What About Falling in Love

Thought of the day:
To live and to suffer -heaven, hell- that is what I want to feel” Julie de lespinasse

Why do we need it? Why can’t we do without it?
When we are young it is so easy to fall in love, we don’t know it, but it just happens. We’re not inclined to define it or explain it, it just develops spontaneously.
But as we grow older and certainly wiser, we become reluctant at any sign that might indicate it. Why is that? Experience?
Some of us may have never had that experience, but still too timid to try it.
Love entails a bundle of mischief that is ironically pleasurable at the same time. It transforms humans into gods; physical appearances change, attitudes change, the very look in the eyes change. And at the same time it incites desolation; false anticipation, wearisome patience, restless sleep, self consciousness and all the other contradicting emotions that make us grow ages in a single day.
When we are older and used to a certain life style it is hard for us to change that style. We are satisfied with our stability. And the older we get the more hesitant we become to change. Are we terrified of the obligations it demands? Can we bear thinking two instead of one? Do we have the patience to play the guessing game? Absolutely not, although we yearn at times for a gentle touch, a heartfelt hello, a thunderous heart beat, a pleasure in a long anticipated kiss, as well as all the other contradicting emotions.
Why is that? And why do we never seize looking for it, yet too bashful to endure it when it finally comes our way?

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“The Kiss” inspired by Klimt

A Dedication to Jelly Belly

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Though of the day:
The two great healers are God and Time

This post is dedicated to Jelly belly whose uncle just died in a car accident
allah yer7omah

The cherub is crying
She can’t hold her tearsHer uncles just died
Short of his years


The bunny is lonely
She’s desperately in need


For a shoulder to lean on
Or a merciful deed


My hands are too short
And my sight has limitations


But my soul I sent
To be your consolation


Jelly sweet bunny I’m here for you
Will you accept me?



3atham allah ajrich 7abeebti, it was his day and you never got to be close to each other, I guess this is one of god’s mercies. Ok you can cry a little to diffuse your sudden shock, and wash your soul. But take good care of yourself and remember that grieving alone is much harder; take it easy on yourself sweetheart.


Spiritual Reunion

Thank You

Thought of today:
Silence is one of the mysteries of loveKhaleel Gibran

It took me all by surprise, but I got my Valentine bouquet 😉
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This post is dedicated to all my readers
( I love you all, and bless your hearts)

Though of today:
love that opens our eyes and enslaves our hearts can give us the blessings of patience“Khaleel Gebran

An anecdote from the memory:
Two years back, during this time I was just separated from my X and was spending my recovery period in London with my cousin. On Valintine’s day I got invited through her friends to an Italian restaurant ( Mimo’s) for dinner, we were supposed to be a group of 15 Kuwaitis and Saudis. And since the weather was extremely cold (high -5 degrees) all the guests either chickened out or were down with a flew exept for me, a Kuwaiti guy and three other women. So we ended up four girls with one guy on a Valintine’s dinner table, while other tables were packed with couples, and love birds. At that time one of the girls as well as my cousin were singles, the fourth girl had just broken-up with her hubby, and we did not know anything about our male companion .
While we were having our drinks a messenger showed up with a bouquet of flowers to one of the girls with a very nice note from an annonimous. And since she was not expecting this, and was puzzeled for the fact that this annonymous knew her wherabouts, we girls started the guessing game.
Some time passed and another simmiler bouquet with the same note came for another girl on our table. Then again more flowers untill the four of us got our exact, same presents and exact same notes.
This was really freeky and we thought it must be someone in the restaurant who obviously knew us and was playing a game. But I noticed that the guy who was sitting at our table was smiling all the time without getting into our conversation.
That’s when I broke the conversation by asking him: is this some kind of a trick you’re pulling on us?
He laughed out load and straitened himself on his seat and started at us: Listen girls to my story;
Some years back I went to Boston to peruse my education. I met a sweet American girl and I knew that she was the right girl for me. And against my family wishes; I married the girl, while the family disowned me. It was not until my son was born which was few years back, that I was accepted by my family. Last year around this time, she had cancer and she passed away. If it wasn’t for my baby, I would’ve followed suit. This year I thought I would spend this day alone, hounted by her memory. And look at me now. I’m sarrounded by four beautiful women and envied by all the guys in the restauratnt. What more can I ask for? God has been good to me, and instead of getting one boquet to my beloved, to her dear memory; I got four to the ones that made my night not only bearable, but actually enjoyable.
We all drank to that. It was one of my best Valentine’s ever.

Ten roses to the ones for whom I’m in dept
Dedicated on this day of love

1-To my mother
For modeling how greatness stems off simplicity

2-To my dad
For molding me to stay young at heart

3-To my X
For teaching me the strength of patience

4-To my brother
For preaching me self worth

5-To my children
For imposing on me unconditional love.

