Bo-Rakan Was Here Yesterday

He was here yesterday, and I met him. A person whom I’ve known and admired a long time back, like a comet hit me with his kind, gentle and elegant words. He said he knew me, WHO ME? Who am I against this giant myth?
And he said he enjoyed my blog and my poems Click Here


I was speechless, or shall I say converse -less?

When I first started my blog I wanted to know how others felt about what I wrote, waiting eagerly for each comment, and was disappointed many times for not having any. At times I thought I’d quit, but the few dedicated visitors (bless their hearts) kept me going. It never crossed my mind that someone like Bo-Rakan would actually visit, let alone enjoy my writings.
Ahlan wasahlan bik ya rea7at eljanah

I was greeted here today
By a star far away
Who shook my senses,
quivered my defenses
And surly made my day

Thanks Bo-Rakan for making my day, and I pray that you’d soon luxuriously (never out of necessity) join our humble world.
And thank you Sa7at Al-Safat for making this possible

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Star Wheels by:Aya

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mishu1984
    Mar 23, 2005 @ 04:43:00

    congrats dear 😉


  2. Jelly Belly
    Mar 23, 2005 @ 13:01:00

    I’m happy for you dear…it’s always great when you get your work appreciated by another writer…I thought his comments on other blogs were pretty amazing…at least he knows what we think and can reflect that to the general public.
    and Ayya honey we love your poems…I just thought to share that with you :*


  3. AyyA
    Mar 23, 2005 @ 13:19:00

    Your back, missed you sweetheart, and thanks dear.

    7abeebti JB
    He is not just a writer, he is THE WRITER, do you know how that feels? And as for my poems I always wrote them as scribbles for me, never expected any admiration from others, but it still brings me the utmost happiness to know that you loved them, love you babe, thanks for sharing.


  4. Shurouq
    Mar 23, 2005 @ 15:57:00

    Ayya babe,

    I hear ya!
    How about we keep bragging about it till Bu Rakan orders us to stop? lol


  5. AyyA
    Mar 23, 2005 @ 16:09:00

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeees I want to keep on bragging till he asks me to stop
    Bas besara7a, ishrayech ibkalamah, 3asal mo?


  6. Peach
    Mar 23, 2005 @ 19:23:00

    way to go Ayya .. aktar min kidah ed! *sigh* soon you will be a big shoto & out of our leage 😉 Guess I’d better enjoy you while ur here then huh hehee .. ;* congrats sweetie 😉


  7. مبتدئ
    Mar 24, 2005 @ 01:51:00


  8. DJ
    Mar 24, 2005 @ 06:24:00

    You sound so totally happy and excited that I can’t help but be very happy for you!!



  9. The Expert
    Mar 24, 2005 @ 12:21:00

    Congratulation… I’m happy for you AyyA. I hope this will be the engine to make you more creative and effective.


  10. AyyA
    Mar 24, 2005 @ 14:53:00

    Thank you hon, but la inti ri7ti wayed be3eed LOL

    I’m fertile and green here, much better than Elaph 😉

    Hey girl, missed you, I bet you did not get much about this post since the links were in Arabic, but I guess you got the whole picture, and yes I am happy, now more because you’re back 🙂
    Are you back in Italy sweetie?

    The Expert
    Thank you dear, and yes his comments were a big boost actually; now I have to be more careful of what I write LOL


  11. AyyA
    Mar 24, 2005 @ 15:22:00

    To me it’s not just the complimentary words that Bo-Rakan said, although that flattered me a lot. But he pointed out that he liked my contribution to Abal7akam’s blog; a blog in which I feel free to be me. Which means this person knows what I stand for and he accepted me for who I am, although my ideologies differ drastically from others, and definitely is not accepted in this society.
    So if I was a mere fan of him in the past, now I’m a true fan who opens Algabas P 17,19 before reading the headlines ( BR, I know you are reading this ;))
    I was disappointed today though when I opened his page and did not find him:(


  12. DJ
    Mar 24, 2005 @ 21:24:00

    Hi, Ayya!

    I’m not back in Italy until Monday night. But, this week my friend returned to work and so I have more time on my hands. I’m winding down before the return trip home. (I kind of need it! lol)


  13. Peach
    Mar 25, 2005 @ 08:24:00

    how can u be so sure 😉

    maybe someday I’ll write a post bragging about AyyA! She used to comment on my blog ;D lol


  14. AyyA
    Mar 25, 2005 @ 13:31:00

    Have a safe trip back home sweetie.

    LOL, walla tha7akteeni


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