The Night Before

Thought of the day:

A smile can make short work of any difficulty

He demanded to see her for he was leaving to spend his summer vacation with his family; and by the time he returns she will be gone on hers. This means that it would be a month and a half away without seeing each other. She went to see him the night before he left, and what a bittersweet night it was.

He opened for her his door, pulled her to himself and kissed her like he’d never see her again. This may be his last night with her, he might never see her again knowing that there is no hope in their relationship.

He greeted her in, fixed her drink, and played the chill out music. He then dropped beside her on the couch and started chatting with her. Not actually chatting, more like asking her short questions. By the time she answered each question; he slipped his fingers through her long hair, touched her eyes, and impinged the warmth of her lips to receive a sensual kiss that stimulated lust through his fingertips. He actually was not listening to her. His mind was beyond his vision. His mind was appreciating her beauty, and the funny way she was struggling to update him, instantly. However, there was sadness in his eyes. With her vision she could see what he was hiding behind his big smile. She knew she would terribly miss him since she even misses him when he is around. She is still overwhelmed by his passion, but she will leave the tragic scene for now. She wanted every minute of tonight to be happy and memorable.

The gentle slipping of his fingers under her soft T-shirt lowered the volume of her voice to a sensuous desire. She took him in and the room shook with the aroma and the sound of love.

While in the bathroom, scrubbing off her pleasures, he joined her, took the sponge from her hand and tossed it away. And with his bare hands he lathered her skin and whispered in her ears “what smooth skin you have, and what a golden color. I can never get enough of you”. Then again, love aroma mixed with the shower gel insinuated their senses and orchestrated the orgasmic sound which was magnified by the enclosed bathroom.

Only a few hours and she should be heading to her office while he’d be boarding the plane. Her mind insisted on staying awake and devouring every minute, and her eyelids would not give in. The chores of her day have taken its toll on her and she kept dosing, while her mind alerted her to the preciousness of the few remaining moments. Every time she opened her eyes, he was watching her with a sad smile. He could not go to sleep.

By the door, they kissed and hugged as he whispered in her hair” promise me that you will never leave me no matter what happens”. With a heavy heart and detained tears she answered: “I do”. she then ran to her car, drove full speed and washed her soul with her sorrow.

Time seemed to have slowed to almost a stand, the ” Sharm Elshaikh” trip she was so much looking forward to, seemed like a burden. Two weeks passed without a word. She entered his number in her mobile so many times, but never pushed the “call” button; she knew this act was strictly forbidden when he was with family. Another week passed with a total withdrawal in the company of her constantly whining sister on the shores of “Sharm Elshaikh”. And still no calls from him. By the third week, the situation became so intense that a serious fight started between the two sisters. The younger sister thought of herself as a neat and elite kind of a person that would only be in the company of the people that matched her rank. She spent most of her time complaining about her Egyptian friends. She did not have the heart for that; her chaotic mind was somewhere else. It was fixed on the mobile, envisioning him popping out of the screen and kissing her in the same fashion he did the night they parted.

As soon as she heard the anticipated network beep in Kuwait Airport, she dialed his number but received no answer, she messaged him, but there was no reply. He should have been back a week ago. Why hadn’t he called. Why hadn’t he answered her calls? This was out of character for him. could something have happened to him? She was beginning to loose her mind. Another week passed with no news to calm her mind. She had to visit their mutual friend’s place on the weekend, she was sure she would see him there. With all the years that she had known him, she knew he never missed a visit to that friend on weekends. And although this friend had suspected that something was going on between them, he had never uttered a word, and was always a true friend to both of them.

And as the week came to an end, her adrenaline level started to leap to the peak. She stayed three hours at her friend’s, but he didn’t show up. Her friend had said that he had just seen him a couple of nights ago and that he seemed fine and happy. What went wrong? Why was her lover avoiding her?

With a heavy heart, she drove back to her home hardly seeing the streets ahead amidst the clouds that formed in her eyes. And as if in a dream; the strangled sound of the familiar tone coming from her bag jerked her off her seat and pumped blood to the highest nerve in her head. He had finally called.

She: “Hi, where are you, I missed you, I ke….”

He (with a croaked voice): “sorry sweetie, ahhhhhhhhh…..there has been some developments;…… I’m back with my ex-wife, but I want you to know this: I love, and I need you, I need you, I need you”

The End Posted by Hello

“The Love of Souls ” by Andrew Gonzalez

19 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Peach
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 00:14:00

    $%^^#%@&%%^ That just pisses me off :
    Nice second baby .. with a terrible ending 😉


  2. AyyA
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 01:52:00

    That’s life baby, not always sweet 😦
    Glad you liked it 🙂


  3. Flamingoliya
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 08:49:00

    malat 3aleeeh :/


  4. Beatnik
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 11:13:00

    Darling Rabab you are so Romantic, I have lost my sense of romance now for the past 4 years. a problem.
    BTW I got off my ass and posted 2 posts instead of only one. an acomplishment, please check it out.


  5. AyyA
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 13:31:00

    LOL, you really cracked me up Flam, you summed up your response in one natural reaction, I can almost see your face saying that.

