Better late than never

”On the occasion of winning the battle for women’s political rights in my country Kuwait on may 16, 2005 after more than 40 years of struggle, I composed my first (Haiku), I publish it her in hope for an honest review”

This was the message I wrote to my critics for their constructive review of my first Senryu (Human Haiku); a style in poetry that I had never known before except for some information from what I could get my hands on when surfing the net… And on that historical day I wanted so much to write something, but unfortunately nothing came out; my mind was completely blocked. I don’t know the reason but it might have been the sudden shock or disbelief!

Anyway, I started out putting verses together and ended up two days later with my first Senryu, as if it was meant to be the special poem for the special day for me.

For those who are not familiar with Senryu; the beauty of Senryu is that within its syllabic structure 5-7-5 there is a pose and a thought; only three lines in addition to the title to portray a theme and the accompanying emotions, and this was the real challenge for me, and when I felt somewhat satisfied with the poem, I did not want to publish it before getting enough reviews from my critics. And boy did I have to wait for a long time, but at last I finally got seven reviews and all of them were in favor and encouraging.

And what would be a better occasion to publish it than the appointment of the first woman minister in the history of Kuwait!

Dr. Ma3sooma Elmbarak …….

“With tremendous power come tremendous responsibilities”


Suffragettes’ Cry (Senryu)

You let me be me
the power you always strived to be
I took your burden mom

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  1. Ms.Baker
    Jun 12, 2005 @ 22:36:00

    Just wonderful. Your message is conveyed indeed.


  2. shosho
    Jun 12, 2005 @ 23:16:00

    That made me tearful :”)


  3. UzF
    Jun 13, 2005 @ 00:04:00

    this is like reducing whole meals into small pills. very challenging task but you did a good job ayya.. it was powerful!


  4. Shurouq
    Jun 13, 2005 @ 00:42:00

    “You can’t not visit my blog :(“

    (That was my Senryu of the day)


  5. ولاّدة
    Jun 13, 2005 @ 07:09:00

    كلمات مؤثرة أيا

    ومبروك للكويت وللجميع..


  6. ولاّدة
    Jun 13, 2005 @ 07:15:00

    وددت أن أعلق على عبارة أن تأتي متأخراً خير من أن لا تأتي أبداً

    أنها مقولة صحيحة ولكن نظراً لأنني شخصية عصبية عجولة فقد كنت دائماً أقول : إذا لم تأتي في الوقت المناسب فمن المناسب أن لا تأتي أبداً
    وكان ذلك يتضمن علاقاتي الإنسانية
    فحين أتوق لكلمة غزل …في لحظة معينة …فاللحظة التي تليها لا تعنى شيء
    …حين يحرقني الشوق للقاء اليوم فغداً يكون وقت غير مناسب…
    حين أرغب بكلمة تشجيع من صديقة الآن …فمن الأفضل أن لا أحصل عليها بعد قليل

    ولكن حين يتعلق الأمر بالنضال من أجل أبسط الحقوق الإنسانية …لا أملك إلا أن أردد معك عزيزتي أن تأتي متأخراً خير من ان لا تأتي أبداً

    وعذراً للإطالة


  7. AyyA
    Jun 13, 2005 @ 14:06:00

    Thanks everyone and I love you all :*

    Do you think I can stay away for long?
    No but honestly, lately I started to get really irritated whenever I visit, and I know I have been a bit harsh on you, but that’s because I love you and don’t like to see garbage in your site. And it’s obvious that others feel the same way I do. But anyhow it’s your house and you have the freedom to choose whatever suits you.
    :* back at you

    Go on 7abeebti wi 6awlai, I love to hear your soothing words.


  8. DJ
    Jun 15, 2005 @ 03:11:00

    Simple words with such strength!! BEAUTIFULLY written! 😀


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