This post is dedicated to all my readers
( I love you all, and bless your hearts)

Though of today:
love that opens our eyes and enslaves our hearts can give us the blessings of patience“Khaleel Gebran

An anecdote from the memory:
Two years back, during this time I was just separated from my X and was spending my recovery period in London with my cousin. On Valintine’s day I got invited through her friends to an Italian restaurant ( Mimo’s) for dinner, we were supposed to be a group of 15 Kuwaitis and Saudis. And since the weather was extremely cold (high -5 degrees) all the guests either chickened out or were down with a flew exept for me, a Kuwaiti guy and three other women. So we ended up four girls with one guy on a Valintine’s dinner table, while other tables were packed with couples, and love birds. At that time one of the girls as well as my cousin were singles, the fourth girl had just broken-up with her hubby, and we did not know anything about our male companion .
While we were having our drinks a messenger showed up with a bouquet of flowers to one of the girls with a very nice note from an annonimous. And since she was not expecting this, and was puzzeled for the fact that this annonymous knew her wherabouts, we girls started the guessing game.
Some time passed and another simmiler bouquet with the same note came for another girl on our table. Then again more flowers untill the four of us got our exact, same presents and exact same notes.
This was really freeky and we thought it must be someone in the restaurant who obviously knew us and was playing a game. But I noticed that the guy who was sitting at our table was smiling all the time without getting into our conversation.
That’s when I broke the conversation by asking him: is this some kind of a trick you’re pulling on us?
He laughed out load and straitened himself on his seat and started at us: Listen girls to my story;
Some years back I went to Boston to peruse my education. I met a sweet American girl and I knew that she was the right girl for me. And against my family wishes; I married the girl, while the family disowned me. It was not until my son was born which was few years back, that I was accepted by my family. Last year around this time, she had cancer and she passed away. If it wasn’t for my baby, I would’ve followed suit. This year I thought I would spend this day alone, hounted by her memory. And look at me now. I’m sarrounded by four beautiful women and envied by all the guys in the restauratnt. What more can I ask for? God has been good to me, and instead of getting one boquet to my beloved, to her dear memory; I got four to the ones that made my night not only bearable, but actually enjoyable.
We all drank to that. It was one of my best Valentine’s ever.

Ten roses to the ones for whom I’m in dept
Dedicated on this day of love

1-To my mother
For modeling how greatness stems off simplicity

2-To my dad
For molding me to stay young at heart

3-To my X
For teaching me the strength of patience

4-To my brother
For preaching me self worth

5-To my children
For imposing on me unconditional love.

6-To my friends
For physically defining the act of consistency.

7-To my brother-in-law
For demonstrating to me that brotherhood does not have to be blood related.

8-To my X-in-laws
For giving me the reasons to fight for my rights.

9-To my deceased grandmother
For reassuring me that death never did us part

10-And finally to my country
For giving me pride in belonging.

Have a wonderful Valentine everyone
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