Got this e-mail yesterday

LOLFUN /What Religion Is Your Bra?

And it got me thinking;

How come bras have cup sizes, but panties don’t.

S, M and L are sizes for hips. What if you have small hips but large butt, or large hips and small butts? I know that some companies avoide that by inventing G-Strings. But not everyone can stand those. They’re so annoying at times; they tend to squeeze into the crack and you’d be swaying around like a dancer pretending that nothing is wrong while you’re actually trying to get that string out of your butt by rubbing against a chair or a wall when someone is around. Or, just go to a secluded place and move it out of the crack, pull it aside, and sigh. But those cursing devils are so stubborn that they move back into the crack as soon as someone shows up.

And the aftermath is another story; when you take them off you have to wash off those brawny flakes that are stuck to them before throwing them into the washing machine. By the time you’re done you are ready to puke.

So the companies invented another way to release the pressure a bit and invented the G-Sting pad; scented pads, breathable pads” give me a break” and so on. This pad became more of a burden than the string itself; now not only you have to pull the string aside but also you have to worry about the pad that is glued to one side of the string and to the butt on the other side. but hey women we don’t care, right. They look sexy especially when the top liner peeks out of the pants; it shows how up-to-date and stylish we are, and the agonies we go through! Hell who cares it’s confidential.

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  1. Purgatory
    Oct 09, 2004 @ 21:22:00


    Not much of G-string guy, nor do I like them on women, maybe because am always around big butts 🙂 but then again hmm, nice image. Come to think of it, I never looked closely on a female’s underwear to see.

    Hard for me to comment on this with a serious look, but then again, I doubt if the post was seriously meant 🙂


  2. mishu1984
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 00:28:00

    G strang!!! yaaawwwwww!!! (insert perv remark here)
    always look good on the floor if you know what i mean.

    Rabab dear, somethings guys dont want know, such as:
    1-what happens during your period and all that “girli” stuff.
    2-“And the aftermath is another story; when you take them off you have to wash off those brawny flakes that are stuck to them before throwing them into the washing machine. By the time you’re done you are ready to puke.”

    its somewhat of an overshare. but il be more that happy to help any girl pull it out, wether they want to rub their read end all over me or what ever other kinky method they choose to use…ok now that was the scotch talking, and the captain and commmander


  3. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 03:20:00

    When you sign in, you’ll see “Blogger Help” underneath your profile. Click on it. Then click on “Templates”. Then click on “How do I edit my link list”

    If you still have trouble with it, email me, or get on msn or something and I’ll talk you through it 🙂

    As for thongs, you just have to get used to them I guess. The ones sold at Topshop have the cutest things written on them. 🙂


  4. mishu1984
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 04:44:00

    the thong song comes to mind


  5. AyyA
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 11:23:00

    P72 & Mish
    To think what we women have to go through; getting expensive lingerie; with different colors and designs for different occasions, not mentioning the time we spend in choosing them, and what do we end up with…. you prefer them on the floor!. Men… go back to Mars.

    P72, I’m kinda serious and kinda not.

    Hayati inty walla. I’ll try it first when I have time; if it did not work then I’ll consult my expertise “D&G”
    And ‘bout the thongs @ TS; do they have the ones with sparkling designs on the back liner, I like those.

    What thong song, all I can think of is “I will survive” or “this love has taken its toll”


  6. Purgatory
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 12:04:00

    Brought back memories of me in women’s stores trying to buy lingere for GF’s, nice experience, being asked about them by sales people, and going ” how cute? very nice” and the typical ” I have one of those at home, my husband likes it” 🙂


  7. CheekyMonkey
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 12:37:00

    rabab sweetie, there are pro’s and cons when it comes to the ‘G’….
    Pros: they’re sexy, cute, comfy (when u get used to’em) and it always seems like there’s nothing there! which is quite liberating..might i add. Also, when you’re wearing tight-ass pants, don’t you hate it when that panty line shows and ruins the whole roundness of the butt.
    Cons: Well..i can’t find any!…actually you’re right about the pantyliner sticking on the side, but now they’ve got the mini liners that you can get from boots (if you do get a chance to go to london).
    Over all….once you go ‘G’ you can’t go back 😉


  8. AyyA
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 12:48:00

    How ‘bout just go nothing at all wouldn’t that b more comfy, less expensive, less time consuming, more user friendly and nothing ends up on the floor 😉


  9. Purgatory
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 13:00:00


    no no no, ok they will end up on the floor, but still, looks nice, besides, it is part of foreplay.


  10. AyyA
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 16:23:00

    Sybil Shepherd the Moonlighting actress in the 80’s was asked once “do u dress sexy to attract men” and she replied: “I dress up for women, undress for men” she obviously knew what she was talking about coz she was considered one of the hotties of her time. U men have allergies to clothes, be it g-string or no string.


  11. Purgatory
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 16:36:00

    Rabab, you want me to agree with you :)? I stick to what I said and will not change it 🙂


  12. mishu1984
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 20:03:00

    you see rabab that is the prob. to excite a man, you just have to be there and its mission accomplished. no need to go through so much trouble. but il be the first to admitt, that a properly dressed woman is way more exciting. errr that sounds weird, i know, but eventually you will get it.


  13. Patricia
    Oct 10, 2004 @ 21:19:00

    It is the best think that they descoverd for the Girls.
    Hurts but still we are saying no problem i’ll get used to it heheheheh …
    I know guys love to see their girls in the G.S more than we love to wear bcs it is SEXY:)


  14. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Oct 11, 2004 @ 04:21:00

    Yeah Mishu is on to something. I think a girl who has an awesome body but covers it up, leaving little things here and there that hint at what’s underneath is way classier than a girl who has an awesome body and walks around in hotpants and a bikini top which should only be reserved for places like the beach, pools, etc…


  15. mishu1984
    Oct 11, 2004 @ 08:28:00

    yes D&G: i think its called class, something the majority of kuwait lacks ,sadly, along with culture, and a personality of their own and not something ripped of Paris Hilton or Nichole Ritchie. my 2cents..


  16. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Oct 12, 2004 @ 03:08:00

    Interesting how you chose Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as examples.


  17. mishu1984
    Oct 12, 2004 @ 03:21:00

    D&G: because they are the epitome of airheads, yet so many choose emulate them on a scale that is utterly appalling..(i know there is a typo somewhere in there 😛 )
    what did paris say to nicole after she blew in her ear: thanks for the re-fill girlfriend!


  18. The Don ®
    Oct 12, 2004 @ 11:58:00

    Paris Hilton doesn’t have a great body.. the night vision (green shot) camera said it all.. 😉


  19. mishu1984
    Oct 12, 2004 @ 21:58:00

    yes Don, but its the prestige of doing the deed with her that makes it so attractive to many men. Cindi Crawford maybe beautiful, but im sure if you put her side by side with some unknown yet more beautiful specimen, you will find a majority will go for Cindi


  20. Mister Underhill
    Oct 16, 2004 @ 02:41:00

    Gstrings are only comfrotable to very skinny girls.


  21. AyyA
    Oct 16, 2004 @ 18:48:00

    Mr. Underhill
    And how did you assume that I’m fat


  22. r
    Oct 25, 2004 @ 13:49:00

    this is spaghetti boy…i checked out your blog my unforgettagle Ruby…and, of course, i did not read even a word but i was very glad to seee some pictures!!next time put the back…i just want to check the brand!!baciiiiiiiiii


  23. AyyA
    Oct 30, 2004 @ 02:58:00

    Spaghetti boy
    Va fancolo, heheheeeeeeee


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