This post is dedicated to all my readers
( I love you all, and bless your hearts)

Though of today:
love that opens our eyes and enslaves our hearts can give us the blessings of patience“Khaleel Gebran

An anecdote from the memory:
Two years back, during this time I was just separated from my X and was spending my recovery period in London with my cousin. On Valintine’s day I got invited through her friends to an Italian restaurant ( Mimo’s) for dinner, we were supposed to be a group of 15 Kuwaitis and Saudis. And since the weather was extremely cold (high -5 degrees) all the guests either chickened out or were down with a flew exept for me, a Kuwaiti guy and three other women. So we ended up four girls with one guy on a Valintine’s dinner table, while other tables were packed with couples, and love birds. At that time one of the girls as well as my cousin were singles, the fourth girl had just broken-up with her hubby, and we did not know anything about our male companion .
While we were having our drinks a messenger showed up with a bouquet of flowers to one of the girls with a very nice note from an annonimous. And since she was not expecting this, and was puzzeled for the fact that this annonymous knew her wherabouts, we girls started the guessing game.
Some time passed and another simmiler bouquet with the same note came for another girl on our table. Then again more flowers untill the four of us got our exact, same presents and exact same notes.
This was really freeky and we thought it must be someone in the restaurant who obviously knew us and was playing a game. But I noticed that the guy who was sitting at our table was smiling all the time without getting into our conversation.
That’s when I broke the conversation by asking him: is this some kind of a trick you’re pulling on us?
He laughed out load and straitened himself on his seat and started at us: Listen girls to my story;
Some years back I went to Boston to peruse my education. I met a sweet American girl and I knew that she was the right girl for me. And against my family wishes; I married the girl, while the family disowned me. It was not until my son was born which was few years back, that I was accepted by my family. Last year around this time, she had cancer and she passed away. If it wasn’t for my baby, I would’ve followed suit. This year I thought I would spend this day alone, hounted by her memory. And look at me now. I’m sarrounded by four beautiful women and envied by all the guys in the restauratnt. What more can I ask for? God has been good to me, and instead of getting one boquet to my beloved, to her dear memory; I got four to the ones that made my night not only bearable, but actually enjoyable.
We all drank to that. It was one of my best Valentine’s ever.

Ten roses to the ones for whom I’m in dept
Dedicated on this day of love

1-To my mother
For modeling how greatness stems off simplicity

2-To my dad
For molding me to stay young at heart

3-To my X
For teaching me the strength of patience

4-To my brother
For preaching me self worth

5-To my children
For imposing on me unconditional love.

6-To my friends
For physically defining the act of consistency.

7-To my brother-in-law
For demonstrating to me that brotherhood does not have to be blood related.

8-To my X-in-laws
For giving me the reasons to fight for my rights.

9-To my deceased grandmother
For reassuring me that death never did us part

10-And finally to my country
For giving me pride in belonging.

Have a wonderful Valentine everyone
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27 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. مبتدئ
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 01:05:00

    Oo yaya Rabab

    That friend of urs really has a story to tell.. Bless his soul and yours

    You didnt dedicate us (Mutabe3eenich) any flowers, but your beautiful post itself can be considered a dedication.




  2. AyyA
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 01:16:00

    Yes you are right mobtada this post is dedicated to you and I’m going to post that right now 🙂
    Thanks sweetie


  3. minime
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 01:32:00

    Rabab dear,
    sitech 9ayer wayed awkward tonight 😦
    sorry :-/
    but in case it does get through:
    happy Val day dear & roses & chocolates all over you for the rest of your natural life in shallah


  4. Jelly Belly
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 01:39:00

    wow, Rabab that was a great story…he was such a gentelman and what he did was just classy and beautiful…

    I wish you a very happy valentines day…you can be single and enjoy this day with everyone you love…so to all of you singles out there cheers 😉

    I love you too Rabab :*


  5. Gigi
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 02:08:00

    Wow, First theDon and now this guy?
    My faith in Kuwaiti men has been renewed 😀 (but, I must say, I especially love it when men are devoted to their wives. Because they have witnessed her at her best as well as at her worst, and yet maintain their feelings for them regardless. And when these feelings remains even until after her death… well, that is something special.

    Nice story Rabab. Thanks for sharing.

    Gigi, sleepily


  6. Shurouq
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 03:36:00

    Happy Valentine’s to you 🙂


  7. Eva
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 04:08:00

    Wow :/
    7addi got speechless 3al qe9a , 7Bait eLGuy ! , enshalah he is having a nice valentine , yestahal elbest wallah

    and you too , Wish you a lovely day , a cozy eve

    and thanks for sharin it with us


  8. Preternatural_aL
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 07:12:00

    that was real sweet of him,,, so did u gurls do nything for him then???


  9. AyyA
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 09:35:00

    Ah.. Finally my comment section opened
    Thank you sweetie for your roses and KitKats, inshalla kill ayamic Valentine 🙂
    Jelly Belly
    Yes dear, he is a classy gentleman by all means, and the way he surprised us was really cleaver coz non of us noticed it when he made the phone call for the flowers to be delivered.
    And I know that you do sweetie, coz a heart like yours can only be filled with love. Happy V-day wi alla yewafqich inshalla
    I know what you mean, like the Don, some Kuwaiti men can be extremely romantic and classy. It was really shocking for us to hear his story, made our agonies seem trivial in comparison to his. It broke my heart seeing the twinkle in his eyes when he was talking about his deceased wife. I wish him the best and I hope that someday he’ll come across someone that would deserve his big heart.

