Dear Sis

If you are happy with being constantly controlled by your brother, your father and your husband over even the basic rights in your life, then don’t complain.

If you are happy when you think you did great at your job and a less qualified male colleague is getting the promotion while you are not, then don’t complain.

If you are happy that your social allowance is equivalent to a single male’s, while you are married with children, then don’t complain.

If you are happy for being separated and not able to get divorce from a man that mistreated you, then don’t complain.

If you are a divorced old lady who’s been kicked out of your own home which has been taken over by the young Pilipino maid, then don’t complain.

If you are happy with having a non-Kuwaiti husband, and your children are treated as foreigners although they were born and lived all their lives with you on this land, then don’t complain.

If you are happy to place your future on the hands of the illiterate, when you have reached a decent education level, then don’t complain.

Shall I go on?

If you are happy to be without power, then most probably you deserve all the above, so don’t show up tomorrow.

Enhance your Sexual Life

Abdominal breathing (a yoga practice)
While I was commenting on Dear Jewaira entry( , a suggestion came up from one of the commentators to practice Yoga for strengthening pelvic muscles. And there was also another subject on my mind when I learned that some married women were having problems in their sexual lives to the extent that they were with children and still were not aware that they could have an orgasm. And although it is not my intention here to teach them that, I can only offer a link where they can get to know themselves better, and through that link they can surf and find related subjects (, Nevertheless; after practicing this exercise properly I hope they get to realize what orgasm means by helping them to get there faster and more often.

Therefore; the purpose of this post is to present a yoga practice known as “The Abdominal Breathing Exercise” where men as well as women can benefit to enhance their sexual practice. And although the benefit of this exercise exceeds the sexual needs, I will only address this area knowing what problems women face and do not have the courage to discuss openly. So if you read this post and shy away from posting your comment, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. Everything will stay confidential.

One way to strengthen your pelvic muscles ( get tighter ) is by practicing this yoga exercise which is essential in every yoga class at least three times a day.

The pose:
1- Sit cross legged, back straight and slightly move your upper body back and fourth until you are most comfortable in a specific position which is known as your zero gravity point or level ( if you practice this more often you would reach this level and you would feel it right away)
2- Place one hand on your rib cage and the other one on you abdomen slightly under your navel area ( belly button)
3- When you breathe make sure that your chest expands and contracts only slightly, and all the movements are done through your abdomen ( you’d know that by the movements of your hands; only the lower hand should move out and in, and the upper hand is your gauge)

Let’s start breathing:
1- Inhaul slowly to the top of your lung (till you almost can’t take any more air in) notice the lower hand moving out as your abdomen expands, at the same time relax all your pelvic muscles (open up). Think of it as a ball that you are trying to inflate only by enlarging the size of the ball and forcing the air in.
2- When you almost reach the maximum of the air in hold your breath for a while (do not hold in too long)
3- Then start by contracting the pelvic muscles and at the same time slowly expelling the air out. Think of it as a ball that you are trying to deflate via a small hole ( tanfees).
4- Hold your breath for as much as you can, this would be like creating a vacuum through which you will notice that you don’t have to exert too much effort in contracting your pelvic muscles.
5- Repeat the breathing exercise five times when you start, and gradually when you feel that you can go beyond that; increase till you reach ten times.

Please note the following:
1- Breathing (inhaling and exhaling) should start from your abdomen and move up to the chest then the shoulder.
2-You can breathe from your mouth or your nose whichever is more convenient to you.
3-This exercise will make your head spin for a while which is normal, but be careful not to jump out of it as soon as you finish; give yourself sometime to rest.

Some of scientifically proven benefits for both genders include:
1- Improving blood circulation
2- Preventing infection of the lung and other body tissues.
3- Stimulating the relaxation response that results in less tension and an overall sense of well being.
4- Improving sex.
5- Controlling the bladder
6- Strengthening abdominal muscles.
7- Nourishing each and every cell in the body with proper oxygen.

Ching Ching to a better health

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