The Quest for "TRUTH"

In my long search for “The Truth”, I have always stumbled over some issues. One big question mark always floated on the surface:

Was Islam ever just to women????

Now I’m not talking about all what we got through conventional schooling. Rather I’m questioning its validity .

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Painting by : Mustafa AlKatrany

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  1. UzF
    Nov 09, 2004 @ 20:05:00

    every time i start thinking about that issue it’s not long before i realize that islam ca’t be more just to women,….. but who trade religion these days, beardoes , they are the ones who can’t be more injust.


  2. AyyA
    Nov 09, 2004 @ 20:26:00

    Can you be more specific please away from those beardos? More into your realization of this fact?


  3. geo
    Nov 09, 2004 @ 21:11:00

    I think Islam was just to women till a certain point in history … I don’t exactly know when the situation started to deteriorate because they never taught us the real unbiased history of Islam, all they mentioned was Islam’s great victories over whomever, and the rest is kind of blacked out…

    I’m only guessing that when the Turks started taking over the Mid-east things started going from bad to worse… (that painting is so influenced by Turks)

    I always had this picture in my mind especially in social studies and religion classes, Muslims were always portrayed as pacifists and when they entered (invaded) a country the people of that country would give them the welcome of heroes and greet them with flowers and gifts. That’s how I perceived it from our school books; the truth may be different but like the saying goes “history is written by winners”


  4. UzF
    Nov 09, 2004 @ 21:53:00

    Urm from what i could catch from history lessons (when i was not about to fall into sleep, or gibbering with my mates!) I learned at the beginig of islam woman was always there, she supported the prophet financially and mentally. Went side by side with man even in war (or else prophet couldnt have asked advice from his wife in one of the landmark wars)..

    It started to go wrong at some point of history, as GEOrythm says, just as alot of things went wrong (think islamic sects, for examle)

    This issue is abit confusing for me, women in islam.. coz even though i embrace what i stated above, i still think sometimes about things like
    1- the 2:1 inheritance thing
    2- the hijab, if there’s any good in it then why is it exclusive for women, if it’s good then everybody should wear it- if not then whats the point of it?

    I dont kno, things seem quite complexe to me sometimes and thinking thru them make them even more complexe… this is why religion is a side of my golden triangle- (keep ur thoughts for yourself!)
    You might disagree with me regarding “hiding” from these issues, but discussing hese issue will most likely raise but more conflict within urself and with others..


  5. forzaq8
    Nov 09, 2004 @ 23:26:00

    well the 2:1 inheritance thing wan’t just there randomly

    the fact that woman didn’t even touch inheritance , and that the man SHOULD be spending on women is why its 2:1

    if there is only girls its another mater .

    the problem we are having is that islam didn’t say stuff out of the blue , every thing had a reason , most just try to ignore what reason its for

    you see people these days , take there share and leave their sisters Alone , even if they aren’t married
    which isn’t right , and its not what islam expect from you .

    a lot of stuff are in need of modernizing ( not in a radical way ) the problem is that in some part of islamic history , bam , they just stoped updating
    and enforced everyone not to , and thats why we get a bigger gap by the time


  6. AyyA
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 03:33:00

    Let me reiterate that phrase; history is man made

    I have to disagree with you on the point that you mentioned about thinking. When you think, you relate then you start searching, and through your search you reach a belief.
    But I agree on the other two points you mentioned and I still am puzzled.

    The reasoning for the 2:1 you mentioned is not credible enough; in this case you are assuming that man is the sole provider of the family. This is impossible to generally apply to our generation due to the rising demands of life expenses. It might have worked in the old days, but that raises another question: Islam (the complete and final religion) did not leave any matter without researching; Then how come no provision was made to matters of our lives today. And why should we need updates, updates are man made after all and the probability of its alignment is highly feasible. This also applies to 4:1 marriage equation.


