Inside the Dragon’s Den

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A mouse found one single grain of salt and felt himself to be a grocer

One of my poet buddies sent me this poem to review. He said that he wrote this poem in a few seconds. I do believe him. The verses seem so easily flown; it portrayed nature in the raw. And I’m sure if he had given himself time for more revision, he would’ve ended up with a completely different poem, which would not reveal half as much truth as displayed in this one.

And I was wondering how men would react to it. And what other women thought about it. That’s why I asked his permission to post it on my blog.

Men; don’t miss it. I’m sure you can all relate 😉

Women; LOL

I’m a stud

Men should just laugh

when life don’t seem fair

How we master the “comb over”

when we’re losing our hair

But sometimes we’re lazy

so we just wear a hat

And we say we’re just healthy

when the fact is we’re fat

We think we’re athletic

But we’re no “Willie Mays”

When backyard football

leaves us sore for three days

All men are cocky

but we shouldn’t be proud

And think we are “porn stars”

when we’re not well endowed!

All women want us

at least in our mind

If we saw things more twisted

we’d be “legally” blind

See life has it’s “humor”

if we do more than glance

So I’m thankful each day

…to be given the chance

copyright: dale coffman

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“The Dragon’s Den” by James cambell