Be Ware of Love

Is love really blind? Nah, it can’t be blind, it doesn’t have eyes, but it makes me think; why did it go like this? I mean why the saying did not go like: lovers are blind. Makes more sense.. Right?
When someone is in love, he does not see the beloved as he is, but rather creates this image of the perfect myth in his mind and lives a dream which is far from reality. This happens because the person of his concern is not dealt with on a daily bases, and therefore a big space is left for the imagination to play the trick.
But when lovers get close enough to really know each other, they realize what a mistake they have made, and that the truth was directly under their noses but they did not see it because of this cloud seven they lived in. or may be they saw it but, like me, they always end up with the wrong person who hurts them the most, because this type of attitude adds more spice to a relationship.

Well, here is a cry from me; unless you have no intention of any serious commitment; be ware of your love affair, be ware of your imagination.

Poetry lovers…. Time to enjoy

I’m not in love of that I’m positive

Actions displayed are out of habit

Of passing years in consecutive

most in agony, some in merit


Years back I loved an image

My illusive mind created

A gentle, liberal knight with courage

With aura around I fabricated


Worn out with time is the showpiece

As has my precious prime years

Naked truth was out piece by piece

Ugly as each fallacy cleared


A stranger he is to me now

The same one I once dovetailed

To his command I used to bow

In apathy now I’m entailed


“Love is blind” as the maxim goes

Add deaf an’ mute to the aphorism

was I immersed in an illusive doze

Or was it some type of sadism!


Was it my agonies that had me kept
All these passing years in debt
With excuses I made
For all the cruelties he bade!
And took me all that time to realize
The truth was always before my eyes!

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    Sep 30, 2004 @ 06:27:00

    Wrote a comment on your Q8 subject Blog….


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