  7. geo
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 07:27:00

    The 2:1 inheritance thing doesn’t apply to all Muslims


  8. marumba
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 12:47:00

    .. no religion was ever just to woman..:)
    as a matter of fact, man used religion to legislatively assert his prowess over woman,,
    all throughout time, man recognized the woman’s intrinsic prowess of birth (pro creation), her tolerance, and her silent emotional wisdom.. he felt invasively threatened, and therefore,promulgated his authority over her..HUNTER vs PREY conceptualization.?!
    to this date, this still applies.. man is the bread earner (ACTIVE/HUNTER) while the woman (PASSIVE/PREY)
    remains sheltered doing the menial house work..?!!
    women have always and will be opressed so long as mandoesn’t shed his old beliefs and paves the way for acceptance of woman as a far worthier equal partner..!!
    EQUALITY is inevitable to abrogate the infamy of imposed religious thoughts..!!!
    i for one even believe in the further superiority of woman’s making over that of man’s…it’s about time to let woman at the helm of authority,, with her intuitive compassion,, she is far more qualified to affect justice for all n certainly for the weaker male species.. and yeah i am a male by the way in case…:)


  9. Purgatory
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 13:15:00

    There you again with another topic that creates a stir. And as Always, I will not comment on it, because you seek trouble only from such posts 😛


  10. AyyA
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 13:38:00

    Thanx for your contribution friend, your words are so soothing like a breeze in July’s hot weather.

    My post does create a stir yes, but do you know why? Because no matter how strongly we are conditioned to form our beliefs, there always remains this naughty child inside “THE MIND” and notice I did not say the brain coz we can put the brain on a shelf if we decide to do so, but the mind is always alert.


  11. Purgatory
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 14:15:00

    Yeah and you are one of them very naughty kids rabab, need a big spanking


  12. Patricia
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 15:04:00

    Well, women and men have no equal rights and what I see is that men force their women by following Islamic rules.
    I think it’s against women because man has all the right and a woman has nothing.
    In one word that “it’s not fare”
    I’ve been for many years in an Islamic Country and I know what I am telling you that they are not respecting their religion they are doing and seeing what they want and think only.
    There are lots of things to say and discuss but I don’t thing we will end this subject ……


  13. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 15:06:00

    Darling Rabab I love your posts more and more because not only are they fun but they also urge us to actually think for a change 🙂

    I think that Islam has always been just to women provided that they follow the rules.

    Before Islam, women were treated worse than animals by pagan arabs. Female daughters were buried alive, and women were forced to dance naked around the vicinity of the Ka3ba during annual fairs. Basically, they were treated as mere chattels and objects of sexual pleasure possessing no rights or position whatsoever. The teachings of the the Quran were revolutionary and changed all that.

    Unlike other religions, which regarded women as being possessed of inherent sin and wickedness and men as being possessed of inherent virtue and nobility (y’know the whole Adam and Eve thing plus women sexy, men hot and bothred thing), Islam regards men and women as being of the same essence created from a single soul.

    The Shari3ah regards women as the spiritual and intellectual equals of men.

    Both genders are entitled to equality before the law and courts of law. Justice is genderless.

    In regard to their relationship to Allah (SWT) both men and women are promised the same reward for being good and same punishment for being bad.

    The main distinction it makes between them is in the physical realm based on the equitable principle of fair division of labor (but that’s all). It allots the more strenuous work to the man and makes him responsible for the maintenance of the family. It allots the work of managing the home and the upbringing and training of children to the woman, work which has the greatest importance in the task of building a healthy and prosperous society.

    “In Islam a woman is a completely independent personality. She can make any contract or bequest in her own name. She is entitled to inherit in her position as mother, as wife, as sister and as daughter. She has perfect liberty to choose her husband.”

    Nowhere does the Quran state that one gender is superior to the other.

