To You with No Respect

Money Worshipper

Workaholic you appear
Money for you is so dear
That you did not hesitate
To spread your greediness and hate
On whom you gave up for some locket

Wife is lost; it’s no big deal
Children can learn to steal
Your ignorance to their needs
Did not add up to your deeds
Except some more change to pocket

I hope that some day you’d pile
Your silver and gold in a pile
Ornamenting your stinking grave
To show how devout and brave
You’ve been to your lonely casket

Sorry guys I’m just angry and these words were vented out spontaneously

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Peach
    May 31, 2005 @ 18:40:00

    Say it sister 😉 Lound & Pround I personally know one or two people who could ever so closly “relate” to your poem 😉


  2. Shopaholic Q8eya
    May 31, 2005 @ 18:53:00

    Why apologies? It is so true….Many people are like this. HATE ‘EM


  3. AyyA
    May 31, 2005 @ 19:18:00

    Well, surprise, surprise, where have you been girl, missed yah

    Shopaholic Q8eya
    Then you can relate dear, because no one knows how agonizing this is except the ones who have witnessed one grrrrrr


  4. Jelly Belly
    Jun 01, 2005 @ 13:55:00

    I can relate to your frustration…
    I’ve seen it happen to a very dear friend…her dad wouldn’t pay a penny to help her out in time of need!
    ma adree lefloos ishbetenfa3a?


  5. AyyA
    Jun 01, 2005 @ 16:13:00

    Yes I don’t understand these people at all Jalowah, and if it is someone close to you, it’s a real disaster, I really feel sorry for your friend 😦


  6. nazzal
    Jun 02, 2005 @ 16:44:00

    What triggered it !!
    طالعه من قلب أو على الأقل جذي آنا قرأتها


  7. AyyA
    Jun 02, 2005 @ 20:35:00

    Iee wallah Nazzal, you have no idea
    Having to live and deal with someone like that is what triggered it 😦


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