A Perfect Tulip

Thought of today:

To taste the sweetness of life, you must have the power to forget the past

On my last Valentine’s you gave me a perfect tulip

Why one?

It symbolized my uniqueness as you had paraded

I saved it between the sheets of the ” Best Love Poems” book.

I also saved a picture of you passionately kissing the tulip’s bulb,

In just few pages behind.

Do you remember the day I ran into you in the last party I attended?

Do you remember your shock when I entered the hotel foyer?

When you were lost for words to explain the tall blond model that was clinging to you?

Do you remember my yellow smile?

Anger and rage engulfed me, but I smiled

And later on, at the privacy of my night, I cried.

Don’t be surprised

Yes, I do cry at night.

I leafed my book to see you,

Or, shall I say, to feel my uniqueness

I wanted to see my superiority

I wanted to believe your lies

I opened my book the other day

And there you were, my Valentine;

Worn out, faded, with a fake shine

that seemed ages behind

The tulip had dried, but didn’t wither

The new color added rays from the sun

the only thing you didn’t lie about;

the tulip can proudly withstand time.

Now I know how unique I am.

To all who are Celebrating Valintine’s day alone I dedicate this:

Since you don’t have a Valentine
and I have long lost mine
Come dear let’s drink to that
a chalice of red wine

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A Lone Tulip by: Joy C Fender