Warning: Terrorists have no Boundaries

Few days ago the world was shocked with London bombing, and although no one officially claimed their responsibility to the brutal act, all evidences point to Alga3ida and other fanatical Islamist groups.

Today Laith Kubba; the official spokesman for the Iragi government has warned through AlGabas newspaper that terrorism would soon be migrated to the neighboring countries if their roots in Iraq were not permanently chopped.

In my opinion his warning is valid and I think our government should take serious measures to deal with terrorism; we do not want to be surprised as we did the morning of Iraqi invasion to Kuwait when months ahead of that Iraqi troops gathered forces on our northern border and we took them lightly, ( was that sa7abat saif?)

Supporters of terrorism are known in this country despite their constant denials, but as a civilized nation we can’t take any stern action unless we have solid evidence, this is true, but as I read through the news lately, this issue has been taken very lightly by the government.
For example; some Kuwait bombers were bailed out through high officials although they were caught in action, others with fanatic tendencies (calling for jihad) who supported them financially or through constant public announcement in the media are still running loose without any serious monitoring, Alawqaf ministry as well as The Education ministry is full of undercover suspects; schools and mosques should be closely monitored, even if such acts entail intelligent meddling of our allies.

I’m not calling for dictatorship here, nor asking to punish the innocent for a mere doubt. But country’s security should be above all other measures, and consequently world security is our business, therefore, the least we can do is to monitor the suspects, audit the loads of money that is indirectly transferred to these channels, question the incoming and the outgoing of the country especially from the places like Saudi Arabia and Syria which are renowned to be the bases for such fanatical activities , investigate the motives of the Kuwaitis being found in peculiar places like Afghanistan and Guanatamo.

This has far exceeded a religious belief, it has ballooned to a human destruction and we can’t stay empty handed thinking that this is not our concern.
If taking such measures would disturb my own personal life, so be it, security is above all. And as a citizen I demand my right to live peacefully.


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  1. mishu1984
    Jul 10, 2005 @ 16:56:00

    here here!


  2. شرقاوي
    Jul 10, 2005 @ 23:25:00

    I do not know any sane person who does not agree with you, strongly…

    Unfortunately, our govenment, through the speeches of the ministers, keep assuring us that there is no terrorist cells. And those incidents, are isolated.

    Furthermore, our national assembly, through the president Mr. Al-khrafi, keeps assuring us also that Kuwait is not a source of fanaticism, and these incidents cannot be classified as a “phenomena” ظاهرة…

    البلاد خالية من التطرف…وكل هذه الحوادث فردية…

    To sum up, our officials are in denial. So how can we hope (and trust) that our goverment is taking serious effort to face such threat…

    First, we need to admit that there is a clear threat. Then, we must gather enough intelligence about those suspect activities– before we embark on eradicating the threat…

    I am dreaming?

    ياجماعة الخير قولوا لي إني أتكلم خرص



  3. mishu1984
    Jul 10, 2005 @ 23:45:00

    round them up and shoot them all 😛


  4. AyyA
    Jul 11, 2005 @ 00:13:00

    I wish it was that easy dude

    البلاد خالية من التطرف…وكل هذه الحوادث فردية
    That sounds like the previous sa7abat saif doesn’t it? I’m surprised to the extent these people think that the citizen can be fooled, don’t they realize that
    المؤمن لا يلدغ من جحر مرتين
    They are frightened of Iran and what it might do with its nuclear power, and although I do not deny myself such concern, but the danger is right here within us and the government is giving it a deaf ear.


  5. Jelly Belly
    Jul 11, 2005 @ 13:42:00

    we live in scary times Ayya and it’s very sad but I have a feeling the government won’t move until something big happens.


  6. AyyA
    Jul 11, 2005 @ 16:28:00

    Good lord, that is scary JB, but you’re right… allah yaster how big is big enough for a wake up


  7. شرقاوي
    Jul 11, 2005 @ 16:43:00

    السؤال الذي ما زال محيرني هو مالغرض أو السر في أن الحكومة مازالت تعطي الموضوع “الإذن الصمخة”؟

    شخصياً أذكر، وكيف أنسى، يوم الثاني من أغسطس لم نسمع صفارات الإنذار التي كانت تزعجنا في اول كل شهر…

    وعندما تم سؤال أصحاب المسؤولية، بعد التحرير، كان الجواب “ما حبينا إثارة الفزع بين الشعب”…

    هل هناك توازي بين الإثنين؟

    أم ان الحكومة في إدارتها لشؤون البلد تتبع فلسفة Management by exception…

    أي بمعنى حاول إطفاء الحريق بعد أن ترى ألسنة اللهب…فلا تتعب نفسك بالتخطيط…ولا بالاحتياط …



  8. AyyA
    Jul 12, 2005 @ 01:00:00

    Amoot wa a3arf eljawab lisoalik, it beats me dude, and what we are demanding is contingency planning, have the government ever thought of planning to start with?
    This government is run 3ala elbaraka wi 7ab likhshoom, very gloom future indeed, but what can frustrated citizens like us do? Can we have some type of campaign for instance? And how? It is obvious that no one is happy with what’s going on, but the question is how can we help? And if the government is using management by exception technique, or it’s waiting for a catastrophe to hit base, wouldn’t it be too late then?


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