Sameera / the struggle of a single woman “II”

A continuation

Next day Sameera had loads of work to take care of, summer was on the corner and the international traveling agency she was managing was buzzing with travelers and non-stop phone calls, not to mention the personal disputes between the employers over trivial things that she had to settle. But her mobile didn’t stop ringing all day; Marwan was insistent.

And although she was considered one of the best managers of her firm she felt short when it came to managing disputes of the heart. She was unsure of how to react to this situation, so she left Marwan’s calls unanswered until she would find the time to call Fahad, in who’s place she met Marwan, and indirectly dig out more information about Marwan, she wanted to be sure how to deal with this new situation.

Later on that day, while she was having her mid-day break, she called Fahad and this conversation took place:
Sameera: “hey Fahad, how are you”
Fahad:” I’m fine gorgeous, how are you”
Sameera:” I’m good, thanks for the lovely party dear, I really had a good time”
Fahad: “yeh it was obvious (hahahahaaaa) thanks for showing up sweetie”

Somehow this did not sound funny, she posed for a while as her mind started analyzing: “What in the hell he meant by obvious, did he notice how intimate I was with Marwan! Or may be he saw our stolen kiss in the kitchen! No, he couldn’t have, I checked the place that night and no one was within site. But wait a minute, may be Marwan had mentioned something to Shehab; Fahad’s roommate and Shehab had spread the news! After all Marwan had mentioned to me how close they were since boarding school that they attended together, what a scam, could Fahad be the bragging type! The ones who take pride in showing off what a macho men they are! Oh no, that would be too complicated and he didn’t look the type” she brushed off all negative thoughts as Fahad’s voice coming through the receiver started to take a pitch higher.

Fahad:” alooooooo, you still there?”
Sameera: “yes, sorry, I was just thinking about Shihab, he seems to be a very nice person, but he looks very young”
Fahad : “ yeh, he is young, he just celebrated his twenty second’s birthday a month ago, but he is very mature for his age”
Sameera: “ yeh I thought so, anyway, I got to get back to business, I just called to thank you, and please say hello to Shihab for me”
Fahad: “sure girl anytime, now you take good care of yourself”

And as she hung up the phone she noticed how much she had been perspiring despite the freezing air-conditioned office she constantly complained about. Now her doubts were in place; Marwan is around twenty- two, and she had made a fool of herself, enough, she would put all that behind her now and Marwan’s episode is finished as far as she was concerned.
With a heavy heart she dragged herself out of the office while her mobile was still showing more missed calls from Marwan.

Later on that afternoon, as she was driving her little sister to the book shop, there was a car right in front of her trying to back park. The person in the car looked familiar and he suddenly drew a big smile on his face as soon as he saw her, a smile that reveled his identity; it was Morad, her first and only love. Her heart sank at the first sign of recognition, and then started pounding as she looked around for an opening to disappear into traffic for she could not face him, but there was no way out, the street was too narrow and other cars blocked the only other lane, she started yelling at other drivers to move, her sister noticed her anxiety although she did not know the reason behind it and she desperately tried to calm her down. At the same instant her mobile buzzed and the little sister picked it up and announced that the name on her mobile read “Marwan”, all what she could think of was: when it rains it pours.

That night she tossed and turned in bed trying unsuccessfully to get some rest, but to no avail. The sight of Morad and his distinctive smile that she loved the most brought back sad memories that she thought was long behind her. But it is amazing that although we try to fool ourselves that the past is behind us and that we are strong enough to go on with our lives, and a mere glimpse of that past would bring back all the hurt as if no time had passed.

It was more than two years since they had broken up; Morad had left her for a twenty years old Moroccan air hostess after five years of being together. Her relationship with him was not a secret, both families were aware of it and it was just a matter of time to announce their official engagement when everything suddenly collapsed.

The breakup was a tragedy at first, but as time passed she had realized how blindly she was in love with him. He was never the loyal type, but she refused to see it despite people’s constant gossip. Time had rewinded her years with him, zooming in the actual person he was and not the fantasy she made of him. Ironically; she was glad that it had ended before getting serious, but why did his sight hurt her now? Why was she so vulnerable, she hated herself for being so weak at his presence that she could not even have a glimpse of him.

Morad’s smile haunted her all night, but she finally managed to get a couple hours of sleep when a message beep from Marwan woke her up the next morning;

“morning beauty, romantic dinner 2night for 2, pick the place, no is not acceptable”

To be continued


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hisham
    Jun 06, 2005 @ 04:42:00

    Is Marwan 22 too? That makes him 13 yrs younger.

    Older woman / younger guy, again!!

    can’t wait for part III


  2. Preternatural_aL
    Jun 06, 2005 @ 09:55:00

    The part abt how we think we are over someone yet so vunerable…hmmm.. gurl u are good!


  3. Shopaholic Q8eya
    Jun 06, 2005 @ 15:48:00

    Maybe he is not 22 but he just look like he is 22!

    People keep thinking I am 18, and I am 23 ;P If it was me, I would ask him. NO! I would demand to look at his ID, you know, men tend to lie.

    Well, Ruby will be waiting for more.


  4. Jewaira
    Jun 06, 2005 @ 18:32:00

    Marwan is a very persistent fellow. Sameera should humor him. He might be better than any guy her own age 😉


  5. AyyA
    Jun 06, 2005 @ 18:55:00

    We still don’t know old is Marwan, but it is obvious that he is much younger than her.

    It is true isn’t it, welcome dear 🙂

    shopaholic q8eya
    You are right, it’s only fair to ask him, I agree with you. But Sameera has her own personality and her own way of dealing with things, let’s see what she decides to do next.

    Yes dear I agree with you, I’d do that if I were her 😉

    Sorry guys if I had to break the series, but the news today overtook me and I had to post a dedication, but I’ll follow your comments on this post while preparing the next continuation, thanks for sharing.


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