Fresh From The Oven

Hey guys give me your opinion about my latest release, because I’m planning to enter a competition with some minor adjustments to this poem;


Just a plain disposable lighter


The night we parted you held me gently

And in my palm you placed a lighter

Then in my ear you whispered softly

Keep this….. as the last reminder


I place my tooth brush in a glass

I keep within my reach

The plastic one you were holding

That night we partied at the beach


Next to the toothbrush, in the same glass

Another brush “still wrapped” there lay

The one I got you when you were away

But to use, you never had the chance


And when I open my closet door

Your T–Shirt greets me sadly

The one I got you on my last tour

And you never received; unfortunately


When I pass the cabinet border

The candle holder winks with class

Not actually a candle holder

But a candle in a crystal glass


Remember the night you and I

At a friend’s “after party” Slammed

Remember when you winked your eye

As your hand a laptop scanned

Remember the ” Karma Sutra” scene

You scrolled on that screen,

And whispered to my delight

This is what we’ll do tonight


And remember when we left later

In your hand a crystal glass

This glass is my candle holder

The one that winks every time I pass


And now you leave me with a lighter

The same plain disposable lighter

Give me something to forget

I don’t need another reminder


This last token to me symbolized

The acidic defeat of a born fighter

When I finally realized

That I was nothing but a diposable lighter