Adios Ibiza, but not for long

This is my last day in Ibiza, tomorrow I’m heading back to Valencia and the peaceful village of Moncofa, the GPRS is not covered there, so no internet connection for a while. Next week I’m planning to go to Barcelona for a week and no telling if there is an access there either, so I guess this post is my last for a while.
And this for sure won’t be my last visit 🙂

Pacha and El Divino are night clubs that are a must see when you are in Ibiza (don’t miss out the VIP section) I personally have not seen like them anywhere else I’ve been to.

Tonight I will be going to Café Del Mar for watching the sun set, chill out style, then to Sun Sea (I think that’s what it’s called) which is another chill out I heard is also awesome, and the rest of the night is left with no planning, we’ll just hang out from one place to another bidding our farewell to the humming island.
I will be getting lots of CD’s from those places.

So guys until then, you all take care, and I missed you all.

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    Jul 31, 2005 @ 15:28:00

    The VIP at Amnesia kicks ass and so does at Privilege (a bridge at the top of the club). [If you do go to Amnesia VIP, just tell the security at the door that you know the VIP manager Armando Daura and once you talk to him over the walky talky downstairs, tell him you know me and he should get you in for free with a free drink or two. That should save you about 10-20 KD] They are way better than Pacha and El Divino’s.

    Club Privilige is supposedly the world’s largest club and can house about 10-12,000 people a night and Manumission (usually on Mondays) is when the hedonistic hethens rip it wild. Have fun


  2. Jelly Belly
    Jul 31, 2005 @ 23:55:00

    I hope you have a great time dear…you gotta show us some pictures 😉


  3. La La
    Aug 01, 2005 @ 08:40:00

    I had so many great memories at Pachá. Please enjoy Spain to the fullest, lucky girl! 🙂


  4. Tania0110
    Aug 01, 2005 @ 09:02:00

    hi there! i recently signed up here and i think this site is really cool and fun– you get to meet a lot of got nice posts too..good..i have also made my own blogs, hope you ‘ll take a glance at my blogs..leave me a comment or anything..good or bad,i would appreciate it.


  5. Patricia
    Aug 01, 2005 @ 09:45:00

    Hi sweetie…. Long time, happy to hear that you are enjoing your trip.

    I just wanted to say hi and have fun sweetie.
    Missing you..oxoxoxoxo


  6. AyyA
    Aug 01, 2005 @ 10:56:00

    Hi there and thanks for the tip and the offer, we have decided to extend our stay in Ibiza for another three days, so privilege, Amnesia are on our next must see list, as for El Divino, we had the privilege of meeting the owner through the Spanish Ambassador and he is a really nice person, he arranged our hotel booking here when we lost hope in finding a place, we start each night usually in El Divino then we continue from there to other places, he also arranged reduced fares for us to other places, again thanks for the tip, and if there is more you recommend I would appreciate it.

    Jellowah darling
    Thanks sweetie, I’m having so much fun that I had to extend my stay LOL
    There would be lots of pictures but only when I get back home, coz loading with the GPRS is really slow and costly; I tried to do that twice and had a tiresome experience.

    Thanks dear and welcome to my humble quarters.

    Thanks sweetie and welcome to the blogo-sphere, but I have to warn you; it’s addictive LOL, and I will visit you ASAP, the connection via mobile is a bit slow so it might take some time, but I promise to do that regardless, take care sweetie.

    Hey girl, are you still in Kuwait, missed you sweet pea, I wish you were with us wildo, I’m with Elegance; I’m sure you know whom I mean LOL, TAKE CARE 7ABEEBTI


  7. Zaydoun
    Aug 02, 2005 @ 12:24:00

    Did you know that El Divino is owned by a Kuwaiti guy? His name is خالد الروضان

    The question begs to be asked: Why can’t he open a club here?

    Don’t answer that!


  8. AyyA
    Aug 02, 2005 @ 17:22:00

    sure Iknow i just did not to mention his name


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