    Well, to be honest with you, I’m the type of a person that can not live without romance, if not in reality, in my imagination. Back to the story, the message for men is: be honest in your relationships and stop fooling with women’s emotions. He knew that he was leaving her from that night, but left her with a hope. And except for that sad look in his eyes which he could not disguise and she misinterpreted as a sign of love and longing, there was no indication that he was leaving her. Not only that; even at the very last call, he is still playing the role. I have seen relationships collapse where men admit that the best way to ditch a woman is just ignore her, and I think this is very selfish.
    My message to women especially the vulnerable ones; don’t let love scenes deceive you, if your man ignores you, hell with him. Khaira eb malyoun wa7id gairah.


  6. nazzal
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 14:41:00

    Hi Ruby
    Thats what SHE told me once that , am in love with love ….
    Aaaand DUMP i go …. still i dont understand , coz 4 me
    SHE is love and love is SHE ….
    Years goes by and i do not get “khairha b ‘3airha” …….
    inlight me ?!!!

    Yet & after all

    “The show must go on!
    Inside my heart is breaking,
    My make-up may be flaking,
    But my smile, still, STAYS ON”


  7. AyyA
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 19:15:00

    There is a saying that goes like this: When one door closes, another opens, but we are so damn occupied by the closed door that we do not see the sunshine coming through the other. Yes dearest; the show must go on, with or without them, although it takes an unlimited, tedious, and frustrating time. I’m telling you this and believe me I’m worse than any one in applying this :(. But I also believe that everything happens for a good reason, we just have to wait to know it. Without sorrows, we would not know joy. Without lost, we would not know appreciation. Without his pain, I wouldn’t have discovered my strength.
    You will never find you lost love again; I can almost assure you that. But if you give yourself a chance, you might find another. And although no one can replace the other, you still can find happiness in a different kind of experience. And hopefully one day you remember her with a big smile on your face. You just have to let fate take its course. And I have learned from my own experience not to ever take anything for granted, nothing stays the same.
    And btw, this message is not only for you, it’s also for me to remember.


  8. Jacqui
    Jan 29, 2005 @ 23:59:00

    😦 Why why why why why why why why

    Why do men have to be pigs.. Had I been in her situation I would’ve killed him right then and there.. what do you mean you got back with ur ex-wife and you love and need me! It can’t work that way!

    Aaaaaaaarghahsdfhasdkfhajsdfhlkajsdfhlkj :r I’m pissed :/


  9. AyyA
    Jan 30, 2005 @ 00:27:00

    LOL, little ducky
    May be I should have a sequel and call it “The Revenge”, and adapt your personality in the main role, with a theme like “hurt, that created a little devil in an angle” 🙂


  10. Jewaira
    Jan 30, 2005 @ 01:02:00

    Very wise words in your comments.
    The emotions in your storu are very real and reflect how hard it is to really stay away from a situation like that. Sometimes the woman knows that the man will never be hers, but goes on seeing him nonethelss hoping that one day he will be all hers. And it is so hard to control one’s emotions to see the reality of the situation.


  11. nazzal
    Jan 30, 2005 @ 06:40:00


    dont u fancy some bacon some times 🙂


  12. Jelly Belly
    Jan 30, 2005 @ 13:58:00

    Nice story, sad ending…it was a flash back to a story that happened to one of my friends. She had a relationship with a married man for years and he was so good that she never suspected a thing! ekh, these kind of men just make me sick!


  13. AyyA
    Jan 30, 2005 @ 19:32:00

    I wish I could apply wisdom to my personal life dear (sigh)
    Our emotions do play strange part in our lives. As you said; their always remain a shred of hope even in a hopeless relationships. If not for commitment, at least for consistency.

    Jelly Belly
    Glad you liked it bunny, this does present a real story with a little sugar and spice from me 🙂


  14. mosan mosan
    Jan 31, 2005 @ 15:43:00

    1st I love sex in the shower with lots of foam
    To all
    This happens to men too, when the women makes the man believe in love and fall in love with her and then leaves for a juicier pray….Leaving you delusional with life and love for years to come that if ever recover(Bitch)
    I hate it when one party in relationship has the upper hand, like you cant call when you want but they can. And if you call they don’t answer (this is zigan situation)
    I hate it when you know deep inside of you that the one you love will never be yours and you ignore that Red Flag for the sake of lust, yes my dear Rabab Lust.
    Anyway at the end I feel bad for her.


  15. AyyA
    Jan 31, 2005 @ 19:22:00

    Lust by itself is a natural animalistic instinct. Most men can do with it, most women can’t; they need more. And I think this is what makes them more human. But lust does not hurt, whereas, love does. That’s why these stories happen more often to women than men. The relationship had a lot of fallacies to start with, but the women choose to ignore them. And the man helped in building up her emotions with his mixed messages. Lust in this situation was confused with love.
    We all feel bad for her. But how can a woman avoid these situations? Close her heart and never trust a man? In some situations; it is very hard to differentiate between lust and love


  16. nazzal
    Jan 31, 2005 @ 20:19:00


    “this happens to men too ………..”

    ‘3asalt chabdi ya ba3ad chabdi chabdaaah :))


  17. mosan mosan
    Jan 31, 2005 @ 20:43:00

    Women are capable of doing the same things to men my dear rabab. Obviously youu did not read my reply carefully


  18. AyyA
    Jan 31, 2005 @ 21:00:00

    Mosan & Nazal
    LOL, ok I believe you


  19. Jewaira
    Feb 01, 2005 @ 05:31:00

    Very good points in all your comment. And certainly men can be put in the very same situation I know


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