Sameera / the struggle of a single woman “III”

A continuation

While Sameera was having breakfast with her mother, she noticed how gloomy her mother looked that morning. At first she thought that her mother was not feeling well, and upon her insistence to take her to the doctor the mother broke up with the news; “your aunt Om Ahmad called last night, she wants me to go check a girl with her for Ahmad”

And as usual a heated argument started after that. Ahmad’s mother had asked for Sameera’s hand several years back when she and Ahmad were both studying in the States; each in a different province, and although Ahmad had accepted to marry Sameera under his mother’s pressure, Sameera had turned him down. She knew that the two sister’s plan( her mother and aunt)was to unite them so that they’d stop worrying about her being a single woman abroad and at the same time Ahmad would not end up with a foreign girl; like catching two birds with one stone. But Sameera did not think that that was a good reason for her to commit for life, besides, she grew up with Ahmad and considered him the brother she never had, but that was all what she felt for him.

As she left the house dragging her feet on her way to the office, her mother’s voice still trailed at her back:” if you had accepted him then, I would have had grandchildren all around me by now”.

And as she expected, her office was booming with movement, some urgent phone calls as well as urgent mail had awaited her and she had to take care of that before answering Marwan’s message. She had planned to call him and apologize about the invitation and at the same time tell him that she was not interested in going ahead with the relationship, off course, without hurting his feelings. She had to do it in a nice way. But “were there really a nice way to turn a guy down?” The more she thought about it the harder her task appeared. She even had contemplated several scenarios on her way to office but none of them sounded nice enough, he was a very sweet person and did not deserve to be rejected, yet she had to act.

At midday when she finally could spare some time of peace a quite she dialed his number planning to approach the subject on tippy toes.
Marwan: “hey you, finally, I thought I’ll never hear from you again”
Sameera: “sorry dear, I was quite busy, how are you”
Marwan: “I’m ok, hope you’re not busy for tonight?”
Sameera: “actually no, I just have to help my little sister with her homework and that shouldn’t take long”
Marwan: “good then, do you prefer a certain place or certain food like Italian or Sushi?”
Sameera:” I don’t know about dinner though, I haven’t had dinner for ages with the diet and all”

And from there the conversation had picked up with Marwan introducing his favorite food, type of sports he was involved in, his hobbies and so on for about ten minutes when Sameera finally decided to get into the core of the subject .

Sameera: “ do you mind if I ask you how old are you ?”
Marwan: “ ah, so that’s what it is, why do you wana know? Or better yet; how old do you think I am? And why should that be of any importance?”
Sameera:” well, the other night at your place you looked very young and I’m just curious”
Marwan: “I’m not as young as I look, I’m almost 25 years old, and I know why you ask and to ease your mind I want you to know that a couple of years difference do not make any difference to me, unless it makes a difference to you”
Sameera: “no, a couple of years do not make much difference, but ten years do”
Marwan: “no way, you’re not 35 are you?”
Sameera: “yes I am”
And from there after the conversation continued with Marwan trying to convince Sameera that he was more attracted to older women, while Sameera’s position was firm in directing the conversation toward a friendly way of turning him down. She finally succeeded to turn down the invitation, but not to end the relationship; those younger generation would not take no for an answer, and ironically, that amused her.

Abo- jabber was a VIP customer; he was old enough to be her father’s age. He was a very sweet person whom she’d known for years that she even acted casually around him. That day he was supposed to come for a meeting in the afternoon, but he did not show up, instead, after half an hour he called and apologized. And although the objective of their meeting did not have any urgency, he insisted on meeting her over dinner or coffee. Sameera had never had dinner meetings with customers unless it was urgent, but upon his insistence, she reluctantly accepted.

To be continued