A bit more than two years back I had a tattoo of a Yin and Yang, which basically means balance, to have balance in my life. I’ve always been an extremist and needed this balance soooo bad, when I’m in love I go head over toe, when I’m hurt from someone I disappear from his/her lifer for good… and so on. So I thought may be with adding this symbol on my $%^&* things will change. And things did change; my life became a total chaos and as a result I lost my peace of mind. That’s why I’m planning to have another tattoo a bit lower, on the center of gravity of my body. This time I chose the “ohm” symbol shown in the picture above. This symbol represents peace. May be, just may be thing will change for me.

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  1. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 02:07:00

    Wow!(mashalla mashalla) You’re awesome! I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo bas ana ‘7awafa min needles. Getting the “ohm” symbol sounds pretty cool.

    I’ve always been drawn to the yin and yang sign ever since forever. Sadly, there was no yin to my yang, so anything I do, is never balanced.

    Yalla take pics and show us your tattoo haha


  2. mishu1984
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 04:36:00

    VERY NICE!! very attractive too ;->
    must tell me where you get it done in q8.
    best wishes dear and may your tattoo give you the peace that you seek.


  3. Purgatory
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 10:13:00

    ok two questions in my mind 🙂

    1. Where did you add the first tattoo? The $%^&* does not sound like an area to me.

    2. Where will you be adding the new tattoo?


  4. CheekyMonkey
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 12:25:00

    Go for it Rabab! I’ve had mine for over 7 yrs (love it love it love it!!), and its quite symbolic and fits my character. just got a new one recently…..although i still haven’t figured out what it is..hehehe..


  5. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 12:59:00

    Ana khawafa akthar minich, that’s why I got completely wasted before havin my Yin &Yang tattoo, but the aftermath was the real pain in the @$$. But I tell you girl, it was worth it. An ’bout the pic. I already have one, an if I have posted it, I’m sure I would have had more comment on this post than all of the accumulated comment of all other posts on my blog ;). But I promises u dear that someday u’ll c it in private.

    I did not get my tattoo in q8, I got it in Madrid. The other tattoo; I’m thinking of having it done in Italy when I go in Dec. to attend the spaghetti boy’s wedding ceremony.
    An ’bout the affect of “ohm” on my life I’ll let you know ….”on tiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee” “the exorcist”

    The$%^&* is an area on the body.. u just have 2 use ur imagination, and I know 4 sure u got lots of that 😉
    I gave u a hint about the place I’ll have the next tattoo, u r a scientist, u should guess 🙂 where is that located, another hint? Hmmmmmm let me c, it’s in a place where it peeks shyly when u wear tight pants.

    Btw, my mom still thinks that the Yin&Yang is a henna design.


  6. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 13:10:00

    7alatha walla, I’ve seen urs and love them both, and u know what? A lot of ppl think that it’s only a fashion that wears out with time and they worn me ’bout it. For me it is symbolic, it has to mean something and it should b a part of me, like a mole in a specific place… it’s me.
    another hint to P72, I’ll have my next one where CM had her first one only more to the center “again a balance issue”, heheheeeeeeeee


  7. Altruistic Dad
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 14:09:00

    I respect your decision to get these tattoos, and I also understand and respect your motivation for getting them. We all need balance and peace in our lives.

    One thing I’d like to say (and please don’t think or feel that I’m passing judgement on you) is that getting a symbol (or two symbols) tattooed onto your body will not do anything to improve your inner levels of balance and peace. Tattoos, like everything else in this world, are temporary, and in themselves possess no power or ability to bring about change within you.

    Now, for me to make such a statement without offering a solution to your dilemma would be irresponsible of me and disrespectful of you and everybody else who will read my comment.

    So, for my further thoughts and philosophy regarding the achievement of inner balance and peace, click here to read my blog article, “The One Thing.”


  8. Purgatory
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 14:20:00


    thought so, just needed to tease you and see what you would say 🙂


  9. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 15:04:00

    Dear Alt,Dad
    First of all thanx for puping in my blog, and I read ur article and was so astonished to find out that I’m not alone in this thinking process. It was just yesterday when I was talking ’bout the same thing to P72 and I had it on my mind to write ’bout it. But I chickened out mainly because I live in a conservative society and I’m using my real name. Anyway, I’m glad that you did, and I couldn’t have done better. bravo
    I do believe in the energy concept that you mentioned, only one thing I have to add; I believe that what we term as “the god” does exist, but only in a form of the super power energy. The whole universe is derived from that source, we are a tiny part of that energy, and we drive our positive energy through that source while the negative energies are driven from the non homogenous flow of opposite energies.
    If you take a glance at my previous postings you will get a hint of my beliefs.
    Now ’bout the symbol I mentioned in my post I know that this will not bring balance to my life. But having it in a close contact always reminds me to be at that wave length. It’s some type of mind deceiving for constantly attaining positive energies.
    I loved your blog and I added you to my favorites.


  10. Purgatory
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 15:24:00


    yes odd, maybe ALT dad is god talking to you?


  11. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 15:41:00

    I call it more like positive energies attracting, unlike the conventional law of physics heheheeeeeeeeee


  12. Purgatory
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 16:49:00


    yeah that goes aganist all laws of science, but then again, you are dealing with something outside the boundaries, hence, there no laws apply.


  13. Altruistic Dad
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 18:04:00

    (copied this part from my reply to your comment on my own blog)

    Thanks, Rabab, for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I certainly appreciate it, and I respect your views and personal philosophy with regard to the existence of God.

    In my own humble opinion, the energy source and “light” of which you write is actually the universal pool of energy, of which we are all a part. We feel a connection and a “drawing” to the energy, because we ARE the energy, and it is not only our source but our entire composition–so that it resonates within ever fiber of our being(s).

    (now more for your blog)

    I posted on my own blog first, then came here and read what you had to say on your own blog. It sounds like you and I have very similar philosophies–just that what I call “energy,” you call “god.”


  14. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2004 @ 18:40:00

    Alt Dad
    Exactly, and it doesn’t matter what you call it but it does exist. If you break an atom from any source, dead or alive, you end up with energy.


  15. shady q80
    Oct 15, 2004 @ 10:02:00

    I dislike anything permanent.


  16. AyyA
    Oct 15, 2004 @ 15:18:00

    I do too with anything else in my life, but not the tattoo, it’s kinda very personal relationship


  17. lievarus
    May 16, 2006 @ 14:42:00

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