Eivissa; the Liberty Isle

Yesterday my friend and I, as well as our rented car boarded the ferry to Ibiza, the island is heavenly, and although we were worn off with sunbathing aboard the normal ferry which took about four hours to reach the island via Denia, the minute we reached the shore we were energized with the hum of the city and we kept on toes till sunrise. I could not get much sleep today because of the noise, but I do not mind it, too much going out there to miss it with sleep, right now I’m waiting for my roommate to wake up so we could go to the renowned beaches.

I went to the outdoor coffee shop downstairs and was surprised to see that some people were still drinking continuously from last night. The balcony right under mine where some American guys are occupying is still full of empty bottles from last night and one of the guys passed out and stayed there, it looks like the noise does not bother him nor does the rays of the sun, hey I took some pictures of the guy, nasty hah; LOL. I will post them later on may be when I get to Kuwait, can’t use the GPRS to load pictures it takes ages. My God; if only this guy knew that he’ll be on the internet, heheheee, and ok, to make it easy on him and not to be rude I’ll not show his face.

Yesterday was very hot we had to turn the AC on, but today is much nicer. And as I was sitting downstairs sipping my coffee and chitchatting with others, it occurred to me to have a three month’s vacation plan to Ibiza next year, just to see how much I could take it away from home and on my own, and if all goes well, may be I could stay here for good, I love the island and I love the Spanish people, and in this place everyone can speak English which is such a relief really after sometime spent in Spanish-English-sign and body gesture language just to be able to get by.

Right now I’m sitting on the balcony with just a T-shirt on, now don’t oooooh and ahhhh me, one
look on the streets and you’d see the half naked tons, and as a comparison, you’d say that I’m mo7ajaba… LOL

I made an appointment last night to have two tattoos; a solid black ohm sign on my shoulder, and a black and red flying unicorn on my lower back, I know I have to deal with some pain in the coming week and I won’t be able to bathe the beautiful Mediterranean sea, but I think it’s worth the trouble. I can go back to the beach after seven days, so it’s not all that bad.

Ok guys, you might think that I’m a koko, but honestly, this is a place where I know I’ll never get bored, it’s not what you do or don’t that attracted me to this place, nor it’s the waw and wild life and the crowded port that people would not even have the chance to say “pardon” when they hit you as they pass by, it’s the sense of freedom that I terribly miss at home. Here; everything goes, no restriction what so ever.

Purgy; yes elkabt ya3mil 3amayil