How Much does a Smile Cost

Thought of today:

If you miss an opportunity, do not cloud your eyes with tears. Keep your vision clear so that you will not miss the next one

Have you ever walked down a path and greeted a perfect stranger with a smile? If you did, then how did that feel? Personally; this always made my day, and I’m sure it did the same to the recipients of my greetings.

But why is it hard for most of us in this society to do that. Why do we always pass each other with a distant, arrogant, searching looks on our faces? I have noticed this specifically in Q8es more than any other nationalities I encountered. Expatriates also have adapted this from our society.

How much does it cost to offer a smile to a perfect stranger? To the laborer on site? to a wayfarer in a park? To a janitor on the street?

Now I’m not talking about the kind of smile that might indicate something and get you into trouble, I’m assuming that you can differentiate and tell who are the people that might harass you, and avoid them.

Are we Q8es cursed with arrogance?

Does this assure us more respect from others?


Are we all so busy, stressed with our chaotic life that this simple gesture became totally foreign to us?

Well in that case here is my recipe; take the pill and offer a smile:

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  1. mydream
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 17:29:00

    *Smiles* hi 😀


  2. Purgatory
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 17:30:00

    Where can I buy that? Oh can I get the drousy type?


  3. AyyA
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 17:31:00

    Smiles back at you 🙂 ahleeeeeeeeen


  4. AyyA
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 17:36:00

    You don’t have to buy that you can get it for free Purg, and they are all the drowsy types, and this is a smile from me, do I get one from you?


  5. Jelly Belly
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 17:45:00

    You know what Rabab it is sad that we don’t smile to complete strangers in Kuwait. After living in the States all these years I got into the habit of smiling to strangers in the streets and they always smile back at you or greet you. However, when you do that in Kuwait, they either take it the wrong way or just think of you as being weird. We are a society that needs to change, we need to learn how to smile more often and just smile for the simple gesture as you said no motives behind it. I do think that Kuwaitis are a bit arrogant. I felt it me more when I started meeting different people from different countries and almost all had that impression on us! I hate it when someone thinks e7ana yal alkuwaityeen shayfeen 3omerna…you know? I hope we try to change that image.


  6. Jelly Belly
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 17:49:00



  7. Purgatory
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 18:44:00

    hmm, how much will you pay for my smile Rabab?


  8. Jewaira
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 20:34:00

    Whe you smile, you appear confident and assured unlike what some people may think. And how wonderful to share an unexpected smile with a stranger; to be connected in that one moment.


  9. AyyA
    Dec 05, 2004 @ 22:09:00

    Jelly Belly
    You know JB, besides missing decorations in this time of the year; this is another thing I miss about the States. I actually didn’t know how to react when I first was greeted from a perfect stranger.
    I remember some years back, when I was heading one of the Departments in the Ministry I used to go around, check on my employees, and pat them on shoulder. My boss called me in his office and he asked me to have more prestige and stop doing that, this is Q8 he said. Well it’s the mentality sweetie; they think being nice is not prestigious. I don’t see it prestigious, I see it impolite, and yes you are right, this has to change, people like you and me should change that.
    Will happiness do?
    Yes dear, tell Purg that, it seems to me he is not convinced, and this is a smile to you 🙂


  10. shady q80
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 00:53:00

    Hello Rabab 🙂

    If you enjoyed this you will certainly enjoy Robbin Willians Live at Broadway (since FUKITOL is his creation)



  11. AyyA
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 01:17:00

    shady q80
    hey I didn’t know that! But it wouldn’t surprise me, I love Robin Williams


  12. PinkSuedeShoes
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 04:14:00

    Hello 🙂

    I love smiling, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂 Just like a really big bear hug 🙂


    PSS 🙂


  13. AyyA
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 08:55:00

    Ok pink then you do agree with me that a smile offered brings self satisfaction and self respect to us before anyone else, and then let us: me and you and all the others who agree with us change this image of arrogant Q8es, and start a trend. I know that we could not dry an ocean but we could start a ripple that would surly be noticed. Let’s pledge to do that from now on, who ever agrees with me let him/her say yay, and who doesn’t let him/her say nay or stay silent forever.
    Offer a greeting smile to a complete stranger regardless of his/her looks, nationality, age, and rank, respect ourselves by respecting others.
    Have a wonderful day and keep on smiling, it will only keep you younger 🙂


