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I have been tagged by DJ with a meme on childhood memories.

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1. MsBaker , I know she is not much into blogging these days and may be this will get her back on track 😉
2. purgatory, I’m curious to find out how a weird penguin spent his childhood 🙂
3. Shopaholic Q8eya, an interesting and lively person whom I’d like to know better

What 5 things do you miss about your childhood?

1. My first innocent love

yes, it started at age 5, and he was 7, surprised? He was my next door neighbor and our love for each other was not a secret, we use to practice accordion and piano together, the relationship as well as my musical tendencies ended when my family moved to another location and he left to boarding school abroad. My four brothers and one sister picked up my discarded instruments and mastered the art, now they all play music with different instruments especially 3ood (a string instrument), my sis as well as her kids play piano. As for me, Well; I can say that I have a good ear for music 🙂

2. My aunt’s momawash and ligaimat

for those who do not know what is momawash and ligaimat; it’s two Kuwaiti dishes, the first is rice with shrimps that I still can’t do without especially in winter, the other is some type of sweets that is a ritual in Ramadan; the month of fasting for Moslems.
My aunt had a special touch with these two dishes, I have tried to prepare them myself and have tried the ones made by others, but none were like my aunt’s, well, she passed away some years back and I miss her and her specialties.

3. My grandmother

she was the one who raised me, she used to sleep in my bedroom and tell me bedtime stories, her death was a shock to all of us especially me, she was not suffering from anything and I was having my vacation in Wales England when I received the news, I did not even have the chance to say goodbye, I think after loosing her, I’ve lost a big part of myself, I miss her terribly.

4. Playing jokes on older members of the family with my cousin

One of those jokes was sneaking in our uncle’s wedding chamber to know what goes on behind close doors, especially that my uncle had an arranged marriage and he hardly saw his wife before the wedding night, but our giggles were audible and we got caught, no telling what happened later, I still can feel my mother’s pinches on the inside of my arms (aaawch)
Yeh I was a very naughty child 🙂

5. School gymnastic tournaments and friends I made as a result

We used to practice months for those tournaments and compete with other schools, I made a lot of friends who shared the same passion but unfortunately most were not Kuwaitis and we all scattered around the globe as we grew older.

Growing old sucks, doesn’t it!
PS: Was that interesting enough DJ 😉

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