Café Del Mar

So, we could not say goodbye to Ibiza after all, we have decided to extend our visit three more days, after watching the sun set in café Del Mare we had a quench in the stomach every time we thought of leaving. I’ve heard so much about watching sunset on CDM where the music gets mellower as the sun makes it’s dip into the sea, and when it finally disappears people would applause, but I have never in my wildest imagination have seen this load of people all sitting and facing the sun and waiting for the final count down, it was packed and no where to place a foot. And the scenery was heavenly.

Although we had arrived way before sunset; there was no place to sit, but a young couple offered us two seats on their table and we have learned that they were on there second day of their honeymoon, not only that but the lady mentioned that she received the proposal on the same day that they got married and flew to Ibiza all in one day. I took some pictures and video clips of the place as well as of the lovely honeymooners (she’s from Australia and he’s an Italian living in Geneva) and I will publish them later.

Ah and one more thing; we had Sex on the Beach, and for your information that is the name of a drink, so don’t let your twisted minds wander LOL, and it was great, I mean the drink, but I bet the other stuff would have been out of this world 😉

After leaving CDM we realized that our car was towed by the police for parking on a yellow designated side of the street, it was not my fault because I warned my roommate but after circling the place several times, not finding a space, my friend said that in Ibiza everything goes, well I guess she was wrong about that. And since we were hungry and did not have a bite all day, we decided to take it easy and get something to eat and then think about the car. Getting the car back was never easier; we took a cab that took us to the local police and paid a fine of about 40 Euros and got acquainted with the gorgeous police who gave us some tips on site seeing and we were off back to the hotel for some rest before our night program, but to our surprise we did not wake up until next morning.

So after our breakfast we went to Bora Bora beach where the place was packed with the ones who came from clubbing in Space; usually clubbing starts there around 8am and noontime all the tons head to Bora Bora and slam motionless on the beach, hell I don’t know how they do it, any way the place was nice and the music was awesome, so we stayed there all day and then headed again towards CDM, but to our disappointment, it was cloudy and not as good as the day before, so we left for dinner at a friend’s house (the owner of El Divino); a huge house on the top of the mountain, the scenery was breathtaking, and our host was very generous.

Then we left for the tattoo place to check exactly what I wanted done, the artist Tai was highly recommended by the locals; and that’s her name not her nationality LOL, anyway I fixed an appointment for Wednesday.

As we left the tattoo place the weather suddenly changed; it got windy and cold, and we started shivering with our summer clothes, so like everyone else on the streets we started running to our car and back to the hotel. And since we did not get any warm clothes with us to Ibiza we called the night off and watched CNN instead of attending manumission in privilege.

This morning doesn’t look as bad, so hopefully we’ll do some gift shopping and get to Privilege late at night; crossing my fingers.