  14. DJ
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 12:08:00

    Rabab – great thought! I used to get the biggest high out of seeing how many people I could get to smile in turn just by meeting their eyes with a friendly smile on my face. It was a great culture shock when I moved to Holland where the general response of a perfect stranger was a look that seemed to say “What are you smiling at? I don’t know you.” People are friendly in Holland, but they are also plagued with arrogance and a strong sense of not wanting to be “noticed”, so their first reaction seems to be to not smile back and instead to wonder what you are up to. Living in Italy now, I’ve found that more people will smile and say good morning, even before I get the chance. It’s refreshing and a little taste of home. We American’s can, at times, be real asses – but generally speaking we love hospitality and friendly gestures.

    My son and I used to play a game when we were feeling moody or down. We would force huge, goofy smiles on our faces and keep them there – even in public, or driving in the car – we didn’t care how silly we looked because eventually those rediculous fake smiles turned to into the real deal as we started to feel them take hold!

    Smiles 🙂


  15. marumba
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 13:11:00

    ruby dear,,, here is my big YAY…:):):):):)

    … THOSE WHO SMILE ARE FREE LOVING N CONFIDENT SPIRITS.. needing nothing but love n harmony of all in all.. those who don’t are reclused spirits in dire confinements of insecurities..!!
    release the smile,,& unleash the wonder of ur profile:)


  16. marumba
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 14:16:00

    ,,, howz about the ” THE EEEEEEE PILL”
    ,,,but now,seriously folks,,, all we need to smile is a positive attitude about ur wellness n nothing else,, no pills no other substances,, yet i feel most people are way too comfortable in their own closed in safety zones,,, for the smilers out there,, KEEP ON SMILING FOLKS,, ITS BOUND TO BE CONTAGIOUS AND EFFECTIVELY SPREAD TO ALL OTHERS,, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE…:):):()


  17. AyyA
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 21:42:00

    Cheers to that buddy :):D


  18. AyyA
    Dec 06, 2004 @ 22:08:00

    Dear DJ
    When I first went to the state for my education, I was younger than your Kyle. And I was going to be all on my own. So my dad lectured me on many things before I left. One of the things he said to me: “you are going to a very strange place; it has its good and bad. Take the good and avoid the bad, and I trust you know the difference”
    Of course I was too young then to realize what he was talking about. But as the years passed me by, I realized what he was talking about; it’s the little differences that made all the difference. When I was in the States I felt home; between my own family. I had friends who took care of my baby daughter while I was busy in school, sometimes for weeks without pay. At Xmass time I had a hard time deciding where was I going to have my Xmass diner, coz I was invited to so many family homes, with gifts under their trees for me. When I graduated my parents came to the states and as I was leaving I took them with me to a friend’s house to say my last goodbye, that women was as old as my mom. My parents were astonished to see that lady sobbing for me and my baby. And as I write this my eyes are watering.
    All I want to say; rest assure sweetie, American people are the best I’ve ever known, politics and striving for power is dirty, be it in the States or anywhere.
    A big smile from Q8 to you my friend 😀


  19. Fatality
    Dec 07, 2004 @ 10:58:00

    1000 smiles to all.


  20. AyyA
    Dec 07, 2004 @ 12:47:00

    You surpassed us all with your 1000 smiles, I feel like I just had a 1000 yay, loved the caption on your profile, how come you don’t post : )


  21. Peach
    Dec 08, 2004 @ 02:06:00

    Here’s my big YAY for you Rabab 🙂
    I wish I could say more about the beauty of a smile. Sadly I’m a bit on the down side right now 🙂 sigh .. hey your right we do need to smile more .. I need to smile more 🙂
    Again I give u my full hearted, big YAY 🙂

    Smiles (^.^)


  22. Peach
    Dec 08, 2004 @ 02:10:00

    I’d sure like me one of them pills though lol


  23. AyyA
    Dec 15, 2004 @ 07:19:00

    Help youself Peach 🙂


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