Who Will Pay the Price

To be prosecuted or not to be????
This is the big question
Check this, this and this


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  1. مبتدئ
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 17:38:00

    Important post Ayya


    I just cant guess what his reaction will be ?


  2. q8tkv
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 17:42:00

    you forgot KUWAIT UNBLOGGED


  3. AyyA
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 18:08:00

    I’ll add him now, thank buddy


  4. AyyA
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 18:34:00

    I hope more would follow suit

    On a second note, Kuwait Unplugged did not post about this subject!!


  5. q8tkv
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 21:40:00

    what can I say… home made wine


  6. AyyA
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 21:45:00

    Never home made, gives me indigestion, always genuine Snta Cristina, on me 😉


  7. The land of Sands
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 22:18:00

    ، عزيزتي رباب

    دائما كنت اقرأ عن هذا الطبطباوي ئي في البلوجات الكويتيه و في موقع جريدة القبس.. وكنت قد سمعت عن النائب الكويتي الذي غرق و انقذ في شاطئ العراه في المكسيك…..الان عرفته، لقد ذهب بعيدا الي المكسيك حتى لا يكتشف امره

    منافق متناقض مثلهم كلهم…من شكله في الصوره استطيع تحليل نفسيته
    ! ارسلوه الي احد المصحات

    بن كريشان


  8. q8tkv
    Apr 02, 2005 @ 22:55:00

    well lucky you .. I hope this ni3ma ra7 tedoom 🙂


  9. Peach
    Apr 03, 2005 @ 13:51:00

    Did anyone notice he kinda looks like Mr. Bean in a bisht! 😉


  10. Peach
    Apr 03, 2005 @ 13:53:00

    ekh! on a closer look he looks nothing like dear ol’ Mr. Bean. This one has beady evil eyes!


  11. AyyA
    Apr 03, 2005 @ 20:57:00

    Bin Kraishan
    If it was up to me I would have sent him to Mars, and even further if technology permits. This guy and the likes of him have brought nothing to my country but degradation, shame and disgrace with his constant preaching on supposedly high morals of which he possesses none. The sad thing is the little young ones who are deceived by his abusing religion to his and his party’s political benefits. And although I do not like to joke about anyone, and it’s out of character for me, but in this case, I say it out loud; YA7ALAT ELSHEMATA FEEH

    Got your name right this time 🙂 , don’t worry elmomowileen ohma as7ab eli7i, and as long as we have them around, we will have booze but more expensive 😉

    7aram 3alaich, Mr Bean is kafir, kaifa toshabiheen hatha al3alim altagi be kafer, no seriously he does not have beady eyes, his eyes are bulging out, I guess he got that look ever since he saw the nudes on the beach he drowned in a year ago 😉


  12. Jawad
    Apr 04, 2005 @ 00:37:00

    He should be held accountable in three ways: legally, professionally, and in terms of public opinion. This is someone who claims to be an authority in scholarly knowledge. So, many differ to his “wisdom” (most of which we now know is stolen – or borrowed!). In addition, as a “journalist”, he breached the public trust. (remember the story of the New York Times reporter who was recently found to commit the same fraud). I was surprised to read some comments in the other blogs you referenced saying that because intellectual property rights “don’t exist in Islam” or are not an “Arab tradition”, this guy “should not be held accountable”. That’s ludicrous. Fraud in all its forms, including intellectual fraud, is condemned by Islam and has no place in Arab society. And by the way: isn’t lying a sin in Islam? That’s what this guy did. He took advantage of public trust to deceive people. This dude should lose all the posts he holds, be banished from journalism, and be fined for the fraud he committed.


  13. Eva
    Apr 04, 2005 @ 03:27:00

    it’s 3:23 now .. am sleepless so came here to read some of rabab’s poems .. buttttttt i saw his ugly face now.. now me NO sleep i don’t wana have bad dreaaaams : (

    اللبنانيين يقولون نريد الحقيقة

    I would say

    نريد من الاخرين معرفة الحقيقة عندنا و شقاعد يصيير


  14. The Expert
    Apr 04, 2005 @ 11:16:00

    Who that can have patience can have what he will. If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much.So, AyyA..Be patience not hopeless and listen to Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542)

    Patience of all my harm,
    For Fortune is my foe;
    Patience must be the charm
    To heal me of my woe…


  15. AyyA
    Apr 04, 2005 @ 22:15:00

    First let me greet you in my humble quarters, and dear, a guy like that has immunity, he is an MP, and issues concerning VIP’s around the developed countries goes like this: ignore it until people forget it. What they don’t know that these things are never forgotten even if people talked less about it. The only ones who have the right to sue him are the original writers; Fahmi Alhowaidi and Abdullah Almisfer, and I hope by our little contribution here we can bring a glimpse of publicity so that this would somehow reach the writers and hopefully they would do something about it. But since they all belong to the same Islamic community, chances are very slim to have him prosecuted.

    The comments you read in other blogs are just some blogger’s sarcastic style to reveal their disgust.

    Sweet Eva
    Sorry babe to have ruined your night, I hope you did not have a nightmare, I promise to compensate that for you soon with a poem 🙂

    Yes dear you are right, and what else do we have but patience.
    A lovely poem 🙂


  16. Ms.Baker
    Apr 05, 2005 @ 01:19:00

    Just the sight of his negative face depresses me 😦


  17. AyyA
    Apr 05, 2005 @ 01:28:00

    I’m sorry sweetheart, have a brake with my next post 🙂


  18. Peach
    Apr 05, 2005 @ 03:32:00

    lol yeah .. let’s just call ’em beady bulging and in any case still evil 😉


    Apr 05, 2005 @ 20:45:00

    He looks satanic!


  20. AyyA
    Apr 09, 2005 @ 09:36:00

    Sorry guys, I promise I won’t post anything as evil next time, his presence on my blog look odd anyways.


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