    Uzf – 1) Generally, a Muslim woman is guaranteed support in all stages of her life, as a daughter, wife, mother, or sister. Greater financial security is assured for women. They are entitled to receive marital gifts, to keep present and future properties and income for their own security. No married woman is required to spend a penny from her property and income on the household. She is entitled to full financial support during marriage and during the waiting period (3iddah) in case of divorce. She is also entitled to child support.

    These additional advantages of women over men are somewhat balanced by the provisions of the inheritance which allow the male, in most cases, to inherit twice as much as the female. This means that the male inherits more but is responsible financially for other females: daughters, wives, mother, and sister, while the female (i.e., a wife) inherits less but can keep it all for investment and financial security without any legal obligation so spend any part of it even for her own sustenance (food, clothing, housing, medication, etc.).

    2) Men have short hair. Women have longer hair. Long hair is sexy. Sexy makes guys all hot and bothered. All hot and bothered is not good. Women cover long sexy hair so men don’t become all hot and bothered 😀


  14. Purgatory
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 15:16:00

    I disagree


  15. AyyA
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 15:55:00

    I agree to all what you said, Islam came at a time of chaos, and did indeed make a big revolution. But it did set rules, these rules should be applicable at anytime and anywhere. Are they applicable today? Can a man solely support the family? Would a woman sit cross handed counting her money, while her family is suffering financially? And if Islam is the last religion, and Mohammad is the last messenger, then again how come no rules were set for today? And I have to disagree with you about the hot male stuff, this is a myth that was created by man, I personally find the other sex very attractive and have the natural instinct toward them 🙂


  16. AyyA
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 16:05:00

    Yes pat this subject will not end, and that’s why I called it “a quest for truth”. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who is seeking the truth. And also sure that there are many who are eager to read along, even if they feel hesitant to participate in this debate


  17. Purgatory
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 18:51:00

    why focus on Islam, why not focus on religion as a concept? How can you point fingers to Islam alone while ignoring Judism and Christianty? Are you saying that those religions have better perceptions of women? I think if you really want to seek the truth, you should explore all religions instead of focusing on Islam.


  18. AyyA
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 19:27:00

    I was born a Muslim woman, therefore I’m subjected directly to all Islamic rules and regulations, whether I like them or no. I’m not comparing Islam to other religions; this is out of my concern.


  19. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 21:32:00

    Rabab 7abeebty these rules are still applicable even today. It all depends on the way people are interpreting the Quran. Look at Afghanistan, their interpretation of the Holy Quran is one of the main causes for them being a backwords third world country. Whereas Malaysia is also a muslim country but their interpretation of the Quran has lead them to be one of the future leading countries in technology among other things. The rules are set. It all depends on how people interpret these rules.

    As for what I said about boys being turned on by girls’ flowing locks, I said it jokingly but I meant every word of it. I’ll rephrase it so it’ll make better sense. A girls’ voice, hair, body, etc.. are all considered as “3owra” meaning a guy could get turned on by any one of these things. The 7ijab is supposed to cover up a girls’ hair to avoid men getting stiffies at inappropriate times. Yes it’s unfair to men and women but even the slightest thing can set guys off. It’s not a myth. It’s completely true with most guys, some more than others. I don’t doubt that you find the opposite sex more attractive (as do I) but even though you might like what you see, I’d doubt you’d get “turned on” by his hair no matter how orgasmic. Deep voices, and sexy sixpacks on the otherhand are a completely different matter.


  20. AyyA
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 23:03:00

    I can get turned on with one look, and completely off with a totally naked body. And this is a natural instinct in all women. So if a man covers himself all up, I will still find him attractive.


  21. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 23:38:00

    That’s why men and women are not supposed to even LOOK at each other. We’re supposed to avert our eyes and avoid eye contact but where’s the fun in that 😉


  22. Purgatory
    Nov 10, 2004 @ 23:38:00

    I still think the post is biased.


  23. Shurouq
    Nov 11, 2004 @ 02:37:00

    Is religion about justice or submission?

    I like your blog, Rabab.. It makes me go hmmm
    Always wondered why you have Munch’s ‘Madonna’ in green though!