    Thank you sweetie, same to you, wi inshalla by next year you’d be celebrating your V-day with a true loving Valentine.
    We all fell in love with him cozy, and don’t know about him now, I hope he is happy. He really deserves the best. Wi inshalla soon inshoofich 3aroosa ya 7elwa

    Actually no we didn’t, not only that; I did not even write to him after that evening, I know, that was not nice of me, but my cousin did and she thanked him on my behalf. She kept the correspondences with him and he still sends his hello and I do the same through her. He took us later to other places where we stayed together all night till the early hours of the morning and none of us ever mentioned anything about his wife. We just made sure that we enjoyed our being together.


  10. Jewaira
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 10:01:00

    From your Secret & Not-So-Secret Admirers, Jewaira delivers to you:
    A magical cyberbox containing your dreams & wishes and other niceties, like the sound of the waves, and the smell of spring, and stars on a clear cold night.
    Have a lovely day, everyday 🙂


  11. AyyA
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 10:18:00

    Who else could do that but my lovely sweet Jewaira, you filled my senses with your wishes that came through the ether as I opened my machine. I pray that today you’ll find a lovely surprise from your loved ones waiting for you and hope that all your days are V-days.


  12. DJ
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 12:32:00

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Rabab! Thanks for sharing your story. The romance that that man brought into all your lives that night is astounding. What a wonderful thing!


  13. Beatnik
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 13:56:00

    I was definitly not wrong about you. your faith your soul I love. Am getting what I deserve for now for valentines lol and well you will too soon. don;t be too thageeeeela. thik about it ok but look at your hearts desire and how intense the moment would be if you follow through what your heart tells you. levae the mind till after this day. love ya


  14. AyyA
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 16:33:00

    Happy Valentine’s day sweetie and may all your days be happy and full of love. Yes, our Valentine dinner was not a usual one, five lonely souls that found consolation in each other brought together by fate, as if it was meant to be that way.

    Yal fethee7a intay, LOL, no seriously, it’s not the matter of thugel, it’s pride my dear. Wi akh min el pride. You go enjoy your Valentine’s Day and make the best of it ;). Dayem inshalla


  15. Purgatory
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 17:29:00

    I demand a rose only for me, do not want to share with others *leo roar*


  16. AyyA
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 19:18:00

    Purgy darling
    Here is a rose especially for you, now what do I get? 🙂


  17. Peach
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 20:11:00

    oh god I’m in love again again! lol I gotta be carefull with that! I hear too much stuff about great guys out there, I fall in love 3 times a day!!

    I loved number 9 😉 allah yir7am ur grandma inshallah and a speacial sweet loveing warm gentle eventfull joyous Vday today and forever inshallah to you my dear 😉


  18. UzF
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 20:41:00

    such a heart-felt list, i loved it.
    have a lovely valentine’s and enjoy the week!


  19. Purgatory
    Feb 14, 2005 @ 21:06:00

    how sweet 🙂 thanks lovely


  20. AyyA
    Feb 15, 2005 @ 12:45:00

    No 9; is also very special to me, you know I was raised by my grandmother and she used to sleep with me in my room, and whenever I had a nightmare I found her merciful hand shaking me to wake up with a soft voice praying few verses. Now after she had passed away she still does that, but only when I wake up I realize that it was only a dream.
    You are really deep dude, I mean no one else (except Peach) have noticed how meaningful each one of the list was to me except you. Well may be they did but did not mention it. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I have spent more time writing the list than writing the story. And truly, I have this feeling that you are a very romantic, rational man that any girl would dream to be with. Alla yewafqik inshalla,

    Sure sweetie, anytime.


  21. Patricia
    Feb 15, 2005 @ 14:52:00

    Hehehehe…Happy valentine’s day to you too my sweet girl 😉 Sorry I sposed to read your blog yesterday but I couldn’t dear.
    What a Guy you had you girls 🙂 & what a story….Hard to find a guy like that this days to respect you all and to give you all flowers what a romantic guy he is 😉

    Sweetie enjoy your life and be happy bcs you deserve to be.

    Miss you a lot…oxoxox


  22. AyyA
    Feb 15, 2005 @ 16:56:00

    Pat dear
    Glad you dropped by, knowing how busy you are, I wish you had a great Valentine no matter what are the circumstances. Inshalla next year we celebrate it together, I do miss you too babe


  23. Jacqui
    Feb 16, 2005 @ 00:36:00

    It’s very very very sweet.. I mean it’s almost magical :/


  24. UzF
    Feb 16, 2005 @ 00:46:00

    !and u got me blushing now :$


  25. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Feb 17, 2005 @ 00:24:00

    Okay I know I’m late (as usual) but Happy Valentine’s Day Rabab!


    Feb 24, 2005 @ 14:45:00

    Always explicitly expect the implicitly unexpected from men!

    Without women, love would never enduringly exist. Without men, love would never superficially persist.


  27. AyyA
    Feb 27, 2005 @ 01:37:00

    Nice philosophy, I like it 🙂


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