Foziya Al-Ba7ar

I was surprised when she got appointed as a municipality member, since she is not the type of a person that liked publicity (as I heard) and I have never met her in my career life, nor have I seen her in The Engineering Society during my active years there. But I knew beforehand that she was nominated by the Society along with other six women engineers for the post and I heard all good things about her.
The other day and precisely on Sunday June 12, as I was lazily reading my newspaper(AlQabas), I skimmed through an interview with her, and all what I read was not different than any other ( kalam jarayed) until I got to the bottom of the page and a statement caught my eye:

و مطلوب من اعضاء المجلس البلدي و كذلك كبار موظفي البلدية ان يكونوا قدوة حسنة للاخرين , و انا شخصيا افضل ان يقدم كل عضو في المجلس ذمته المالية في اول يوم عمل في المجلس

That statement is really powerful, imagine if each member submits his financial status before commencing work; a financial statement that can always be a yardstick to the member’s honesty, especially when it comes to Municipality where the big buck is and very hard to specify the misdemeanor due to the nature of the task involved.

Dear Foziya
I hope that your statement is not just words on paper and is not only a good intention, now that you have the power to act; I hope you will prove it with action.
Best of luck to all.