What About Falling in Love

Thought of the day:
To live and to suffer -heaven, hell- that is what I want to feel” Julie de lespinasse

Why do we need it? Why can’t we do without it?
When we are young it is so easy to fall in love, we don’t know it, but it just happens. We’re not inclined to define it or explain it, it just develops spontaneously.
But as we grow older and certainly wiser, we become reluctant at any sign that might indicate it. Why is that? Experience?
Some of us may have never had that experience, but still too timid to try it.
Love entails a bundle of mischief that is ironically pleasurable at the same time. It transforms humans into gods; physical appearances change, attitudes change, the very look in the eyes change. And at the same time it incites desolation; false anticipation, wearisome patience, restless sleep, self consciousness and all the other contradicting emotions that make us grow ages in a single day.
When we are older and used to a certain life style it is hard for us to change that style. We are satisfied with our stability. And the older we get the more hesitant we become to change. Are we terrified of the obligations it demands? Can we bear thinking two instead of one? Do we have the patience to play the guessing game? Absolutely not, although we yearn at times for a gentle touch, a heartfelt hello, a thunderous heart beat, a pleasure in a long anticipated kiss, as well as all the other contradicting emotions.
Why is that? And why do we never seize looking for it, yet too bashful to endure it when it finally comes our way?

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“The Kiss” inspired by Klimt