6-To my friends
For physically defining the act of consistency.

7-To my brother-in-law
For demonstrating to me that brotherhood does not have to be blood related.

8-To my X-in-laws
For giving me the reasons to fight for my rights.

9-To my deceased grandmother
For reassuring me that death never did us part

10-And finally to my country
For giving me pride in belonging.

Have a wonderful Valentine everyone
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Know Yourself

Thought of today:
If I always hide from the truth, I must be enjoying the company of falsehood

Ten things I did not know about myself but had to learn from others:
1- I’m very friendly and sociable, yet not easy to reach.
2- I’m very simple, yet very complicated.
3- I could be as stubborn as a mule.
4- I live in a utopian world that only consists of me ( always spacey)
5- I am an extremist.
6- I love praise but can cope with criticism
7- I’m short ( don’t know if 5’4 is considered short)
8- I’m very tough when it comes to management ( Napoleon style)
9- At times I could be unfair.
10- I am beautiful.
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Dear cousin:

Thought of Today:

Do not allow anything to be an obstacle. See everything as a stepping stone to victory

He: ‘what’s your name little girl’

She:’ Latifa’

He:’ your mom says you are six years old, you look like a very beautiful young woman, you are much more mature for your age’

She:’3adooli my cousin also said that’

He:’ he did?’

She:’ aha’

He:’ you know that your mom and I are first cousins and we grew up together, we were always very good friends like you and 3adooli’

She:’ no 3adooli is big, like you, but he likes me and wants to make babies with me, but don’t tell mom, she will get angry’

He:’ and how does he want to make babies with you’

She: ‘he puts his 7amama here’

He: ‘where show me let me see’

She: ‘I can’t do that mom says 3aib, and she will beat me’

He: ‘did she beat you before’

She: ‘yes when I was a very young girl, and I showed it to Waleed; my brother. But I didn’t do it, he made me do it, mom hit me and she didn’t hit him’

He: ‘ then why did you show it to 3adooli?’

She: ‘he said mom will not know coz he won’t tell, and I love babies’

He: ‘if you show it to me I won’t tell as well, and I can make better babies than 3adooli, I’m bigger than him’

She: ‘no, mom will beat me, she pinches really hard’

He: ‘com’on let me see, … there.. how is that’

She: ‘I don’t know.. it’s ok… oh not like that.. oh that hurts.. hey.. let me go, you’re hurting me’

He (panting): ‘shoosh don’t scream, mom will hear you’

She (whispering):’ but you are hurting me not like 3adooli… oh… no.. oh no don’t do that…..’

He: ‘shoosh it’s ok, you know I love you and I won’t hurt you’

Meanwhile in the large sofas of the expansive living room the ladies sat chatting over tea and nuts when all of a sudden Rana said:’ where is my brother Ahmad? Did he leave?

The host replied while ushering the maid to clean the tables: ‘ no my dear he is enjoying his afternoon siesta in the Diwaniya.

He: ‘go wash up now and don’t make noise, so mom will not know, then go back to the living room with the others’

She (with tears blurring her vision):’ promise you won’t tell mom’

He: ‘I promise, go now’

The young girl came in and made herself comfortable on one of the sofa’s while the sophisticated ladies continued chatting and giggling, but no one noticed the young angle with a very mature sad eyes who had just joined their circle.

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A young Girl by: Carlo F. Smith

A Perfect Tulip

Thought of today:

To taste the sweetness of life, you must have the power to forget the past

On my last Valentine’s you gave me a perfect tulip

Why one?

It symbolized my uniqueness as you had paraded

I saved it between the sheets of the ” Best Love Poems” book.

I also saved a picture of you passionately kissing the tulip’s bulb,

In just few pages behind.

Do you remember the day I ran into you in the last party I attended?

Do you remember your shock when I entered the hotel foyer?

When you were lost for words to explain the tall blond model that was clinging to you?

Do you remember my yellow smile?

Anger and rage engulfed me, but I smiled

And later on, at the privacy of my night, I cried.

Don’t be surprised

Yes, I do cry at night.

I leafed my book to see you,

Or, shall I say, to feel my uniqueness

I wanted to see my superiority

I wanted to believe your lies

I opened my book the other day

And there you were, my Valentine;

Worn out, faded, with a fake shine

that seemed ages behind

The tulip had dried, but didn’t wither

The new color added rays from the sun

the only thing you didn’t lie about;

the tulip can proudly withstand time.

Now I know how unique I am.

To all who are Celebrating Valintine’s day alone I dedicate this:

Since you don’t have a Valentine
and I have long lost mine
Come dear let’s drink to that
a chalice of red wine

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A Lone Tulip by: Joy C Fender

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