I’ve Got Mail

Few days back I got a parcel from the International Library of Poets. It contained a book of “Who’s Who in Poetry”. The book started with a diverse sampling poetry of which I was chosen with three other poets from around the world. Then it lists the A-Z of who’s who in poetry. The book is 413 pages and my profile as well as one of my poems are the first published in those samples (P2), which means that I don’t have to turn the pages to find my poem :p

This photo shows that book along with another book I received last year when another one of my poems was published in a book titled as “ The Best Poems and Poets of 2003”

Below is the poem which is published in “Who’s Who”; I thought I’d share it with you 🙂

Exceptional Love

Okay, I know I’m not an idol
Sometimes harsh, may be hateful
And I know that you’re the devil
Like cherubim reveal

And I also know that the girl next door
Has had fits from you before
I know you’re dangerous, and you’re wild
Swept the poor thing in your tide
I know that last night you made out with three
And the other night; two you set free

Mind you; I know everything
Your last fling, current fling, to be a fling
I also know that you know I’ve had my fits
And I know that you know, with wits,
That all that means nothing to me;
I’m yours with every breath my lung permits

In spite of all that
In spite of my harshness, your cruelty
Know that I love you
And that’s why I’ll set you free
And that no man can bring the four seasons in a day
In one single day
Except thee
May forever be happy
Whoever is your prey