NLP " Neuro-Linguistic Programming"

A thought for today:

“To use punctuation marks on paper is easy, but can you put a full stop to waste thoughts?”

Today I started my NLP, five day’s course. And of course it is too soon to judge the course or the instructor, which is not my intention with this post.

In summary NLP started in the early 70’s, as a science that deals with mind power; why do some people excel in their lives while others don’t? And what makes these people special although their brains are physically identical to others? And the answer is; all these people have developed certain techniques that enable them to use and utilize their brain power.

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One subject that grabbed my attention today was how do we perceive and develop our emotions towards things, people, or situations that we like or dislike. And how can we change those feelings if we wanted to. For example: I love ice cream especially in the cold weather, but I know I should not have ice cream coz it is fattening, but I am conditioned to think of ice cream every time the weather gets colder, so how can I change this habit?

One of the exercises in the course I found very beneficial; it actually worked instantly for me, this is how it goes:

– close your eyes and draw an image of something, someone, or a situation which you really like, let’s say for the sake of argument an ice cream cone.

– Notice the size of this image, i.e. how big or how small is the image you see.

– Notice its closeness to you, i.e. is it too far, too close, or just somewhere in the middle, calculate that distant in your mind.

– Notice how clear or unclear that image is in your mind.

– notice the colors of that image, or notice if it is just black and white.

– notice the feeling you develop by keeping this image in your mind for a while.

It’s a nice feeling, sometimes overwhelming, right?


– close your eyes again and picture an image of something you really hate, let’s say for example chicken (which indecently I hate).

– and now notice this new image as you did with the ice cream cone; i.e. notice the size, closeness, clarity, and color.

Now you can see how the specifications of this new image and your associated feelings have changed from the previous one.

Now imagine that you have a remote control in your hand, and with this device you can change the specification of any picture in your mind as you do with TV.

Slowly, change the specifications of the ice cream cone to fit that of the chicken with your remote control.

Well did it work?

I tried this with many things today and guess what? It did not fail me once, not even once.

You can apply this to things, people, or any sad memories that you want to change your feelings toward. It is simply amazing.



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