To You

I’m waiting–for you
No anticipation?
Inspires my revelation
No missing?
You’re in proximity
No love?
But what is love?
No deal?
A comforting feel
No set dates?
Excites my wait
No bounds?
The zenith of bounds

Why wait?

You paint a rainbow
Amidst my typhoon
As stars in your shadow
Glitter my dreams.
You have your way
With an exquisite touch.
To keep in touch
With my undulating realms
You liberate the savage
Out of my cage
And to my delight
You yield it tame

Infatuation and lust?
Not enough to explain
That’s why it seems
I still wait–for you

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The Guest by: Thomas Love

What is it with a Name

” Be yourself, be natural. It is far easier
than pretending to be someone else”
Brahma Kumaris
I have had so many nick names that was given to me by others, some of which I can remember are;Ruby, Rubs, Rabooba, Imraba, 3asal, Baboog, , Blanca, Boobies, Booba and the latest was AyyA which means the goddess of wisdom ( I like that 🙂 ). This last name was given to me by a blogger buddy who was away for a while and has just got back in the blog-o-sphere, as Purgy termed it, and I’m celebrating his return, and since I’m into the 7HHEP these days It feels like the wise hat is more suitable for now LOL.
And although Rabab is my official name, it was not the name I was given when I was born, this name was given to me after my grandmother whose name was Rabab passed away when I was almost 7 years old. And I always hated that name as much as I hated myself for being a woman and not having as much rights as my brothers (the Freudian penis envy).
But as I grew older I started appreciating myself more as a woman and realizing how close the meaning of my real name is to my nature.
Rabab means white cloud; the type that gives you shade from the harsh sun, excites your eyes whenever you look at the shapes it creates in the sky, it also gives you this mellow, tranquilizing feeling every time it offers some droplets of rain; It’s all a matter of giving, and I find my happiness in giving, so my personality and my name have finally gotten to get mingled. And now I can say I love myself and I love my name.
Do you have other nick names you want to share? and what is the meaning of your nick name? and does it go with your personality?
White Cloud

Feathery rain is more my style
But after I summon the isle
Of the sky to warm your soul
And merge it with my body; your exile

Abundance yes, no doubt
This is what I’m all about
One stance with me and you’ll see
How long you lived your life in drought

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