BLP Campaign

Yes Sarah, your campaign is noble, I had no choice but to join

On peace:
When one will not, two cannot quarrel
When you get angry, you lose more than your temper
Real temperature control is to extinguish the heat of anger
Can someone, who causes pain to others, experience real joy?

On love:
Pure love is the basis of eternal relationships
To have love for God is to love humanity
A generous heart will quickly become a precious heart
Do not expect love and attention, give it instead

PS: All quotes by Brahma Kumaris

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hope
    Jul 13, 2005 @ 01:57:00

    Beautiful 🙂


  2. AyyA
    Jul 13, 2005 @ 10:55:00

    thanks hope 🙂


  3. Papillona ®
    Jul 24, 2005 @ 17:10:00

    oh my god!!! AyyA!!! I had no idea this campaign is spreading

    I might sound silly but I have tears in my eyes :,)


  4. AyyA
    Aug 21, 2005 @ 23:24:00

    Sara dear
    rest asure that Iwould never let such a thing escape me 🙂


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