What is it with a Name

” Be yourself, be natural. It is far easier
than pretending to be someone else”
Brahma Kumaris
I have had so many nick names that was given to me by others, some of which I can remember are;Ruby, Rubs, Rabooba, Imraba, 3asal, Baboog, , Blanca, Boobies, Booba and the latest was AyyA which means the goddess of wisdom ( I like that 🙂 ). This last name was given to me by a blogger buddy who was away for a while and has just got back in the blog-o-sphere, as Purgy termed it, and I’m celebrating his return, and since I’m into the 7HHEP these days It feels like the wise hat is more suitable for now LOL.
And although Rabab is my official name, it was not the name I was given when I was born, this name was given to me after my grandmother whose name was Rabab passed away when I was almost 7 years old. And I always hated that name as much as I hated myself for being a woman and not having as much rights as my brothers (the Freudian penis envy).
But as I grew older I started appreciating myself more as a woman and realizing how close the meaning of my real name is to my nature.
Rabab means white cloud; the type that gives you shade from the harsh sun, excites your eyes whenever you look at the shapes it creates in the sky, it also gives you this mellow, tranquilizing feeling every time it offers some droplets of rain; It’s all a matter of giving, and I find my happiness in giving, so my personality and my name have finally gotten to get mingled. And now I can say I love myself and I love my name.
Do you have other nick names you want to share? and what is the meaning of your nick name? and does it go with your personality?
White Cloud

Feathery rain is more my style
But after I summon the isle
Of the sky to warm your soul
And merge it with my body; your exile

Abundance yes, no doubt
This is what I’m all about
One stance with me and you’ll see
How long you lived your life in drought

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10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Purgatory
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 00:48:00

    I skimmed quick yet still noticed one word… penis 🙂


  2. AyyA
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 00:51:00

    You kinky doodle Purgy, shame on you 😉


  3. Peach
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 12:02:00

    I gave Peach to myself when I was like 17 or somethng! I like the color & the fruit. I feel they represents me somehow, I don’t have a reason for that though .. maybe u can help me with it Ayya 😉

    As for my name, well I’ll just say it’s not Arabic, half of it is the name of a saint, the other half is a flower. When u abriviate it to a nick name u use the flower part. I am nieve, downright saintly sometime, I don’t get along much with Kuwaiti’s & am as soft hearted & as shy as a flower .. You tell me how u think it shaped me O wise one! 😉


  4. Peach
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 12:04:00

    PURG!!!! for shame!!
    How do u feel ur nick purgatory represents u? U mentioned something on my blog about it, be a sport & elaborate ;p


  5. Purgatory
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 14:42:00

    Peach, I already did in a post on my blog a couple of weeks back 😛


  6. DJ
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 16:24:00

    Interesting post and question. I can completely understand hating your name, and then later loving it. My given name is Dasie (Daisy just spelled wrong by my phonetically challenged father;-)) When I was young, I hated it because it was so different (Daisy was not a common name in the U.S. when I was growing up and I’ve actually never met another person who was given that name at birth.) However, as an adult I have grown to appreciate the uniqueness of my name, and like the fact that when someone calls out to me, I am the only one in a crowded room who will answer. 😉

    I was often called Daisy May, Daisy Duke, Dizzy, Diz, and Diz Biz by friends and schoolmates. D.J. by my mother and blog buddies. I have an aunt who nick named me Dede from birth and calls me nothing but. And…in my mid twenties I was dubbed “June Bug” (Bug for short) by one of my now ex-colleagues and good friend. June Bug being a play on my middle name – June.

    Dayle Kingston is my pen name and one I only have to recognize to in e-mails and correspondence concerning my writing and poetry.

    One of my favorite silly little nicknames was pinned on me by the guys in the warehouse where I used to work. A few of them called me “smiley” because they said everytime I came out of the office I was all smiles and hellos. I took that as a BIG compliment! 😀


  7. AyyA
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 19:07:00

    Well let’s see
    Peach; a combination of red, orange and yellow colors, very lively I’d say. Are you an active full of life person?
    Peach aroma used in essential oils for relaxing the mind in aromatherapy sessions, and knowing you by now, you do posses this ability, at least from what I see in your writings 😉
    And don’t call me wise one or I’d start to believe it myself LOL, just a wise hat 🙂

    It doesn’t hurt to mention that here as well, only for the ones who have missed it, although I doubt anyone did, mashalla 3alaik Mr. popular.

    Very interesting indeed, you sound like you have more nick names than I 🙂
    I think Daisy suits you, it sounds very tranquilizing and peaceful, and I sense that this is your personality since you can get along so well with your in-lows. I know you’d say they are nice people, but it takes two to tango. And smiley does suit you as well; I’ve always noticed your big, lively smile in your photos.


  8. Purgatory
    Mar 02, 2005 @ 19:59:00

    I am sure no one did, so they can check my archives


  9. SkimpilyIrresistible
    Mar 09, 2005 @ 11:39:00

    Is that one coat hanger or two?


  10. AyyA
    Mar 09, 2005 @ 12:56:00

    fuzziest navelus
    LOL, it’s one, go figure 🙂


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