A Dedication to Jelly Belly

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Though of the day:
The two great healers are God and Time

This post is dedicated to Jelly belly whose uncle just died in a car accident
allah yer7omah

The cherub is crying
She can’t hold her tearsHer uncles just died
Short of his years


The bunny is lonely
She’s desperately in need


For a shoulder to lean on
Or a merciful deed


My hands are too short
And my sight has limitations


But my soul I sent
To be your consolation


Jelly sweet bunny I’m here for you
Will you accept me?



3atham allah ajrich 7abeebti, it was his day and you never got to be close to each other, I guess this is one of god’s mercies. Ok you can cry a little to diffuse your sudden shock, and wash your soul. But take good care of yourself and remember that grieving alone is much harder; take it easy on yourself sweetheart.


Spiritual Reunion