“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey

“The supreme teaching that changed the course of humanity were the ideas of a man whose genius separated him from his environment” Khaleel Gibran

Some years back, when I was directing the Computer Information Department (CID) in the Ministry where I worked, I was facing a lot of problems with my employees who added up to sixty at the time. The problems were mostly associated with jealousy between the employees dealing with the unjust rewarding and punishment system, and my own handicap for trying to get the most in a very primitive atmosphere with lots of obligation and very little authority. Teamwork was the backbone of our production, but unfortunately, we were all lost in the trivial of everyday routine.
That was when I decided to build the individual (including myself) for the benefit of the whole. But how could I do that? With local market seminars and courses being highly commercialized with no real substance. Other international worthwhile courses cost a bundle that only a few elite could attend. I needed more. I needed something for the lowest rank/education as well as for the highest. So I remembered how this book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” boosted my morals and got me back on track every time I faced a problem making a decision in my life. That was when I decided to act on my own.
I organized two classes for my employees, divided them in two patches according to the level of their education and started lecturing the habits presenting the author’s principles through my own perception and applicable to our work environment.
Two weeks for each course duration, two hours in the morning when the work load was relatively low, of which one hour was spent in presentation and another hour in exercises and discussions.
The results were amazing and the employees got to sympathize more with each other, my relationship and insight strengthened with my employees and this manifested itself in a better team work and as a result CID production increased.
The reports and the power point representation I have are relatively old and directed to a certain group in the work environment. I think this book is a treasure and the work that I have done as well as the lessons I learned through the daily interaction should not go to waste, I need to go back and revise each habit and post it, mostly for me, and in the process more people can benefit. This needs a lot of preparation and hard work, and it will be done in a series of posts. And they might not be presented one after another; I will definitely take a brake to post on other subjects in between. The intention is not to analyze the book as a lecture in a classroom, more like touching base with each habit, defining it and trying to figure out how it can best be utilized and minimizing as much as possible technical terms and terminologies used.
For the readers who have not read the book as well as the ones who have done that long back, I advise you to read along if you are interested and hope to see your intellectual responses which can be a benefit to all.
To the ones that have no time to read the book, your participation, no matter how small you think it seems, is very important in rising serious issues that many of us might have not thought about.
The west has translated our knowledge and applied it as the basis to the technology boom of today, why not use theirs today to better our lives and make it more productive, if not collectively, at least through building “the self”. I’m not implying that by our humble efforts we are reaching the moon, nevertheless each individual can make a difference.
Be the one who makes a difference.

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“Nothing great is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or fig. if you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time.Let it first blossom, then bare fruit, then ripen”


Whooshing surf on the beach
Intruded my sleepy ear
My mate mumbled: “tide is high,
It’s time to go sailing dear”


Up we jumped in bathing suits,
And ran to the small boat at the pier
Then released “what a yacht we called”
Starting it on high gear


Waters enjoyed their bath
Foaming there, bubbling here,
And dabbing their glittering sequence
To the sunny atmosphere


Imagining myself on Titanic;
I stood up and yelled a cheer
While the vessel cut through waves
As if an eloquent shooting spear


But moving objects all around us
Suddenly fretted the sea
And a jet skier’s waving hand


Defied waves opened jaws
And drastically hurried near
Up an’ down, and all of a sudden,
The roller coaster acted queer


Down I ducked with an anguish
That by now started to sear
And grabbed onto the shoulder,
With eyes mortified with fear


Above all that, the engine died
An’ added more suspense
Hurriedly we fetched the oars
And rowed with no experience


Sheaving against the current
Exhausted our energies
So we hitchhiked a ferry
To move our boat in synergy


When we finally pulled to the shore
I almost shed a tear
And flew to the safety of my bed
And pheeeew … the relaxing atmosphere


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Kaplua Sailing Boat