Nothing Goes as Planned

We were supposed to go to Privilege last night, instead we ended up in Space; a huge night club consisting of two big dancing halls and no VIP section which means nowhere to sit, we stayed there until the break of the day and waked to the nearby Bora Bora beach early morning. The sand was so cool to our feet and the scenery was so relaxing after the constant dom dom sound of drums and the suffocating smoke in Space, the night club was not a big deal after Pacha and El Divino, it was packed with teenagers and druggists, but since we were already there and have paid dearly for the entrance we decided to have fun regardless of what, and so we did.

So the remainder of the day’s plan was to get some rest, do the tattoo, go to El Divino and bid a farewell to the owner ( our host) and then go to Pacha for all the activities was supposed to be taking place there.
We did get some rest for sure and I did the tattoo (Finally after over a year of hesitation) but nothing else went as planned.

After three hours of sitting under the artist’s needle, I was so hurt and exhausted and to my surprise I found my friend suffering from a bad case of flew, it must have been the sudden change of weather. We had a bite at a nearby restaurant with ahhhs and eeehs from me and achoos from my roommate; it surely was not a good night to go out since the weather also was cold due to the escalating wind shield factor. So we came back to the hotel after having a bottle of rose wine and dropped dead.
Now it’s almost four o’clock in the morning, my roommate is sound asleep but I’m wide awake with pain and as the saying goes; illi yabi elna7 ma yegool a7 ( did I say that right?), but mind you; as a friend said to me earlier today: “ it’s a fucking awch”.

Tomorrow we are checking out and heading back to Moncofa; the peaceful village. So privilege and amnesia have to wait for another visit, I guess i7na mo waih Ibiza after all LOL.

the Donhas mentioned something about MTC Vodafone on his post yesterday and he thought it was funny, well since I came here I have had enough problems with my GPRS that I have continuous phone calls to them almost every day, and on each phone call a supposedly technical person answers back with his expertise to guide me fix the problem, I’m sure I’m going to have a heart attack after receiving my next bill, and it won’t be so funny. They have told me that GPRS is covered all around Spain, well guys, they lied. I know for sure now that the services are not covered in Valencia even though they still stubbornly keep insisting that it does. But the funny part is that each technician I talked to asks me to put my mobile off (after almost ten minutes of directing me to reprogram the mobile) and after two minutes put it back on and “it would definately work), which it never does, and after my thank you they always say: “ khidma thaniya ya e6ayba?” which means (for non Arab friends); any other service you require?, heck!!!! Just get the damn thing working and I would really be grateful.

Anyway I guess I would have to give up and instead use one of the Lucatorio places for keeping up, did I mention that blogging is addictive?

So guys this is a real adios for now. Until next time be good and do everything your little heart desires, even if it was a tattoo.

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  1. Purgatory
    Aug 04, 2005 @ 09:42:00

    I told you before you left it would not work, now you believe me?

    Here is a tip, you can always get online using some local provider via internet cards, ask around.


  2. Peach
    Aug 04, 2005 @ 11:17:00

    ah espania .. wanasa ;D Mabrook 3al tattoo .. three hours yal thalma!! I have a palm size tattoo that didn’t take that long! what size is that thing anyway lol and what shape? or is that in a previous post? erm .. hehe ;p And where exactly did u put it loool .. it’s doesn’t usually hurt if the place is fleshy!! What have u done girl!!!! lol .. I love your wacky creative mind 😉


  3. shosho
    Aug 04, 2005 @ 11:53:00

    No pics of the tatoo????



  4. mishu1984
    Aug 05, 2005 @ 02:38:00

    dont post a pic of the tatoo!!!
    i want to see it live when u and i are back in q8!

    ¡señor, porfavor traigame otra botella de vino tinto!


  5. AyyA
    Aug 07, 2005 @ 22:43:00

    There is no telephone line in my friend’s appt., but I have a memory stick where I can download the posts and then upload them when I go to the Locotorio.

    Hey girl, where in heavens have you been, I missed you, the tattoo is a black and red ohm design on the lower back then a trivial maroon, yellow, black and orange design Arches from the lower back up around the hip bones and it gets smaller as it fades on the hip bones, it looks really cool and I like it a lot. The pain was mostly on the lower back since the ohm was needled on the spinal cord where there is not much flesh, and it also was a pain on the hip bones for the same reason, and since we’re at it, what is your tattoo like? And where is it?

    Shoshoa el7elwah
    Ahhhhhhh, first of all someone has to photograph it, and that is not easy due to the location of the tattoo, then it has to be manipulated a bit so that my ass won’t show LOL, and if I was successful to do that then I’ll surly publish it, we’ll see

    Si señor


  6. Peach
    Aug 08, 2005 @ 04:08:00

    oooo lovely and ouch indeed! I’ve been around soul searching 😉 and I miss the hell out of u too lol.
    one of my tattos is a small rose shape above my left breast the other is a big ass rose penetrated by a sword on the side of my right thigh. Not as ouchy as the spinal cord ;< ay man!
    knowing you though, I should have guessed it would be smoething omish 😉


  7. AyyA
    Aug 21, 2005 @ 10:53:00

    Yours sounds nice, and mine is omish alright, you will see it soon 😉


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