I did not know how much I was addicted to blogging until I had this break. I purposely avoided all the internet café’s to get over this addiction, but I missed all my blogging buddies and honestly was a very hard task to do.

This is a note I wrote the first night I arrived in Lebanon:

It’s 4 am and I just got home, I arrived in Lebanon few hours back and felt sad, this quenching feeling you get in the stomach when you come back to something so familiar, yet not familiar anymore. All the half ruined buildings and high rising other buildings is not the place I treasured in memory. A lot has changed since I was last here (before the war). The beautiful, simple Bremana has changed to a tourist area with lots of bulky buildings, the forest (Elgaba), the one I used to wander in picking fruits from treed is no more there.

But that did not last for long; I soon got involved in the essence of Lebanon; it’s people.

I got in touch with a Lebanese friend who works in Q8 and was also in Lebanon for the time and we went out exploring all the goodies of the Beirutian nights. This also has changed; Lebanon is more westernized now.

Well, all in all, I did enjoy my stay and planning to pay another visit soon.

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  1. DJ
    Nov 23, 2004 @ 12:20:00

    Beautiful photo.
    Welcome back!


  2. Shurouq
    Nov 23, 2004 @ 15:56:00

    بيقولوا يقولوا.. وشو همي يقولوا
    شوية صخر وتلال

    I miss Liban
    Enjoy and post us more pics, please


  3. Q80-Chill Girl
    Nov 23, 2004 @ 16:42:00

    Good to hear from u :} I hope u have a good time there.


  4. AyyA
    Nov 23, 2004 @ 22:13:00

    Thanx DJ, Shurouq and Q80-Chill girl
    This photo is of Bremana, and the houses you see are mostly new. This used to be a beautiful forest. It is still nice, but a bit crowded.


  5. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Nov 24, 2004 @ 01:56:00

    Welcome Back Darling Rabab! You WERE missed! I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed your stay but I’m even happier that you came back to us safe and sound 7imdilla 3al salama 🙂

    Guess what! You’re just in time for a blog meeting I’ve organized. It’s going to take place on Friday November 26th. Oh and only females are allowed. I’ll e-mail you with the details later, hon.

    By the way, this past summer was the first time I’ve been to Lebanon since 1994 (or was it 1995?) anyways I went crazy over there. It’s all heights heights HEIGHTS! Also they don’t sell american or even british magazines (or books) only french and arabic. Where exactly did you go? Tell me 3ashan I know where to go next time 🙂


  6. AyyA
    Nov 24, 2004 @ 02:28:00

    Thanx 7ayati, I missed you too, and I am waiting for your update on the meeting, but why only females?
    About the books you can get good selection of English books in virgin and Antoine.


  7. rizzo
    Nov 24, 2004 @ 10:48:00

    I came back from Beirut few days back. It was my first visit after two years I am Lebanese. I myself had an amazing time over there and for me Lebanon also changed. Beirut for me brings out a lot of memories every mint I spend it there I fall in love with it more. Last but not least As much as I was having fun over there a small part of me wanted to come back to q8. 😛


  8. AyyA
    Nov 24, 2004 @ 11:40:00

    Thanx for the great time buddy. The first two days were really an experience for me, especially when I tripped over and had a bump on my head, heheheeeeeee, not to mention the black-out; Thanx god it did not last for long. We were like two little kids looking for adventure; walking in the rain, having early morning breakfast, and 1975 pub was the ultimate, where we felt the ugliness of war and destruction with the sound of the old Lebanese lyrics reminding us how much peace is precious.
    You lived a good part of your life in Q8 buddy, so it would not surprise me if you did feel a bit nostalgic, it’s the same feeling I have for Lebanon and Tennessee.


  9. Purgatory
    Nov 24, 2004 @ 19:30:00

    yeah but who did you miss most?


  10. AyyA
    Nov 25, 2004 @ 10:36:00

    I smell something fishy in your question Purg 😉


  11. marumba
    Nov 25, 2004 @ 14:09:00

    … two wars fascinated me most throughout the recent young history of man,,, vietnam & lebanon…!! yet beirut n its people remain standing in full joy n jest..:)
    i love strolling in its streets watching over its old shot up buildings,, touching the bullet holes n living the moments of its war scene,,, n then getting lost in time talking to its old people in their old delapitated ,time weathered shops.. selling old memories of what was once their livelyhood folk,,,, then later in the night.. to the extreme contrast..!!?? CLUBBING like ther is no tomorrow,, n indeed there was no tomorrow for three nights… missed hooking up w u in crystal element n b018….:)


  12. AyyA
    Nov 25, 2004 @ 14:56:00

    Me too Marumba, I hear amazing stories of war in Lebanon; one of which, friends and brothers go clubbing, dancing all night together, and when the siren sounds, each would carry his fighting gear and fight each other on the same night. Man this is unbelievable!
    And don’t press on the past better luck in future inshalla 🙂


  13. Peach
    Nov 25, 2004 @ 16:45:00

    Beautifull Rabab 🙂 I so miss ur posts. Romana looks so sweet! Too bad it’s too crowded it looks like a peaceful village. But I actually love the feeling u were having when u first got there .. bitter sweet nostalgia. (^.^) bitter sweet .. but still sweet 🙂
    Traveling always makes me feel bitter sweet. Sometimes I even feel bitter sweet just by dropping someone to the airport lol. Last Wednesday I dropped my dad off to the airport and I left crying .. not cuz my dad was traveling .. it’s just the airport trip .. I dunno it just does something to me 🙂
    Welcome bk Rabab 🙂


  14. AyyA
    Nov 25, 2004 @ 19:38:00

    Thanx sweetie as Marumba said; you are natural


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