Age Doesn’t Matter

She was 20 years older, but he didn’t know that. Age did not draw its ugly traces on her body or complexion yet; so why would she reveal it. He was madly attracted to her, he knew she was older, but since the relationship did not burden him in any legal commitment, so what difference did it make if she was older. He loved her just the way she was; with or without anti-age make-up, late at candled nights or early in scandalous mornings. She fully satisfied his needs and kept a great company. He also admired this air of respect and wisdom that age had tamed her into; she perfectly suited his needs as she was.

She, on the other hand, was fascinated by his youth, but never took him seriously. She was a lonely widow who found through him the salvation that brought color to her life after her loss. Time (her old enemy) was horridly passing her by and kept her contemplating; how long would it be before the wrinkles were visible? And how soon would come the day when she would resemble those saggy faces which adverted for”fight-age” gimmicks and remedies? And more importantly; how soon would she loose this energy within; her sexual desire which was at its prime time?

Time terrified her and she had to fight it. She demanded her right to enjoy her youthfulness before it was too late, even if that entailed a “no commitment” relationship.

And because their secret was kept between the two of them; their relationship had hardly suffered any serious misfortune. They both understood each other’s obligations and need for privacy, and both respected the age difference to the point that they hardly fought. Their boat sailed in complete harmony and was steered by understanding, trust and respect.

Their relationship was never normal if we can ever define what the norm is.
He was young and full of life and naturally loved women. He cherished his bachelorism. He even had to break a relationship that he was deeply involved with for the sake of his freedom. But this woman was different; she never interfered with his freedom. She had seen him with other women before but was oblivious to his lies although he knew that a smart women like her would never pass obvious matters unless she was cautiously willing to.

That was her secret; she was comforting and convenient.

She on the other hand, was satisfied and thanked her lucky stars that she had him even if it meant little time together. She lived for those times and called it “borrowed quality time” in which hours were spent with happiness in restoring her declining youth.

Amazingly; the no commitment treaty between the two became more than what they had hoped for; gradually he gave up his freedom willingly, he did not care to prove his manhood with other women. And although he still enjoyed his time with other girls but when it came to genuine communication and sensuality, it was always her. And she knew it even though the subject was never brought up in their borrowed time together.

But unexpectedly; the two-year union had to come to an end when one day he had come to realize how much he needed her and wanted to officiate their bond by marriage. She was shocked, amused and confused at the same time. Anyone in her place wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

But she could not do that; she was older than him, and logically she had to act wiser. What would be the society’s reaction to their bond? How about both families; his and hers? How would they take the news? And how about children? She could not possibly have children at her age. And although he had assured her that he did not care to have his own offspring, but how could she take it for granted that he won’t change his mind in the future. Besides; how could she bare all the humiliation that this contract would bring upon her, she knew that people would never leave them alone and that she would soon become the joker and the joke of society gossip. And the secret which kept their relationship lively would no longer stay an intimacy they both cherished; others would soon be involved.

She had to refuse him and go on with her life leaving behind two broken hearts; each looking desperately for a replacement.

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