I am The Sole Queen

I remember the days
When I was young and care free
I remember the naughty girl I used to be
The world was mine
And I was the sole queen

Running, hopping in the wind
Making faces, mocking a squirrel
Tiptoeing in my secret square
Then laughing till my jaws hurt

That swing we played on so long ago
Daring each other to the highest leap
Now it doesn’t seem the same
The swing is too old to partake in our game

Age brought wisdom
I wish it didn’t

Age brought reserve
In which I’m prisoned

Age brought knowledge
I didn’t need

Age had forced me
To cautiously tread

I wish I could rewind the years
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The Swing, By: Eva

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  1. Judy Abbott
    Mar 09, 2005 @ 13:30:00

    few min. ago i was thinking why do we grow up why dont we screw being old and go back to our young days that days that people used to say about us teenagers , the day that every thing was funny and ticklish..

    thank you for saying these beautiful words they made my day.


    Mar 09, 2005 @ 16:47:00

    And sometimes as adults; we ARE the kids we always hated to be!


  3. ولاّدة
    Mar 09, 2005 @ 22:33:00

    لو كان الكلام الجميل بالعربية لأدعيت أنني قائلته

    وصف دقيق بكلمات بديعة لشعوري بالضبط تجاه السنوات التي غافلتني ومرت بسرعة تجاوزت إدراكي

    وإليك هذا البيت

    قالوا مع السن التجارب حسبكم
    فشر بنات السن تلك التجاربِ


  4. ولاّدة
    Mar 09, 2005 @ 22:35:00

    أيا/ رباب

    ذكرني موضوعك بأغنية لفيروز تقول

    طيري يا طيارة طيري
    يا ورق وخيطان

    بدي إرجع بنت صغيرة
    على سطح الجيران

    وينساني الزمان
    على سطح الجيران

    عزيزتي ..أين تودين أن ينساك الزمان؟


  5. Purgatory
    Mar 09, 2005 @ 22:58:00

    sole as in fish?


  6. Shurouq
    Mar 10, 2005 @ 00:39:00

    Oh no.. rewinding the years is one scary idea..

    And Purg, inta oficially maynoon 😛


  7. Eva
    Mar 10, 2005 @ 01:08:00

    Allah , back to poems

    That swing we played on so long ago
    Daring each other to the highest leap
    Now it doesn’t seem the same
    The swing is too old to partake in our game

    best part , or maybe the part that ” 7ssait feeh mn galb ”

    am waiting to see your reply on wallada’s Q : ) !


  8. Peach
    Mar 10, 2005 @ 03:08:00

    Lovely, simply lovely. It brings up feelings I am over, but I loved it .. Rabab my dear, I hope you always stay that little girl in heart & in step 😉

    dear ولادة بنت المستكفي
    my mother used to sing that song to me when I was a little girl. When I grew I started singing it to little cousins and siblings & I know I will also sing it to my children some day. It’s one of my mothers precious gifts to me 😉


  9. AyyA
    Mar 10, 2005 @ 10:06:00

    First let me welcome you in my little humble quarters
    Second, I’m glad that you could relate to this poem; don’t we all want time to stop at a certain care free age?
    Thanks a lot dear for sharing your feelings

    Bring me that childish feeling anytime now, and I assure you I’d never regret it, no matter how naughty 😉

    Wallada, my dear poet
    Your words brought joy to my heart (especially Fayrooz’s song) and thanks for the verses, it was beautiful, and to answer your question I’d say I want the time to forget me at the early teens. The time that I hardly cared for anything, the time when I thought that I was immortal, when every little thing in life excited me; I laughed with all my heart, played belsika or el-7oosh with friends and family after school, fought physically with my brothers not worrying if I’d have a bruise or a blemish, looking on to life with an enthusiasm that I will be someone important one day. And now I look back at those days and realized how much I’ve changed although, as you said, it feels only like yesterday, time just slipped through my fingers.
    How about you dear, wain tabeen yensach el zaman?

    When it comes to fish, I’m a cat 🙂

    Why do you think it’s a scary idea (scratching my head)?

    That was your swing sweetie 😉
    Glad you enjoyed it

    We all have this little kid inside that never wants to grow, but the care free, exhilarating feeling is gone with all other life responsibilities.
    And that particular song by Fayrooz is one of my favorites
    Thanks to you and to Wallada for reminding me of that particular song that I used to listen to and sing along in those days 🙂


  10. Peach
    Mar 10, 2005 @ 14:12:00

    You know you’re right, growing does take a few things away from us. I like to think that you can with some effort retain those things. But maybe that’s not how it works!


  11. Purgatory
    Mar 10, 2005 @ 22:56:00

    shurouq, nope, I am just a bit freaky


  12. The Expert
    Mar 11, 2005 @ 05:23:00

    كم هو جميل ان نعيد الذكريات … يالروعة رباب … لقد أثارتني فاستدركت مقطعا من قصيدة جميلة للعاشق ابن زيدون في محبوبته ولادة بنت المستكفي …

    إلا ذكرتُكِ ذكرَ العَيْن بالأَثَرِ

    ما جالَ بَعْدَكِ لحْظي في سَنا قمرٍ

    إن الحِوارَ لمفهومٌ من الحَوَرِ

    فهمتُ معنى الهوى من وَحْي طَرفِكِ لي ….

    Even we grow up we shoud keep our heart puls with life which mean “خضر”


  13. AyyA
    Mar 11, 2005 @ 18:38:00

    You are officially nuts, but that’s what I like about you 😉

    The Expert
    Awallan el7amd lilah 3ala esalama, and I hope you enjoyed your trip to morocco 😉
    And that poem was lovely, I’ll add it to my collection, I loved it.
    And don’t worry about me; my heart is jade green 😉
    My dad always says: don’t look at my white hair to judge me, slip in my black heart and watch the disco lights, LOL
    Love that old man


  14. q8tkv
    Mar 12, 2005 @ 14:44:00

    ولفيروز ايضا
    وسالونا وين كنتو .. وليش ما ما كبرتو انتو .. بنقلنن انسينا
    الافضل ان ننسى الزمان لا ان ينسانا اما اذا كان ولا بد فانا افضل ان ينساني الزمان عند فيروز ايضا وعندما
    .. دارت فينا الدار واحنا اولاد صغار


  15. AyyA
    Mar 12, 2005 @ 15:58:00

    I can only do that in my mind bro, otherwise with responsibilities and obligations and the time that is passing me like a spear, this is easily said than done. That’s why I would also prefer to get lost in time by Fayrooz, her songs bring back the joys that once I felt and also give me some bitter feelings of what I’ve become.


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