Not a “Women’s Only” Cry

It is sad how some women are kept in the dark for ages. They think that women’s participation in political issues is separated from home. They think that politics is men’s business and women’s place is her home. While in fact; the very essence of that activity is targeted to reform starting and ending at home. When Iraq invaded our country; did only men suffer from this? And were they the only ones who defended our country? Didn’t we all; men and women take a part, each with his/ her own capability, and participated in the state’s affair during invasion? How come we did not say it’s men’s business then?
The point I’m trying to emphasize here is that state’s affair is everyone’s affair; men and women.

A woman’s participation in dealings of the country is power. Laws would be issued to protect different aspects of her life and that of her family, as well as that of her future grandchildren; which leads us back to home; the very place that we claim to be where we should belong.

Think of it as your own home; would you prefer to have “ si sayid” controlling your household and applying his rules even if it meant fully providing for your materialistic needs? Applying a one sided ideology on you and your children, even if that meant strict orders that your children” as well as might you yourself” publicly obey and discretely disobey? Or would you be more comfortable with an understanding partner who would discuss matters with you and respect your opinion to come up with a better plan in running your household?

It’s the same thing in running state’s affair. This power that we women have gained would make “si sayed” think twice before he utters his ideologies, let alone enforce them on us. You only have to broaden your mind so can clearly see it. It’s not a gender fight for power as some might try to convince you; it’s more like a team work.

And even if no woman gained a seat in the parliament; your vote is power. You have to be wise in giving it to the right channels that aim for reform. Newspapers and lectures are a good starting point for your personal awareness of the right representatives, but be careful not to be brainwashed and only take what sounds logical to you. And when you are in doubt; don’t give your vote. It’s better to do that than giving it to people who would eventually destroy you and your country.

And although I believe that women’s presence in the parliament is essential, but we should not blindly support each and every woman running for the parliament; our views should not be biased to a gender, rather to the person who can convince us that he/she is aiming for reform. So long that our vote counts, we will be present in the parliament even if it lacked a female.

I have also noticed that many over-enthusiastic women, mainly on blogs, shouting for an immediate participation and wondered why we should wait until 2007, and I’m assuming that they have preferred the dissolution of the current parliament for speedier election. But in my opinion; this period is essential at least for developing the political awareness and for educating ourselves in this area. Don’t forget that we have been kept at dark for ages and most of us still can’t weigh the grave responsibility this entails. So the two years is a healthy transition period which I believe that is needed.

Good luck ladies and don’t disappoint our fellow men supporters who have lots of faith in us. And thank you brother for supporting me along the way.