Exploring a Sexual Experience

Second night in Spain and I’m already in for a lot of surprises. Cecilia; a Spanish friend who was away to commence her studies in Ireland when I visited last X-mass is spending her summer holiday in Madrid. The vulnerable, shy girl that I knew some years back is not shy anymore. When she left Spain last year she was too shy to date anyone, but she astounded me by saying that she had experienced a threesome and that was just one of her many stories she came back to Spain with. She said that it happened so naturally and that she really enjoyed it!!!
And being me; the curious cat I had to have everything in boring details. She said that she was invited to a party with another Spanish girl whom she befriended while she was abroad. And after having few drinks the guy who was throwing the party was tiered and had an early flight to catch so he retired to his bed and asked everyone around to feel at home and continue partying. Cecilia and the other girl wanted to play a joke on him so they both went to his room and told him that they were in for a threesome while using their seductive feminine ways to get him fooled. The guy thought that the heavens had opened for him when out of nowhere he got molested by two beautiful girls. Suddenly he got all worked up and ready for the act. It was then when the girls told him that they were playing a joke on him, but the poor guy had too big a hard on to let go. So the girls left the room and went back to the party only to find an SMS on their mobiles saying: come back you bitch and finish off what you have started.
Cecilia went back to his room to ease his anger, but he would not hear of it and started his foreplay and demanded the other girl as well. Apparently the other girl also went to his room for the same reason only to find out that the two were already in the sensual act, and what happened next? She joined in.
Rules of a threesome according to Cecilia:
1-Do it with people you know well, preferably your friends.
2-All the parties should realize that this is a game they are playing to experience a threesome and it should not be an on going practice.
3-They should understand that this act is shared between all parties; no two should have a preference for each other and neglect the third party; not even for a short period of time.
4-None of the three should have affection for each other, meaning a girl should not join in with a couple who have some affection, even if it was a slight one, between them.

And about her relationship with them she said that it had never been better and she never regretted it. Cecilia is not a lesbian, and having to touch another woman’s body was storage for her as much as it was strange for the other girl, but she was not disgusted by this experience because she always thought that everyone to a certain degree has some bisexual tendencies in him/her and if she had the chance to do it again, she wouldn’t mind.

Now what do you think about that?


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  1. Shopaholic Q8eya
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 02:22:00

    disgusting! I am sorry, bas EWW! The though of it is EWWW


  2. Purgatory
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 06:38:00

    You just left and this is the first post you write about! 3afya kabt in Kuwait :p


  3. Jewaira
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 07:32:00

    Heheh AyyA A good way to start your summer holiday :)with a good story


  4. nibaq
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 08:42:00

    No wonder shady stayed so long there, “writing his paper” my ass.


  5. Mark
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 08:51:00

    atleast your friend has sex with another girl and a guy, and not 2 guys…


  6. shady q80
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 08:59:00

    ayya, I will have to start planning my trips to coincide with yours….

    nibaq, I only had the best intentions in mind…

    mark, thereby upholding the infamous “one penis per fantasy” rule….though it is curious why women don’t seem as prone to homophobia as men (notwithstanding shopaholics)..perhaps a topic for jewaira?

    p72, you havn’t been here long enough still… 😛


    Jul 17, 2005 @ 10:37:00

    How humanely natural!


  8. Playa Hater
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 14:23:00

    WOW…so after that I had a cigarette and remembered a scene in Seinfeld…where George gives Jerry a plan to get out of a relationship with one girl and go out with her roommate…George tells him to tell her that he wants a “ménage” with her and her roommate.

    Notice Jerry’s rational….

    George: “So what happened?”
    Jerry: “She’s into it.”
    George: “Into what?”
    Jerry: “The menage. And not only that. She just called me and said she talked to the roommate and the roommate’s into the menage too.”
    George: “That’s unbelievable.”
    Jerry: “Oh, it’s a scene man.”
    George: “Do you ever just get down on your knees and thank god that you know me and have access to my dementia?”
    Jerry: “What are you talking about? I’m not goin’ to do it.”
    George: “You’re not goin to do it? What do you mean, You’re not goin to do it?”
    Jerry: “I can’t. I’m not an orgy guy.”
    George: “Are you crazy? This is like discovering Plutonium … by accident.”
    Jerry: “Don’t you know what it means to become an orgy guy? It changes everything. I’d have to dress different. I’d have to act different. I’d have to grow a moustache and get all kinds of robes and lotions and I’d need a new bedspread and new curtains I’d have to get thick carpeting and weirdo lighting. I’d have to get new friends. I’d have to get orgy friends. … Naw, I’m not ready for it.
    George: “If only something like that could happen to me.”
    Jerry: “Oh, shut up you couldn’t do it either.”
    George: “I know.”

    – George and Jerry, in “The Switch”


  9. iDip
    Jul 17, 2005 @ 17:00:00

    1st of all,

    el-7imdilla 3assalama

    well I don’t know how do your friend & her friend think… but what I think is:
    the idea/intention was there in the 1st place … a threesome in not a joke!


  10. cosimfree911
    Jul 19, 2005 @ 03:33:00

    lucky guy

    maybe i can meet ur friend and her friend 😉


  11. DJ
    Jul 24, 2005 @ 17:09:00

    I would have to agree with iDip that the intention was there all along, even if only on a subconsience level.


  12. AyyA
    Jul 29, 2005 @ 14:06:00

    LOL, what seems disgusting to you is interesting for others, especially guys 😉

    Kabt wi bas, tell me about it

    Lady J
    Too bad my GPRS stopped in Valencia, I’m boarding the ferry to Ibiza now and thanks God the GPRS is working.

    Who? Where? What? How come? writing a paper? No way man…..

    Hmmmm wonder how would that be.

    Not so natural

    I guess some of us r just interested to know about it, but when the real thing comes up, we chicken out

    First of all allah yesalmik wi yekhaleek
    And yes, definitely it’s not a joke, and you have to be mentally prepared for it, and some of us will never even get close

    May be you can go to Ireland, obviously Spanish girls over there don’t mind it 😉

    Not only intentions, also preprogramming 😉


  13. kuwaitigirl
    Aug 13, 2005 @ 19:36:00

    good one..playa hater..;)


  14. kuwaitigirl
    Aug 13, 2005 @ 19:37:00

    i like the story ..its very common nowadays….just goes to show you you learn from your life experiences and you shouldn’t regret any of them.


  15. AyyA
    Aug 21, 2005 @ 10:58:00

    Is it really commen nowadays? heck I wouldn’t wana do that, not even for the sake of experimenting 🙂


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