Time to take a break

A thought for today:

“when jealousy rises it’s ugly head even the ones we love become our enemies”

Well I guess I can’t help it, it’ time for poetry, it’s in my blood I guess 🙂

Separation at Will


Pardon me love, I have to bar

These emotions can’t be reborn

For soon we would be afar

And lost on dilemma’s horn


Won’t be fair for you to tangle

Up in my web and hang your dream

Even though our urge to mingle

Is so strong not to deem


You’re to me a gentle blossom

Which needs it’s fair share to grow

I can hold you close to bosom

Then would have to let you go


Again I sit here alone and sore

By the beach listening to a song

Telling me “this affair is wrong”

Some drummers across the shore


But, how hard it is for me to halt

Feelings I have for you still

What magic have you, an’ what spell

To scoop me out of the lot?


Farewell; my tongue says farewell

Although my heart never will

I can take a horse to a fount

But he won’t drink at my will 

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Mother Earth Separation, blood, money

by Derek R. Audette