comeback. And since this village is so small and almost everyone knows each other, in these places we looked like aliens since tourists usually attend the more posh places of Valencia; girls would search us head to toe, and guys were a different story; Why is it that the ones you really like are usually the bummers and the losers who would ogle you from a distant but never make a move? and the ones that you don’t find yourself attracted to gather around you like mosquitoes?
Speaking of mosquitoes; those creatures have something special for me, ever since I came here they have stayed in my company, although I have tried every trick on the book to drive them away, they never go close to Elegance although we are always together, why me!!! And the damn devils choose to kiss you in the weirdest places.

A Valencian friend came to visit with her two adorable daughters, her sister and her mother, the day was really relaxing and we spent it mostly on the beach, and although our visitors have lived most of their lives in and around this area, they have never been to this place which technology had not destroyed yet and it kept it’s old Spanish village style. The girls 5 and 4 years old were an excitment for me, it has been a while since I’ve been around children that age, they were following me around with their curious eyes and angelic smiles checking out every move I made,
At night, their mother and aunt made a considerable effort to put them in bed, they sensed that we were up to something and they did not want to miss the fun, so after making sure that they were both sound asleep we had a girl’s night out where we went to a Cuban bar which is renowned for it’s best Mojitos in Valencia and then we went to a trendy Valencian pub where we spent the rest of the night but unfortunately I came back home with the most detested company you’d like to have on a vacation; the flue. Yes, Elegance transmitted her germs to me and that predicted bedding for the coming three days, that’s if I was lucky enough to recover by then.