  24. AyyA
    Nov 11, 2004 @ 03:30:00

    Excellent question , but it’s a waste to be in a comment. May be it’s a good idea to start that as a post on your blog. And welcome to my blog, glad you liked it 🙂
    And to answer your other question; Madonna symbolizes me as a woman, and I specifically changed the color to green also a symbol of what I strive to be. Green is my color; it symbolizes fertility which to me has many good qualities as unconditional love, life, rebirth, hope, abundance.
    And in case you are interested to know more; the ultimate” the blog name” is my adjective for love, and the call for it is in the caption. My profile caption describes that love to be unconditional.


  25. AyyA
    Nov 12, 2004 @ 13:49:00

    I think by now the question is still hanging. And I’m still not convinced that Islam is just to women. Islamic rules were applicable to a certain period of time, only to fix the social life at a certain period for a certain society, therefore it was good for that time, this will always be a misdoubt to the origin of my religion as a whole. These rules can’t be but man made to serve man. And I’m not blaming the beardos here, these rules are bold-fact verses of Q’ran (god’s words), god can’t be unjust. So that leads me to forked routes; one possibility is; Q’ran is not god’s holy words, the other possibility is: Q’ran has been miscoded and manipulated by man to serve man.


  26. Peach
    Nov 14, 2004 @ 09:34:00

    I’ve been thinking about this alot too and I think I’ve figured it out. The big catch of us beeing here on earth is the test right? Life on earth is a bridge to the eternal life, where u go is upto what u do in this test. from the quran man’s test is clear. women however don’t get talked to much rather they are talked about. and when they are talked to there talked to with men. Adam was created first, eve was created for him. there for what I think, is that the test of women is to know and accept that they were created for men. and that they should live by that. the greatest test i think is to accept it. I don’t know, I’m no beardo 🙂 but this is where logical thinking has led me.


  27. marumba
    Nov 17, 2004 @ 16:32:00

    rabab… both ur forked? routes are subjectively valid..:) all religious books of all religions are simply man made connotations serving explicit purposes?!

    rabab.. just got back from beirut..:) sorry i left to beirut in a hurry thus forgetting my cell phone w ur # at home.. thought i’ll run into u in crystal or element but to no avail… hope u had fun..:)!!??


  28. AyyA
    Nov 23, 2004 @ 02:50:00

    Dear Marumba
    Remember; love is never to say sorry, if we were meant to meet, then we would have. Better luck next time 🙂


  29. Sky Walker
    Nov 28, 2004 @ 02:39:00

    Dear Rabab
    I have to say your blog is very stimulating, to discussions, of course. I think we have yet to hear the real explanation of Islam. The opinions voiced by THE EXPERTS in our societies these days does not count. They have stopped thinking and challenging modernisation 1000 years ago. Islam is still explained with mentality of the dark ages. I cannot interprit the Quran myself, but I have yet to hear an acceptable interpritation. Man has landed on the moon and they are still arguing about the proper attire and attitude we should follow. Religion is a very potent political weapon. Unfortunatly the are using it with great efficiency.


  30. AyyA
    Dec 03, 2004 @ 22:37:00

    The problem lies in there; the interpretation. Why should it need interpretation? I personally can read and understand Qur’an, but it shocks me when I read the interpretation of the verses, sometimes completely off the way I understood it. Why should it carry more than one meaning that even the interpreters themselves disagree? This is god’s words, it should be comprehended by a lay man, let alone the learned who can’t decide what to agree on. Islam died with the prophet, the religion we got today I’m sure is 180 degrees diverted from the original. And the probability that the Qur’an was manipulated by man is valid. The first copy of the holy book was published during the third khalifa’s term (Othman Bin Afan), all other written materials (during the prophet’s time) were burned. And the political dispute during that period was at the highest, that this khaleefa and the one after him both got killed. It was all politics, no one cared for religion.


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