Secret Lover

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today is the international day of SEXY n ATTRACTIVE people, so get a hang on it

After midnight, his special day would start; his birthday. The only gift he’d want is to see her and celebrate the small hours of his day with her in his arms. She won’t forget. After all he threw a party for hers a few months ago, surly she’d remember.

He went to Sultan Center and got all the groceries needed for the celebration, and went to his hair dresser and cut his hair just the way she likes it, tip-toed in his father’s wine cellar to smuggle the Italian brand she liked the most. Now he is ready.

He took his maid to prepare the apartment he got few months back two blocks away from hers. While arranging the candles and the tulips, his hazel eyes snatches a glance at his mobile, but nothing from her; no missed calls and no massages. Well it’s two hours early, she must be with family, and knowing how much she likes surprises, he’s sure that she will call at the strike of the midnight and he will surprise her. He stretched on the couch that still held her aroma from the last time he made love to her and started drinking to her health and listening to her favorite music. With the last chime of the twelfth hour he fixed his gaze on the screen of his mobile; but nothing, the mobile was practically mute.

As another half an hour passed, he started recalling their last separation. It was his fault, he is the one who ditched her, but she didn’t leave any chance for a rebound; she left with another. Could something have happened this time as well? Did he aggravate her by reminding her every time they meet? He knew she loved him, but how could he trust her. Or does she really love him? Then how come she’d never mention anything every time she catches him off guard with another woman? How come she’s never jealous? There is only one explanation to this, she has another secret lover.

Now its two hours after midnight and the first wine bottle is empty, he has to know, he has to sneak into her place, and he can’t stand it any longer. Off he runs to his car, and calls her.

The familiar, heart wrenching “baby boy” ringer deafens the hush of the night. And between the layers of the bed sheet she stretches a hand to pick up her mobile, her other palm awakens the puffed face from a deep sleep.

She: “hi, what time is it”

He: “time for celebration baby”… she doesn’t even remember

She: “why what’s going on”… he must have missed me

He: “never mind, where are you” … I will beat the shit out of both of them

She:” home, where else at this hour?”… what in the hell is wrong with him, he must be drunk.

He:” what are you doing”… She must be in bed with him; I know that orgasmic voice so well.

She:” I was asleep, you woke me up “…can’t he tell from my voice?

He:” who is with you?”… I shouldn’t have said that now she’ll sneak him out

She: “in bed? No one” good god, he is awfully drunk.

He:” do I have to remind you that today is my birthday” I’ll stall her for more time until I finish parking my car.

She: “the day has not started yet”… shit I have totally forgotten

He (shouting) “it’s two fifteen AM, the day has started and I wanted to celebrate with you the fucking first hours”… now I’m in a close proximity, if he sneaks out, I’ll surly catch him.

She:” sorry babe you didn’t tell me, I didn’t know”…god I love him, how could I forget

He: “open the door for me I’m outside”… now there will be no chance for him to run away

She: “what? Oh… ok” … I’m in deep shit, I know he is mad, I know he’ll never forgive me

As she opens the door, he sees those eyes full of him, he picks her off the ground, carries her to bed, tears off her pajamas, and savagely makes love to her.

Not a word said.

He (panting): don’t ever leave me.

She (panting): how could I?

The End

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“Aeterna Saltatus” by Andrew Gonzalez


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jelly Belly
    Jan 26, 2005 @ 18:17:00

    Rabab: what a story…the funny thing is I never forget birthdays but it happened to me once I forgot my EX birthday and man he was such a baby about it…I thought only girls did that…hahahahhaha…
    great story honey :*


  2. Purgatory
    Jan 26, 2005 @ 20:04:00

    I have seen this before and I told you what I think, hence I will not say it again 😛


  3. DJ
    Jan 26, 2005 @ 20:45:00

    Still love it. 😉


  4. AyyA
    Jan 27, 2005 @ 01:58:00

    Jelly Belly
    Thanx sweetie, I posted this on the cyber book club and it’s my first trial, the main thing I wanted to present in this short story is would love survive no matter what are the circumstances; her past that continues to hunt him, his whims and her silent hurt. Her damaged beauty with puffed up eyes and a plain pajamas, and I left that all open to you 😉

    I know you have, and you know what I said ;p

    DJ said…
    Another boosssssssssssssssssssssssster :*


  5. Jewaira
    Jan 27, 2005 @ 04:00:00

    I read this story before I left Kuwait on the Book Club site and I wanted to comment then. The one thing that struck me about this brooding man is his suspicion and jealousy. How possessive he is. I like the way you have gotten into his mind and have seen it from his perspective too. I like the way you follow his thoughts about her- it is very real and I can relate to it. Good job.
    The dialogue and the thought combination is excellent too. It gives you an added dimension.


  6. AyyA
    Jan 27, 2005 @ 11:17:00

    Dear Jewaira, my master minder
    I tried here to portray the mentalities associated with the upbringing of both genders in this society; a woman who has a past, her past is never forgotten, and a man who loves his woman and still fools around is never questioned. It is only natural for a male brought up with such beliefs to be as superior and possessive, and is also natural for a woman who is in love and wants to keep her relationship to be so passive, after all he ditched her before and she doesn’t want to loose him again.


  7. Peach
    Jan 27, 2005 @ 14:41:00

    Cute .. I just love happy endings 😉
    Typical of the male to be so suspicious, I think I would be mad because of that .. but she’s not me, so good for her hehe .. first try at story writing?


  8. AyyA
    Jan 28, 2005 @ 03:04:00

    Yes sweetie my very first baby, and I’m happy you liked it 🙂


  9. mosan mosan
    Jan 28, 2005 @ 10:15:00

    Rabab + jewaira +peach
    Too girly for me. The women are jus as guilty of making the man supisious of them.
    Where do find those paintings
    Jelly B
    Yes, we really can be babies abt things like that


  10. AyyA
    Jan 28, 2005 @ 15:45:00

    Mosano babe
    I get them by surfing the net through Google, or, art galleries. But this posted paint is for and artist who I really like and this is his address


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