What are friends for?

Last weekend, I went to visit a friend, and in her place she introduced me to this gorgeous tall fellow, his solid six packs nicely presented the waves of his silk Giorgio Armani’s light blue shirt against a copper and gold skin, his well shaven, shiny smooth bold head, marvelously standing in harmony atop massive shoulder muscles. But his well trimmed body was not the only thing that grabbed the eye. His most attractive secret was that almond shape, hazel-green eyes that in certain light shades had shone in a manner that resembled those of a panther, they encircled him in a vibe zone that grabbed every one around. And I can’t really remember his other features, may be because the spell of his grabbeshing look was stealing all the glamour from his other complexion!…. or may be they were just too ordinary to be noticed, I don’t know, what I know for sure that the dirty look style added masculinity to his overall appearance.

You can’t deny; beauty is magic.

Anyway, as I was shaking hands with him; the guy looked suddenly familiar, I knew I have seen him somewhere, but couldn’t remember where or when. And the searching look in his eyes had reassured my doubts and intensified my curiosity. But it suddenly hit me right after he snapped at me; Ruby, the passion poetess, it was then when we cracked up laughing and started reminiscing how we awkwardly first met some years back.

And before going into details of that story, I think I need to introduce my friend Nagwa; a very special person who played a main part in our initial encounter.

This free spirited person, whom is hilarious by nature, is one of my four best friends. We are so unlike each other that we always argue about almost everything, and playing nasty jokes on each other was and always has been one of our favorite games. And although this may sound absurd; our nerve racking games added a special flavor to the quality time we spent together.

Now let’s go back to Mr Gorgeous (Mr. G for short)

On one of our outings for lunch, and exactly on October, 8th, 2001, my friend Nagwa and I met Mr. G for the first time through an unexpected turn of the events.

That day, I joined Nagwa for lunch after spending a hectic day at the office; I was in such a bad mood that I hardly talked for a good half an hour. And this only happens to me when I’m really upset. My friend, on the other hand, is the curious type, she wants to know everything and in little detail, a thing which I could not open up on that particular day. And to get me to spill my guts out, she has her own way of starting a fight which would eventually lead to a heart to heart conversation.

And that’s what she did; she started complaining about her salad dish not being fresh; some leaves were wilted. Waiters gathered around us, making a scene which I did not enjoy at all and my adrenaline level started to rocket high. Then the good looking manager Mr. G showed up and solved the problem by replacing her dish. That being settled, she was not yet satisfied because I still did not comment or say a word. The manager came again to check if everything was ok with us and started a conversation with my friend who was obviously taken by his charms. And as soon as he moved away she started convincing me that Mr. G had eyes for me, and she started mocking cartoon characters to express how much she had appreciated his looks. The guy on the other hand was still roaming around the tables, and when he noticed that she was making faces, he stood watching her while she was completely unaware of him. The act amused me, especially that I could see both of them and anticipated the coming episode. But I did not say a word and let her continue those hilarious acts she was pulling.

The manager looked offended by her act thinking that she was making fun of him, while in fact I knew that she was doing all that just to cheer me up. When he came back to our table demanding an explanation for her act, my friend was taken by surprise and I don’t know how in the hell she thought of pinning me down. She immediately and with no pre warning claimed that I was the one who was infatuated by his looks and that she was only mocking me.

That took me totally by surprise, and my sudden shock prevented me from defending myself. I acted like a total idiot which further proved her point. And the problem escalated when this guy actually believed her little lie and was happy and proud that he had his spell on me. Then in an effort to ease the situation a bit; she said that I was a Passion Poetess and beauty is my business, and that my interest in him was not serious.

We laughed about that all day and I totally forgot my problems.

Later on that night, all the events of the day kept buzzing words and verses in my mind and as a result stealing my sleeping beauty. Despairingly; I found myself slipping out of bed, reaching out for a pen and a piece of paper and hurriedly dumping down whatever came to mind before it’s lost. And finally when I was contented with what I had noted down, I crumbled that paper and tossed it carelessly somewhere in my bedroom.

Next morning, I woke up looking for that paper. It took me a while to find it behind one of the cupboards. I took it with me to my office, reviewed it and fixed a few verses. Then I typed it and handed a copy to Nagwa and another copy to Mr G.

I was in the process of publishing the poem, but since it is a long one and I am still not very happy with it; I changed my mind, may be someday I will. But the thing that intrigued me is that it took me four years to meet Mr. G again and explain to him what had really happened and that Mr. G had kept his copy in hope that someday we will meet again and that was flattering.

Dear Nagwa; this post is dedicated to you.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Purgatory
    May 29, 2005 @ 14:04:00

    ok I have to shave my head, grow tall and have muscles. Will you buy me the suit though :)?


  2. nazzal
    May 29, 2005 @ 14:18:00

    ” he had his spell on me ” … reminded me of
    NINA SIMON , which i have few songs for her
    in my iTunes list … & now am playing ;
    “I put a spell on you … bcoz you are mine”


  3. Hisham
    May 29, 2005 @ 19:50:00

    “We are so unlike each other that we always argue about almost everything …….”
    We were 3, a Marxist, an Islamist, and Liberal Red Salafi (in the grey area). Our discussions or screams would rock that small room in Beirut. We rarely if ever agreed on one thing among ourselves, and we were as one if we faced an “outsider”.
    Opposites attract. It works for magnets, and it works for best friends.

    Thanx for this lovely post Ruby.


  4. shosho
    May 29, 2005 @ 19:52:00

    Purgy – the more important question is:

    Would you keep a poem for 4 years just in hope that you would meet the poetess again?



  5. Purgatory
    May 29, 2005 @ 19:53:00

    No, I am not that sentimental.


  6. shosho
    May 29, 2005 @ 19:56:00

    I knew it 😛


  7. AyyA
    May 29, 2005 @ 23:46:00

    How long do I have to wait for that? It sounds like forever. in that case then ok it’s a deal

    You better stop the things you do
    I ain’t lyin’
    No i ain’t lyin’

    You know i can’t stand it
    You’re runnin’ around
    You know better daddy
    I can’t stand it cause you put me down

    Actually she is one of my four best friends, of which only one is more like me. But this one is totally different, she is very reserved but crazy, very religious but open minded, we do not even have common hobbies, ok this is a poem I wrote about her some time back and it’s not the same one I was talking about in my post:

    A True Friend

    Let me give you an example
    of a friendship so immense
    Two girls who had a relation
    that to others made no sense

    An engineer with a “to do” list
    extended from dawn to dusk
    The other a retired teacher
    up all night with milk an’ Rusk

    One was timely an’ punctual
    one to time would never bind
    One always lost direction
    the other had a mapping mind

    One was quick and alert
    the other swayed on the ground
    One was free an’ outgoing
    one cautious of the gossip around

    But both had a love to share
    and a heart like diamond sparkled
    Everyone envied the closeness
    yet to the irony they marveled

    Their differences was the magnet
    that kept their arguments lively
    Genuine feelings so passionate
    even when debating heavily

    Their relation rich and healthy
    it constantly added soul
    Gossip was never their subject
    even in a defending role

    Although they had different timing
    therefore they scarcely met
    They always were with each other
    if one pained the other felt

    You take care of purgy


  8. Purgatory
    May 30, 2005 @ 12:39:00

    Fun, fun, free suit, yes yes yes 🙂


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