A thought for today:

“The price of freedom is always responsibility”

Back in college, in one of my psychology courses, the subject study was “Rumor”. Our TA handed a piece of paper to the first student sitting in the first raw of a large classroom that was occupied by around 70 students.

He asked this student to silent-read what’s written on the paper, and then whisper clearly the content of the paper in the ears of the student sitting next to him, only he had to do it one time and no discussions were allowed. The next student was supposed to transfer this information to the other one next to him, and so on until the information reaches the last student in the class. The last student then would write the information down on a piece of paper and hand it to the TA.

Then the TA divided the board into two parts; he wrote the content of the original paper on one part, and the content of the second paper on the other part of the board.

This is what was written on the first part of the board:

One of the A-students in the class did very good in the previous test especially in the question that involved a personal experience.

And this is what was written on the other part:

One of the girls in the class had sex with the instructor.


What did these two sentences have in common that all related to?

1-A personal experience and sex.

2-Our last exam was in Sex Education, and not to mention that the teacher was awesomely handsome.


A rumor starts with the way we transfer the information, and the way the receiver’s mind understands this information.

None of us meant any harm.

So, next time you hear some news, don’t spread it, coz you might be spreading a rumor and you can never imagine how much harm you participate in doing unto others.


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